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  1. Hi Lyn It was great to hear your voice today! We'll find out about using the generator in the morning from Amy. I'm sure its OK but another 12hrs to hear from Mike or amy will be worth it. i've spoken to most of our APQS owners in Queensland now and all are OK - no damage to homes which is great news but a few close calls. Did you all see the tv footage of the 500 m - 300 ton (I think) walkway that broke through the pylons that kept it in place. It was floating down the Brisbane river, right in the centre of Brisbance town centre, and had to be nudged in place by a tiny tugboat as it
  2. Hi everyone Just a reminder when buying books written by owners who use different brands of machine. I visited a customer this week to service her machine. it was in imaculate condition! However she had been over-oiling the wicks because she had followed the instructions in her favourite longarm quilting book, rather than the instructions in the APQS manual. No harm done in this instance, just excess oil running down the needle which could have dropped onto quilts and extra time oiling when its not needed. My first longarm instructional book was by Linda Taylor and it is a great tool.
  3. Hi Dave Are you really sick or are you just going back to torment the nurses???? Good luck and get well soon. Sue and steve in australia
  4. Hi Susan Stan has designed new hardware to attach the quilting head to the Bliss table. The hardware that comes with a 2008 CQ will not fit as is. Originally Stan intended to change just the hardware that attaches the CQ to the Bliss table and sewing head, then as he was working on it, he had other ideas and decided that if he changed other parts it would allow him to add new features to the software so that it could do many of the things customers had requested. The new hardware is almost totally different from the original hardware, its neater and much lighter and the new mechanism fo
  5. Hi Satu Have you tried contacting Michael at Circle Lord. I spoke to one of the Aussie ladies with Bliss a few weeks ago and she said Michael was working on an adjustment to the Circle lord. Best wishes Sue
  6. Hi Clare Having used a Millennium in the standard table since 2000 and having just recently upgraded, I can say the difference in how smoothly and precisely machines move on Bliss is like night and day. If you can, buy a machine with a Bliss table - you will not be sorry. Perhaps you can buy a Green Milli on a Bliss table from APQS.
  7. What a great idea - when you work out how to reuse the carriage, please let us know. sue in australia
  8. Hi Susan If you are looking for a brand new machine, APQS build them to suit the country you tell them it will be used in.. If you want a used machine just advertise here stating which country you need it for and which machine you would like. In Australia we currently have customers who would like to sell their Lennis because they are upgrading to Millenniums. Those Lennis are just over a year old and they want $AUD10000. Freight around australia for these machines would be max. $300. We also have an Ult II coming up for around $5000 - it uses a step down transformer though as it was bu
  9. Hi Cheri I hope you have some lovely family looking after you - take care and stay positive, everyone here is wishing you well. sue in australia
  10. Have fun Shelley - I have some of those DVDs too - got the Linda Taylor ones maybe 10yrs ago, so it might be a good time to bring them out and watch them again, sure to pick up on some things I missed first time around. What is the dollar going to do? Its at an all time high so it could go anyway. Always a great time to buy quilting "stuff" though. Have a lovely time with all your new tools. Looking forward to seeing the WA girls in Feb. Sue
  11. Hi Lyn That flight really is a killer. I've tried flying all the way through without a stop and having a stopover - no difference either way - but Houston is so worth it! Glad you loved the Bliss - there is nothing like it and our stitch regulator is the best. Now you've had a big spend up, enjoy the Quilt Show. Jenny Raymant sounds great fun. Have a great time Sue
  12. Hi Beryl I'll give you a call later this morning about the Bliss. I'm not sure if you received my recent emails or saw the postings here about the Bliss get togethers. We have another get together coming up in the next few weeks and hope to have a special guest to demonstrate her quilting related product. We'd love to see you. At this time, Quit glide cannot be retrofitted which is a big shame. Now that I have the Bliss, when I'm doing very intricate quilting I turn off the stitch regulator and find I can do beautiful circles and curves, much nicer than with the sr on. Love that Bliss
  13. Congratulations to all the winners - especially Marilyn and Claudia who are winners every time. Nice to see computerised quilting awards too
  14. Hi Aussie APQS owners We're planning our next overseas teacher event for 2011. We need to make sure that the teachers you're most eager to meet. If you are interested in having an APQS owner teacher, here next year reply to me privately stating, who you would like, what you would like to learn and what month suits you best. Best wishes Sue in Australia
  15. Dave, how many times - you are very welcome so long as Jane comes too and you pack your bags with those wonderful clamps and laser brackets. sue
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