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  1. Ladies, Thank you for calming me down and helping. When you are sooo new to this, it's overwhelming. And I know there are usually simple answers, but unless someone tells you, you spend too much time and tears trying to figure it out on your own. Anyway, my bobbin tension was so tight that I could hardly pull the thread out! So I loosened it quite a bit and did the drop test; now the stitches are almost normal! Thank you!! By the way, is it common to have to sit on the floor under your machine with a flashlight to help get the bottom stitches ripped out ????
  2. I just read my post and I meant to say "I'm so new to this that I CAN'T figure out whether to loosen, tighten....."
  3. I am having tension nightmares. I'm so new to this that I can figure out whether to loosen, tighten, the top, the bottom.....? How do I know if my bottom is wound consistently? What is a "drop test"? I've quilted down the sides of this quilt so many times to check the tension, then ripped out, that it's messing up the edges so I can't keep testing. I've ripped out SO much on this quilt that it's taking me forever (and the owner keeps asking when I will get it done so there's the guilt thing going on). Then I read that so many of you can have inconsistency every other time you try to quilt
  4. Thank you ladies for all your hints! I plan to attempt to load a quilt tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. (I have my chocolate ready....)
  5. I got my milli 11 months ago and for reasons I won't go into, have not been able to start using it until now. I took the 2 beginner classes in Des Moines last January. Of course, since I haven't been able to quilt until now, everything I was shown and told has gone into hiding in my brain. I've watched the video several times, but I cannot get a quilt loaded properly! I am soooo frustrated!!!!:mad: The part I can't seem to figure out is pinning all 3 layers to the take up roller. Any hints to make this easier to figure out? Or would it be better to find someone to show me in person?
  6. I am really new at longarm quilting. Have a new millenium and love it. However, I am getting those long loopy stitches on the back of the quilt. I have tried rethreading, adjusting tension, cleaning out bobbin case, cussing, but nothing is working. Can anyone help me? Like I said, I'm very new at longarm quilting...
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