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  1. I always spritz my backing. I just slightly dampen it, not really soak it. I find that my thread drys out from the heating/air conditioning, and when I spritz that it helps loosen the quilt fibres and keeps my thread from breaking. In fact if my thread doesn't seem to be cooperating, I light spritz and the problem goes away. I do however pay attention to what the fabrics are. If there is red/or some other that i know will bleed, I let it dry before rolling. Carol
  2. Gorgeous. I put it right in my ideas folder. I've been saving ties for awhile now. I haven't been really good about it, just when someone is throwing them out I ask for them. Someday... oh,,,, Someday. Thanks for posting this.
  3. wow,,, that looks great. I may have to check into that. thanks for the tip. Carol
  4. Even worse when you just have one cone of thread and have to take it off machine to wind a bobbin. I feel your pain. lol Carol
  5. Was told by a friend who was doing WW's and hit a plateau that they told her she had to jump start things again. They said to go out and order a huge pizza with lots of stuff on it and eat the whole thing. After that she began to loose weight again. Carol
  6. Yummy, just beautiful! I love peacock's! Carol
  7. Been there done that a dozen times. In fact I've seen it sew through my finger wthout breaking too!. I hate short backings. Can't figure out why they would make these intricately pieced works and then can't figure out how much 4 inches larger is. Oh, I could go on and on......,. lol and yes, I would probably change the needle. lol. Carol
  8. I would change the thread to something that matched and then do a mini stipple or echo around the flowers. Carol
  9. I agree with Shana...... i've gotten just about every batting ever made here. I just deal with it. If they ask on the phone I will recommend a few that I like and I mention that I do carry batting here to purchase, if you want me to make the choice. I just don't understand some of the logic involved in their choices. They use quality fabric, and spend alot of time piecing their quilts to perfection and then they bring me the cheapest route for backing and batting. I really don't agree, but it's not my choice, I just work my magic and make them happy. Carol
  10. Doesn't matter how long it takes you.... Enjoy the process and quit worrying about it. You will naturally get faster as you gain confidence and experience. Relax. Carol
  11. I have the leader grips and found that i had to raise my bar for the grips to clear, This was making my quilt bounce a bit. Also, after use the grips tend to loosen up a bit and weren't holding the quilt, so when I start to put a little tension on the quilt sandwich, the backing would pop out. A solution is to just use the leader grips on the bottom take up roller. I pin the top of the quilt so it's able to go under the bar easily and doesn't pull loose.
  12. Went right into my favs folder. So gorgeous! Carol
  13. those feathers are amazing! what a beautiful job! Carol
  14. beautiful quilt! I have a few of her patterns and maybe someday will tackle one. Just seems like it's hard to me. Carol
  15. I have done several for people and have found that they like an allover meander instead of straight lines. I just load as usual and quilt in large sections of meander. I set the machine at a 7 stitches or even 9 and put in manual mode to quilt it. I make sure my row extends over the edge. I've also had to take out the stitching after a year or two, because they decided to not hand quilt it and brought it back for longarming. It was kind of fun to load it already basted and then rip the basting out as it was quilted. Hope this helps some. Carol Pgh, PA
  16. I have a take in sheet and i put on it a description of the quilt top, what color backing, was batting included and what they want quilted on it with choice of threads. I also can remember whose quilt is who when I look at it, But either I was at a guild meeting and someone handed it to me unannounced, or it showed up on the porch in a bag and I was just supposed to know who it belonged to. Sharon, I can't believe someone would just come into your house. That's crazy. I have alot of return customers, so put their style whith whose it may be, no luck so far. I figure it will work i
  17. I've been quilting for a business now for over 8 years and have never not known who a quilt I have belongs too. I think this one just showed up here one day without it's owner. I don't know who it belongs too and am starting to wonder if anyone will miss it soon. I am going to take it to guild tonight for show and tell and see if anyone will claim it, if not, maybe it's owner will call someday looking for it. Has this happened to any of you????? and what did you do? I've since started asking my customers to mark their names on the quilt and backing and even the batting too as i us
  18. Ew. Now that i've read it.... it will show up here too. Thanks for that in advance. Carol
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