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  1. Thanks for the help Dawn . You are always more than helpful. I do have another question , Is there a lock on the plugs for the panto side handles? When I tried to unplug them they seemed stuck and I really don't want to break it any more,
  2. I am not sure if this has been discused before or not but I can't figure it out( I hope Dawn is watching) My Milli is working great and then for no apparent reason it just dies. I can restart it right away and it sews great for a while then dies again. I have talked to a local shop and she suggested grounding the table. Tried that and it still drops out. I put an ohm meter on the table the base of the machine and the head and all are grounded togeather. I even put on a copper bracelet and grounded myself to the machine. My next piece of advice was to sprits some water on the backing fa
  3. Sounds familier Check for yuck under the spring in the bobbin case.
  4. No guts no glory. Giggle, I have had some OK luck at different colors top and bottom as long as you don't get carried away (black and white). You will have better luck keeping with same brand . Had a customer that wanted 100% cotton on the top and shiny rayon on the back. Never again I was not very happy with what came out of this but that is what she wanted even after my warnings. She was happy and I got paid but we both were new at this. How about a medium blue on top and a darker gray on the back to go with the black.
  5. I am impressed at the attatudes and the way you handle having to redo things. I on the other hand beat myself up untill I have ruined the fun of the project and even scared off the cat. I like your way better thanks.
  6. Just for the record I found one of the fancy pink ones at our guilds garage sale and just had to have it. After it was installed and centered I have to tell ya it is just another thing to worry about . If the quilt is centered and loaded properly and the rolls look good ' they are just something else to worry about that you can't do a whole lot about.
  7. Gotta love a gal that is not afraid to speak her mind. Thanks for the words of wisdom. Now and in the future.
  8. Just a line to tell the other (newbe's) that want to listen. Just the smallest piece of lint and yuck under the backlash spring in the bobbin case can and will ruin a normally productive morning of quilting. The fist place I will look at for trouble from now on.
  9. A little advice Ty. Hold on to your guns and wait for that Milli. Selling out and getting something less is like buying a car without a radio to save a few bucks. When we started looking we were settling on an HQ. untill you look at the differance in price ,service , options and reliabilaty. the Milli. won out. The bliss system is great also. ( No charge Dawn) ;o)
  10. Thanks for the warning Dawn. I didn't read it untill after the quilt had been in the drier for ten minutes. Luckly The edges were taken care of and the batting held up good. Like magic though it came out looking good. Extra benefit most of the lint was removed from this black quilt.
  11. Thanks for the advice they all sound workable but I was kinda hoping for a larger scale fix. This is a six inch border on a queen size quilt. So we are talking half an acre of black fabric. Has anybody else heard of putting the quilt in the drier with a damp towel?
  12. My first post but I need your help so please be kind. I might have stepped over my talent level and tried to put a custom border around what I had used a panto on and it turned out all wrong. I pulled all the stitches and did a much better job of planning and stitching the second try. My question is how do I get rid of all the old needle holes.