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  1. I recently ordered mine. I have yet to use it. Hopefully soon. I had seen another longarmer use one and it appeared to work great.
  2. Mine keeps coming off to.. It is a pain to replace. I have turned the roller brake around and used the bumpy side of the velcro. There has got to be something better to work for this. APQS please come up with a better idea please.
  3. I am hoping two retire in a couple of years. I have had my Millie for 5 years now and be venturing I into some longarming for others and making quilts for hire. This was my plan when I got my machine. Can't wait.
  4. Also lengthened my stitch length. Is it possible I have a bad spool of thread. Works fine with other thread.
  5. First time using Superior Glow in the Dark Thread. The thread keeps breaking. Have changed the needle, rethreaded, adjusted tension, cleaned out the bobbin area, put a small piece of batting at the first thread guide, put the netting over the spool, turned the spool over. Wonder if it needs to spool off horizontal vs vertical. Haven't completed a whole row. Done for the day. It is frustrating. Any suggestions?
  6. Kathy, I had the initial class at the very beginning and then a year later had my second class. I loaded old sheets and used old mattress pads for practice, then I used them for packing material, dining room table pads and pillow covers. It all takes time and practice. Each quilt I have done, I have tried something different. Still have those hiccups with some thing new and even some of the old. It will get better. Been at this for 4 1/2 years now and still haven't really done feathers yet. You will get the hang of it. Good luck, Belinda, Murphy, NC
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