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  1. Dear helpful sewing angels......... I've frogged and ripped and starched and ironed......even bought a new walking foot (the old one died from over-use long ago)..... now, the time to approach the beast is near! Thanks to all who took time to give me guidance! I've made a list of the hints and are following carefully. I'll let you know later this week how it all goes. In gratitude --- Lark and Sandie
  2. Wow -- more to think about! I do have a question as this expression is one I don't know and keep seeing in needlework forums -- FROG. As in "discard?" Unrip? Throw it in the street and let a truck run over it (common frog fate in this area)? Seriously - I want to be certain. Thanks for everone taking time to lead us along the APQS path! Lark and Sandie
  3. Hello all you helpful folks....I haven't even had my coffee yet; just rushed to the screen to see who had the answer. I am surprised not to get something that talks about the weaving grain of the fabric and so on. We had just about decided to unrip all the seams and construct it with all the grain running the same way and crosswise to the roller (what a PITA!!) I work with my mother and we have "mithered" over this with great energy! We will take all your advice to heart and I'll let you know what comes about. Thanks for taking your time to help us. Off to the machine! Lark (and Sandie) in rainy Florida
  4. I've done practice work on several pieces with only one width of fabric, which has loaded easily. Now I am loading a "double wide" -- that is a backing sewn with two widths of cloth. The fabric is good quality, new 100% quilting cotton. I washed and ironed the fabric first, ripped the selvages and sewed them together so that they run the top to bottom (length) of the quilt. When I pin these on my zippers, one side of the backing is perfect, flat and smooth. The other sags like a wet dishcloth. No amount of fiddling has produced a nice, even back. What should I do? I thought perhaps I should have taken the cloth in thirds so that the seams would run cross-wise the quilt. (I have a new MIlllenium machine.) Any advice would be most helpful -- I've been sifting through the forums but haven't seen this topic (as yet.) Thanks. Lark
  5. Hello - we are a mother & daughter quilting team. We just purchased a wonderful APQS Millenium and are haveing a fine time learning all we can do with it. We live in Florida and my husband is a marine biologist, specializing in shellfish research.

  6. We are trying to print off all the patterns in our new QUILT PATH computer software for a "illustrated catalogue" for customers to select from So far we are getting a mixed bag of results!! Can anyone give us some ADVICE? We have the computer hitched directly to the printer at this time. Thanks for any suggestions. Sandie and Lark
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