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  1. That's a great idea! For the most part faster seems to result in better flow for me - but that's hard when trying to track back over a previously stitched line. I was watching a video by Myrna Ficken last night where she was stitching feathers in manual mode on a Millie - she said she had it set at 12...the newer machines must go faster than my old Ultimate I as mine only goes up to 10.
  2. Thanks guys I am feeling a bit better...I think I was ready to walk away and have a break! I appreciate all of your suggestions and encouragement. I've only had my long arm a few days so I think I just need to be patient...and probably getting some sleep would be good!
  3. Aww thanks. I am just feeling frustrated I think as you said going from domestic to long arm. I feel like I've paid my dues for years with that sewing machine and it's really hard to go back in time so to speak. I am experiencing just as you said - getting better flow with faster speeds...and I was wondering if that was normal. When I set it at about an 8 or a 9 I feel like I have more control over movement...but I'd like to be at a 5 or a 6 for feathers...but at that speed my round shapes go square because the time it takes to sort of "bump" the machine head into the right movement is t
  4. I am getting a little frustrated to say the least. Is anyone out there stitching without a stitch regulator and getting great results? I feel like every post I read people are talking about how they love their stitch regulator...and I bet I would too but I can't afford it right now. I'm hoping I can get good enough to take in customer quilts but I'm starting to wonder a little!! I do better when I slow down the speed but I get better flow and stitch size when the speed is fast. I'm getting a little nervous! When I slow down my feather plumes become square again!! ARGH!
  5. OH you smart girl you!! Good advice...so many things are on my mind because it is so new I didn't even think of that!!! DUH!!! I generally mark where I want my feathers when I'm quilting any other time on the domestic...hahahaha. It's kind of like driving for the first time..."seat belt, check! Rear view mirror adjust check! Keys...where's my keys...." THANK YOU!!
  6. Thank you all for your encouragement, it really means more than you can know!!! There are about five people in this area who have long arms and I only know one of them well but I don't want to wear out my welcome asking her too many questions!!! She already helped me quite a bit in purchasing my long arm. Thank you!!! I am really excited and truthfully - I am very passionate about quilting, but it is also my escape. I've been a stay at home Mother for ten years and I'd go buggy if I didn't have soemthing to do. You really sacrifice a bit of yourself when you stay home as your isolate
  7. Yesterday was day three with my long arm. I was just starting to get really into intricate feathers and heirloom work on my domestic and I have to say - it's more than a little frustrating to go backwards in terms of free motion. If I've learned anything though, it's that the only way to learn is to do. I remember being so happy with those initial wonky looking feathers when I first made them on my domestic...and I did them on EVERYONE's quilts! Hahaha - so I am just going to keep going...and hopefully they start to get as good on my long arm as they are on my domestic. Here's quilt num
  8. Thanks guys! Thiis is so much fun, and I'm really happy with my first attempt. I am almost finished loading my Mother's quilt...it's a queen - eep! I pieced it for her several years ago and there are a lot of "whoops!" moments in it. It will be a good learning experience! Thank you all for the encouragement, it's really nice to get a "good job" in the beginning when you're at times afraid to go near that big scary setup!
  9. Hello! (Newbie here!) Glad to see you are on the boards as I've watched many videos by you in preparation for my long arm! It's finally here...and I can tell it's going to be a LONG time before I bust out anything incredible. LOL* Loving it so far though - and these boards are AMAZING! Truthfully it was a selling point...having this outlet for questions and learning.
  10. Just wanted to post a picture for some of the pals I've made on here so far to show my very first quilt done on my "new to me" Ultimate 1. Nothing fancy yet, but I'm thrilled to be quilting round circles instead of squares! I discovered why long armers want that additional backing fabric (I ran into the clips more than once!) and am learning to plan ahead because I don't have any stitch regulation. All in all, this was done the day after my long arm came home so I am ecstatic!!! Looks like my pictures are super big so I can only show one, but there are more on my blog if you'd like to see
  11. So glad you posted this! My Ultimate I came home yesterday and I've been playing nonstop trying to get that elusive free flowing movement. I had very boxy square circles too. I was really discouraged at first thinking "crap, I spent thousands of dollars on this and my free motion looks a million times better on my domestic!" It's getting better and I'm feeling a lot more confident today as I've made a few changes that have helped. Mine came on a 14 ft. frame with a plexi table - I found when I removed the plexiglass I had a HUGE improvement. Mine came also with Edgerider wheels but I thi
  12. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate the advice. Judith I love your ideas and I think you are absolutely right on about giving her an invoice showing what it would have cost. This is totally where I was coming from with not wanting to get in this habit of quilting for free even though I'm a new long armer. While I may be new to my long arm I have been quilting for many years and put a lot of time and effort into my chosen art and I think that's worth something. I get where people see me as a newcomer compared to the other established long armers in the area and I don't want to right off t
  13. That is a good idea, thank you for your input! I just don't have the means to offer thread for free but I might consider asking just for the cost of thread and doing the quilting for free for just a few friends.
  14. I have a "new to me" APQS Ultimate 1 coming home this Sunday and I already have quilting friends asking me to quilt tops for them. I consider myself pretty proficient at quilting on a domestic machine but I realize there will be a learning curve especially considering the machine I'm taking on has no stitch regulation. Certainly I want to spend some time getting to know my machine and I would never consider quilting on someone else's quilt without feeling completely confident that I could offer quality quilting, even if at first I only feel confident about stippling! My question really is,
  15. Thank you all so much for your kind replies - all is in place to pick up my "new to me" APQS Ultimate 1 on Sunday!!! I appreciate so very much your help!!
  16. Thank you please do - and she can send emails to me via facebook as well if that is more convenient for her. Looking forward to seeing what she has!
  17. Hi James, thank you for your reply and very kind words! Quilting is my passion to say the very least, and I'm looking forward to moving into the world of long arms. Sounds like you got a good deal on your Freedom - I am definitely interested in buying from a Dealer and have been searching locally as well - there is a Dealer located about one hour from where I live. I'm very interested to hear what experiences you've had with your 2005 - I have considered several machines in that year including a 2006 Millenium. I'm less interested in bells and whistles as I am consistent performance and sp
  18. I am looking to purchase an APQS Ultimate 1 or similar bare bones type of machine to get started in long arm quilting. I have been quilting for close to ten years and recently I was published in Quilts and More Magazine. I am new to the forum but am proficient in quilting and heirloom style free motion quilting. I'd like to take the leap from quilting on my domestic machines to a long arm and earn some extra income to fund my quilting endeavors. The most important features for me are: - 12 to 14 foot steel frame - minimum of 20" throat space Stitch regulation would be preferred but it i