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  1. Oh is that ever gorgeous! Quilt and quilting both are stunning!
  2. Just sharing with friends I have made here on the forum - our baby Olivia is here! She went to NICU for her first few days after she was born as she needed a little help breathing and had a little hole in her heart - though we are blessed as it looks as though she will not need surgery - we go back in sixth months to be sure. Just wanted to share! I was a little nervous how I'd manage quilting with a new baby and a sort of rough recovery from c-section, but I'm feeling pretty confident after the last few days. I've been trying to get back in the groove of things, and though we're in a n
  3. I have two kitties and a dog - one was declawed when we found him at the pet store and the other still has claws. To date no problems with shredding batting - but if you have a kitty you know might like to do that sort of thing, you could always store it in a way that kitty cannot reach. When I FIRST brought my long arm home the animals had to sort of, learn the boundaries. I did once have my cat jump up on a quilt that was on the frame as if it were sort of her personal hammock. Luckily I'm home all day so quilts are really never left alone for them to explore. I keep client quilts in
  4. Yes, I do a few little stitches forward and then often back stitch a couple too. It's not as pretty looking but you can keep it neat if you're careful and do it in an inconspicuous spot! Especially for a quilt that will be used....I want to make sure it's going to hold up.
  5. Thank you all so very much! You make me feel GREAT! I had loads of fun quilting this one...and I have to say my "new to me" machine made it that much better because I now have the control I've been longing for. I really DO love what I do.
  6. Pat C - hahahaha I think I'm one of those kinds of people that just likes to be busy. I haven't got a lot planned for the next two weeks other than house cleaning and it's almost boring. LOL I'm going to try and marathon clean today and tomorrow and then maybe I can work on some of my own quilts while I wait for baby. I did want to get my Dahlia quilt finished before she arrives! RitaR - thank you! Olivia is due June 6th but surgery is scheduled for a week prior...I have had three c-sections so for safety I am required to have another with her. I don't have any history of going into
  7. Oh wow, that's not good! Definitely contact Superior Threads...they are a great company and I'm sure they would not want you or anyone else to experience this! Thanks for sharing! Let us know what happens!
  8. Thank you!! ...it sure is going fast. I'm due in a month but have a repeat-surgery scheduled for the end of May...I'm almost there! I am about half way through painting/decorating the baby's room and almost ready. <3
  9. I had an Ultimate 1 for two years and never swapped out the hopping foot - I have one now since I upgraded to an older Millie in March...I honestly don't know if it's all that worth it to be truthful (expense AND hassle of re-timing). I considered doing the same, and personally for me, I would probably only go through the hassle and cost if I were going to get the interchangeable feet...because the difference hasn't been great enough between the two feet. I really had little to zero issues with rulers with the spoon foot (I think that's what the Ulti 1 foot was called) and the issues I did
  10. How beautiful and amazing David!! You are so very talented!
  11. Woohooo congratulations!! You are going to be so happy!!!!
  12. Most of my business is from customers across the country and almost all quilts are shipped. I usually ship USPS priority and it has a minimum of $50 insurance included. I would say a very small percentage of my clients actually pay for additional insurance, but it's not very expensive to insure for the full value of the quilt and I recommend it. On the same token you must keep the receipt (I do always for tax purposes anyhow) in the case it is lost or damaged so they can present a claim. But in the paperwork I give to all new customers it explains that I am not responsible for items once t
  13. Just sharing with my pals a few of our maternity/family photos from yesterday's session! My good friend Amanda from Edward Rose Photography took these for us - it made it even more special because we've known her since high school and we've watched our children grow up! 11060998_10153228449116280_7402361148018646919_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 11188240_10153228481426280_3903450799395177512_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr Another forum I frequent is Connected Threadz...and a group of the ladies from the site collaborated and made us the MOST BEAUTIFU
  14. I am out of likes for the day - but all of your comments really make me feel SO wonderful, you cannot even know!! There is nothing like getting praise and positive feedback from your quilting peers. I really had so much fun with this one...I am very honored to have had the opportunity to quilt it - and I am also really thrilled with the progress I have made over these past two years! I really truly and sincerely love what I do - and while some days I cry out of frustration, or come here with panic, or think I'm ready to walk away because running your own business, even a small one, can be S
  15. I thought I had commented on this but I must have intended to and gotten distracted! Gah! This is BEAUTIFUL! I adore what you did!
  16. Wooohoooo! I hope you will report back here and share all about it for those of us still dreaming...that is awesome Oma!
  17. 11193308_979407065405880_2013062092705198944_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 11182050_979412915405295_2453840311643898174_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 11141169_979406905405896_2435682208094255822_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 11037084_979407345405852_7035906379085889096_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 10411727_979407178739202_460523162195370543_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr Oh my goodness I am so happy to be finished with this one! I posted several photos of the "in progress" so I won't totally in
  18. These blocks are beautiful - and your quilting is perfect!