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  1. Hi Lib Are you having trouble with the machine stitching in one direction. If you move the machine along the table does it stitch? If you move it back to front does it stitch? If it works one way and not the other, its either an adjustment to the rubber wheel inside the larger carriage wheel or a bad encoder box, less likely or a loose connection. good luck sue in australia
  2. Hi szy I don't think you should look for differences or similarities between Edgeriders and MM wheels. they are a totally different product. Made from different materials, different bearings and the profile of the wheels is different. sue in australia
  3. Thanks for the comprehensive information Dawn. Its great that we can upgrade when and if we want and as our budget allows. sue in australia
  4. Hi Carol You got it. From memory the table we have now costs $4990, or thereabouts, so if you were buying just a new Bliss table complete you'd probably be paying around $6000. sue in australia
  5. This is how I'd work it out, not knowing the cost of the individual components. The new parts cost $3000. If you have an old table you need to take off the old parts and put on the new ones - so now you have old parts (which you can take to the salvage yard and get some dollars back) and new parts. If you order a new table, you don't pay for the old type parts so the cost of those is deducted and you are just charged for the difference between the new parts and the replacement parts. Ballbearings and the new track cost more than two straight aluminium rails. Does that make sense? Best wishes sue in australia
  6. Hi Carol this is how I understand it - Dawn please let me know if I'm wrong? Bliss upgrade to tables currently owned by APQS users - $3000 (sell your old carriage and rails to scrap dealer for some cashback) Standard table sold with Millennium after Bliss is in production - $17400 Retrofit of standard table which was purchased after Bliss was in production - $1000 New Bliss / Millennium complete system sold once Bliss is in production - $18400 sue in australia
  7. Carmen I think you would need longer rollers too. Sue
  8. Great advice Dawn, Amy and Caron - I'm going to try Caron's tip right now. Sue in Australia
  9. I believe the shrinkage to be about 2-3% on a medium density quilt with normal density and thickness batting, when quilted. If the fabrics weren't washed before quilting and then the quilt is washed it might shrink even more Sue in australia
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