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  1. Machine has never needed service and works great. Reason for selling: My Mom passed away and I need the money for expenses thanks 2012 APQS Millennium (top of the line) with 2013 upgrades worth $20k Selling for 14k which includes – Stitch Regulator Lower Thread Cutter Single Stitch Button Built-in Laser Light Turbo Bobbin Winder Black Light Electronic Horizontal and Vertical Channel Lock at a touch of a button (only the Millennium has both horizontal and vertical) Platform Hopping Foot Feel free to contact me (631) 943-2697 or Shorbr3@gmail.com ..in florida Owner ordered many extras with the machine -- Bliss Rails on 14-foot table, Most people’s choice, 26” throat space, 14’ universal aluminum alloy table will do King sized quilt and the Bliss rails help the machine move very smoothly. Power Fabric Advance No handles or gears to maneuver, just push a foot pedal.
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