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  1. How much work is it to put on an existing millenium? Also does it work with an intelliquilter? Thanks for the information.
  2. I have a Millenium now and want to sell my Hartley Base extender for the Liberty I used to have. Has two rulers with it.
  3. I have a Millenium now and want to sell my Hartley Base extender for the Liberty I used to have. Has two rulers with it.
  4. Congratulations, the first one is the hardest. Keep practising and it get somewhat easier. Good for you on starting with a circle. I found wavy lines were more forgiving. -Kathy
  5. Your shop sign looks great!. I am so happy that you have started this business and I hope it is everything you have dreamt it to be. It is definitely one of my dreams. Congratulations;)
  6. cummik

    Motor racing

    I just got back from vacation. I oiled my Milli which I got this summer and cleaned it then starting stitching a basting stitch in the stitch regulator mode. The machine started racing - definitely not going the the 7 stiches per inch. I decided to let it run a bit more and when I tried to put it to 11 stitches per inch not in stitch regulator mode it was racing more than it should be. It also wouldn't turn off. After let it run with the stitch length barely on I did adjust the needle up and down switch and it now doesn't just keep going but the motor still races. I got this machine in J
  7. Congratulations - Carol Wilder is from Hastings Minnesota. She taught the class on caring for your featherweight. She had several quilts in the show and her daughter received a ribbon for her civil war miniature quilt.
  8. It's fun to hear about your pets. Mr. M is my cat and loves to help. A couple of weeks ago I couldn't find him - if he wants to hide he is tough to find being a black cat. I called and called and finally heard him respond. I went into my sewing storage room but still couldn't spot him. I have a tall storage unit with wire baskets. The bottom one was pulled out a little bit and there he was curld into a nice ball on top of my batik scraps. He found another cozy resting place. I have kept him clear of the long arm so far
  9. I have often felt that. I am doing a quilt right now I have put off for a long time. Excellent piecer and I didn't want to mess it up. MQS really helped me with my confidence. So I am on it now. I am glad to know I am not alone in this feeling. Thanks
  10. I had a blast being in your class. Thanks for your encouragement to this newbie. I know I wll conquer feathers and funky feathers.
  11. Claudia what a beautiful quilt. Congratulations on a fine work of art.
  12. I am sorry I didn't meet you all of you there. I had a great time. Loved the classes and spent way too much money. I told someone that I need to jump on this chat and not just read everyone elses, so here I am. I got right back to quilting yesterday and have a quilt to finish by Saturday. This was my first trip to MQS and it was all I hoped it would be and more.
  13. Barb, I was given the hint to rehearse pantos without stitching before actually stitching and that really helped me a great deal. I got the feel much faster. I felt I had more control and standing to the left of the machine with both hands on the left control was a great help as well. Happy stitching. Kathy:)
  14. Thanks for your help. Looks like I will be sending these back. - Kathy
  15. What's the largest size pantograph you can use on a Liberty. I just bought some and didn't pay attention and one is 15 inches and I think that is too wide to use on my table, Since I am new to pantos, any suggestions?
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