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    WOE IS ME!! I need lotsa help! I have a 2005 Millenium. I've used it only a couple times a year, so it's scarcely been used..and I scarcely know much about it. "Millie Rose" has been a good machine, thank God, and has never given a minute's trouble. I do have a quilt in now..and in the middle of a line of quilting I could see that the 'sewing part' of the machine wasn't going to have enough room to make a curve in the pattern. I had the machine on Automatic using the stitch regulator. I tried to 'adjust' the quilt without halting the sewing or raising the needle...(Gee, it was just 1/2" to move!). Well, I learned this is how to break a needle. And now the machine sews about 1" breaks the thread. I have re-positioned the needle probably a dozen times and get the same effect. Also, big loopy, loops on the top of the fabric, and when trying to STOP the machine by touching one of the colored buttons--it just goes crazy and keeps on running in place. I figure I've got it out of time..what else is wrong? We didn't get any kind of manual when we purchased the machine so have nothing to go to when trying to figure out the machine's problems. I've a dead-line on this quilt..and thinking I'm going to have to un-pin and go to my DSM and sew most of the night. any help will be received with much gratitude...MLR
  2. Thank you SO MUCH! for your help. Will get on these other sites and check things out. I looked at our says it is inkjet...and bought new ones, thinking the colors might be old...The Bubblejet is in the blue label that's likely wrong, too. I'm an artist, and wanted to copy my own pictures. I have enough done to do a bird quilt, jungle quilt, animals, angels, flowers, oriental, and Indian paisleys...So I have alot of pictures I had hoped to copy. You can imagine my disappointment when they faded out to nothing. I did try the heatset before rinsing - like the old crayon-type pictures - but it wasn't any different. Again, thanks all, for your time. Will let you know how this turns out. I'm getting determined NOW!
  3. I purchased the whole set-up to be able to print pictures onto white fabric by using our computer printer. I purchased a solution called "Bubble Jet" that the fabric soaks in for 5 min. I laundered the fabric, dried it and then soaked the prescribed time. Next - ironed it to freezer paper sheets and printed it. They came thru the printer really nice. I was so enthused! Then the directions say to let these set for 30 min. and then rinse in cool water for 2 min. SURPRISE! The pictures washed out. Just a faint faint picture can barely be seen. I tried ironing several at the end of the 30 min "set" time before rinsing and they faded just the same...someone please help - I've got $50 invested and no quilt blocks.
  4. I read the 'tip' of the day re: curved corners on quilts using a pin/string, marker, etc. I guess I'm lazy, but on the quilts that I want rounded corners, I place my LARGEST dinner plate, draw around the curve part. Do all 4 corners the same. Then when it comes to binding, I use straight strips of fabric for the sides, but when I come near a corner, I attach a bias strip several feet long to go around the curved corner. Then back to using the straight binding, and so on around the quilt. I've never used this on really large quilts, but have done 80 x 80 and they came out looking nice. And I was wondering if someone could make a 'house call' - I still can't picture in my mind the formula for floating the tops. I don't have much problem with the quilts becoming awry, but I only do my quilts, not for customers I load the backing, batting as usual and then pin the top to that. I use a fabric adhesive spray along the edges and don't appear to have any problems with it. If you can stand the odor of it. ML
  5. Gee. they've said it all - Take your time - we visited many machines - both in showrooms and in private homes before we decided on APQS. I have health problems so was looking for a machine that was light weight and very smooth. Millie Rose is as easy to sew on as my DSM. If you are anywhere close and would like to bring a top - you could play all afternoon..just be sure whatever machine you choose has a stitch regulator. I don't know how I got along with my first machine which didn't have one. The only gripe I've ever had was that the cheaper machines were within weeks of coming out - the Lenni, etc., and no one would tell me, so I went big machine/alot of money. Take it slow on the business angle. My health was worse instead of recovering, so I never got to do the 'quilt for hire' part of my plans, but I certainly enjoy my machine..have never had to time it, have had 2 needle breakages, only had to adjust the tension once or twice per quilt - I'd say TROUBLE FREE... We live near Gammill, but they acted like it was just 'too much' to get to their feet and show us around the show room. Didn't like that.
  6. Oh, My GOSH! If I was just smart enough to get some pics on here....My DH calls them "my kids" - actually 4 cats (Old Cornish Rex, OLDER Yet Himalayan male, a beautiful darling calico fluff and a Cornish X) Plus the darling Chihuahuas..even when I go to the bathroom, I have a full cotillion. Plus my little bed partner is going to have baby Chihuahuas in about a week...she's carried outside for duty time, etc...don't want her to JUMP off the porch like she wants. They all have their spot in the studio and since I don't do any quilting for clients, there is no problem. If I did customer quilts, the animals would have to wait and see me 'on the other side of the wall'. The old ones snore, the young ones snuggle. The cats sleep in the utility so just allow one doggie in bed - and she's a 'bed-hog' from the word 'go'...She wants to put her whole 5# right on my chest with her head on my shoulder...I don't like to move because it disturbs her...but I'm thinking about teaching her to sleep at the foot of the bed...I need a little more 'roll-around-space.
  7. I'm so JEALOUS I COULD DIE!!!! and it would be so great to go back home...used to live in Omaha and work there, had 3 babies there. Was married at Papillion, Ne. - so, yes, it would be like old-home week....(sigh) Maybe next time. ML
  8. Monika, all of these wonderful replies should make you feel alot better, but I know a person doesn't LIKE to hurt someone's feelings. I've used a creme perfume under my nose/across the top lip to keep nasty odors from rocking my world. I never used to be bothered by scents, but 5 years with a lung disease and O2, it doesn't take much to make me sicker than sick. I'm sure your other customers would appreciate the fact that you care enough that their work is being protected also. I'm sure they wouldn't like to take their projects home with a 'funny smell'. As for pet hair - putting in the dryer on 'cool' setting for a 5 min. stint helps alot. I use the 'dryer balls' and am sure that helps also. It's a shame the woman wasn't more gracious upon hearing your problem. It is worrisome that for something to have absorbed that MUCH odor, there might be a problem with their heating system that is dangerous to their health - it could be leaking fumes that are lethal. You hear on the TV every once in awhile where a whole family went to sleep and stayed asleep from a problem with their heat source. Let's certainly hope she uses this as a 'wake-up' call to have things checked out. ML
  9. I'd like to aim for the June demos by Karen McT...will there be a brochure? Or where do I get more info on it? Any other MIDWEST sites for Long Arm instructions? ML
  10. Manual? I keep seeing mention of people "looking in" their manual...I never saw any manual when Millie Rose came to live do I get one? Maybe that would help with this ''wandering" machine.
  11. Going thru something similar....last quilt..zipped along like the breeze..Same cone of thread, etc...all is the same. .Put in this one and it's loopy, loopy, skip, skip...etc...So I put in a new needle...adjusted the tension....4 times now I've done this...then shut the machine off...will try here in a few minutes and see if today is a better day. When I was a kid, sewing on an old WHITE pedal machine...we used the needle until it broke...and that could be a very long time..never thought about a dull needle in the general scheme of things.... The wandering is the most frustrating part...cannot get the wheels adjusted so it'll steer right...feel like I'm driving a log truck.
  12. I have an ancient Black/Decker and an ironing pad beside my DSM for pressing as I piece...This iron is over 10 Years old and I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten it and it would be on for as long as a week-end before I discovered it. I have the best luck with a mist-er bottle...I buy the regular old-time STA-FLO and mix it 1/3 starch in the bottle and the rest great. For my general ironing, I have GE and I really like it. It was el cheapo/Wall world, has retractable cord, automatic shut-off, extra spray besides the usual steaming. I absolutely will NEVER put anything but DISTILLED water in my irons...there are too many chemicals and minerals in regular water and it corrodes their little insides. It's cheap and good insurance that the iron will give years of service. I LOVE to iron, and Love doing DH white shirts..I'm always so proud to be sitting in church and noticing how crisp and sharp he looks (Compare him to the ones that the wife washed on Thursday and the shirt has been in the dryer since then and maybe washed with a load of play clothes at that). I used to think I really needed one of the quilting-kind of irons, but these $25-$30 jobs work just great. ML
  13. I am a SUDOKU fan from way-back..(even have several books in my bathroom 'library')...and love that Suduko design! It somehow seems peaceful/put it all makes sense...I've also had good luck removing grease/food stains with shampoo...sometimes hands reach out to touch that aren't the cleanest. ML
  14. I used to raise Min. Schnauzers and Giant Schnauzers...such happy dogs...and stay that way...don't get old and crotchety...I love seeing them without their ears being done. I used to hate operating on the ears to make them stand up. Now alot of shows won't let them participate if they've had ear croppings...a la naturale. Be sure to keep her vacc. current and keep her wormed. Time slips by us and puppies need to be wormed's good to get her on FRONT LINE as soon as her vet says....Here I go dog advice...and it wasn't even asked for....just can't get it out of my system. I now raise Chihuahuas...(Chi-wow-wow!). Entirely different personalities, but so loving. Enjoy that little darling...ML
  15. Newspapers put FREE ads in on Lost and found items alot of times...try the local papers, the shopper magazines, radio 'want-ads', etc. This quilt wants to go home...I'm sure, because someone loves it. Bless you for putting forth the effort to re-unite the quilt with it's owner. You would think the owner would be putting "LOST" ads on the local media...??? Hope it works out in a happy way. ML