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  1. This topic came up recently on one of my Facebook quilting groups. The consensus was something along the lines of - because you can often feel the chip in the soft fabric of the quilt, that thieves might wise up quickly and remove them. Does that mean they are not worth using? I don't know. Maybe it won't stop theft of famous quilts being stolen from shows...but a lost item in the mail that is very important to you? Something to ponder. I also believe someone IS offering this already or something similar...or was...I'd have to go back and look to see who it was - but I thought I had heard something along the lines that it didn't take off or there wasn't enough demand. Doesn't mean with good marketing it wouldn't sell for someone else though. Ideas are meant to be improved upon, sometimes it takes a motivated person with a fresh perspective.
  2. Gorgeous!! I always enjoy seeing your quilting - and of course what an AWESOME quilt!!
  3. Cagey, It is rare that I do not use the same thread in the top and bobbin - if I do not, I generally use something very close so I don't get any of that accidental show. In this case I used So Fine in an Ivory shade on top and Omni in a Khaki shade on the bottom. Luckily, my tension stayed nice throughout and I didn't get any "whoops" moments.
  4. Thank you!!! Carmen - I actually did quilt all the striped squares! LOL It's very hard to see it in photographs - you can see it on the back though. Just stripes/lines to go with the fabric print...nothing would have shown there had I done anything more so I kept it simple so that it wouldn't sag or look like I forgot them.
  5. This one was a bit of a head twister to quilt. I get a lot of quilts with copious amounts of negative space so I really had to think what would look nice on all those homespuns! These are the style of quilts that first drew me to quilting too, so it was really fun in the end to work this one up. Gives me ideas for a few tops in own pile... 20151122_110314 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20151122_110332 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20151122_110415 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20151122_110641 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20151122_110616 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr
  6. Thank you!! Sheila - I had it on the frame for a week or so - the feathered borders took the longest as they required some pre-marking! Thank you so much!
  7. I'm a little behind on sharing the finished photos - but here's one I finished about a week and a half ago. I shared some of the in progress as I was working on it...and so happy with the outcome! 20151029_210952 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20151103_102642 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20151028_231517 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20151103_103007 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr
  8. Thanks!! It's been a while THANK GOODNESS! I actually have a new machine now! But rest assured, it was no trouble at all replacing the motor! Once I figured that part out it was a breeze! - Valerie
  9. Heidi - oh you are so kind thank you for that offer! If I go it's looking like I'll fly out Wednesday and come home Friday...I am really leaning towards flying but we shall see! Either way if I make it there we will definitely have to meet up! Sheila - it is also one of my favorite quilt shows to enter! The ladies who put it together really think of EVERY detail. I'm so excited to go! Teresa - oh yay! I would love to catch up with you too! Can any of you tell me how fast the classes fill up? I know some of the most popular teachers are already full...but how late have you registered for classes before and still gotten what you wanted?
  10. Oh Heidi I would love that! Right now I'm debating between flying and driving as flying is a 5 hour venture (with one plane change) while driving is 9. The only real plus to flying for me is all I have to do is show up for the flight! So glad to know you will be there - along with some other online pals who I would really like to meet up in person! I have a quilt to enter and it will be my first real quilt in the show that was made completely by me...assuming it gets accepted!
  11. Just curious if anyone from the forums is going? I am still trying to see if I can make plans work out but the deck just seems stacked against me right now! I do have a quilt to enter and I'd love to be there to see it hang if it is accepted...
  12. But you quilt those Judy quilts SO WELL!! This is just gorgeous - you are a talented lady!
  13. Hmmm I don't have a George my Millie is on a frame and I know that creates some differences, but could you need a thread net possibly? Or could there be lint or a bur catching the thread? Patsy Thompson is my go to person for the APQS George, she does amazing ruler work on hers! (She does amazing work period!)
  14. I also love Chickenscratch/Teresa's idea! Or you could even use a stencil design...
  15. I'm with you Dell! I was watching all day too! I did finally catch Larry on Facebook though - really a fantastic addition for APQS! I think it's a pretty big deal! Wish it had been around when I first started.
  16. On the site it shows he's got ergonomic handles...so I am thinking this is a framed machine. Maybe I'm wrong? If so I'm thrilled for APQS! I love my Millie, but had this been available when I first went machine hunting I would have snatched it up. I personally think this jets APQS to the front of the line for long/mid arm quilting machines...we always knew they had an amazing product but now they really do suit just about every budget. I'm impressed!
  17. Just stopping in to share some progress as I'm so pleased with this so far! Don't you love quilts where every stitch has you thrilled and excited to move on to the next portion? It's so quiet around here as of late, where have all my quilting pals gone? 20151021_215011 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20151021_232504 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20151021_232431 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr
  18. I saw this earlier today and had to come back to comment - you did such a lovely job on this!!! It is a beautiful quilt and your quilting just takes it over the top. You really inspired me! I think those blocks are gorgeous yet so difficult to come up with a good quilting design for - you really nailed it! I'm taking notes! Great job!
  19. Thank you so much for sharing the story behind this beautiful quilt! It is STUNNING - you did a fantastic job and earned that lovely ribbon!! I adore your quilting!!!
  20. Congratulations on your new machine!! When I discovered machine quilting - even at home on my sit down machine - it literally changed my life!!! It's SO much fun and adds such a huge element to your quilt. I cannot wait to see what you create!
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