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    JeannieB got a reaction from justhaveinfun in Batting storage?   
    I purchased a 4'x12' painters canvas drop cloth, sewed a casing on each side and ran a cord thru the casing and then looped the ends of the cord around the ends of my frame ... makes a perfect sling to hold the batting for one quilt.
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    JeannieB reacted to IBQLTN2 in Counting down to retirement   
    I have 25 more days at work.  May 19th is my last day.  I have been at my office job for the last 27 years.  In December I turned 62 and wanted to retire then, but being a bookkeeper I had w-2's 1099's, all kinds of taxes and financials to get through first.  So in the beginning if March, I let my boss know that I would be retiring toward the end of May so he could find a replacement and I would have time to train them.  I am very excited but also a little worried that I jumped the gun.
    I hope that I don't regret it.  When working for so long I think it will be hard to not have someplace to go every morning.
    I am hoping to make my studio my first priority every morning.  If I can get into a routine of starting my day with at least a few hours of piecing or quilting or even cleaning and organizing my studio, that can help me restructure my retirement life.  Wish me luck!
     I haven't decided if I want to go into business of quilting for others yet.  Possibly down the road, but for right now I think I have enough ufo's to keep me going for awhile.
    Here is my latest work in progress.   I took out sone of yhose feathers that weren't very even and didn't cone out to the edge.

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    JeannieB reacted to LisaFox in Another great quilt path quilt   
    This is a quilt we worked on this week.
     I'm very pleased with how it came out.  Neila Kobloth made the quilt and I got the pleasure of quilting it. Quilt path and I did a great job if I have to say myself. 

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    JeannieB reacted to T Row Studio in Judy Niemeyer Japanese Fan   
    Here is a customers quilt. A J.N. Japanese fan beautifully pieced, we chose to do custom and I did different stitching in each fan.
    This quilt had a lot of SID. I did Have a great time coming up with designs I hope you enjoy looking.
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    JeannieB reacted to Oma in Pictures of Your First Quilt   
    I've never been able to find a picture of it, but it was a scrappy quilt using 5 inch squares.  Put together in a sort of "around the world" style.  I used a butter tub lid to draw circles in each square and I hand quilted each circle and sid around the square.  It was HUGE.  I gave it to my mil at the time.  That was over 40 years ago.  I was just thinking how weird it is that I chose 5 inch squares way back then.
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    JeannieB reacted to mlsa3 in Pictures of Your First Quilt   
    Trying to finish up my morning coffee before getting back in the quilting room.
    Thought it might be fun if we posted pictures of our very first quilts we ever made....Here is mine.....gave it to my mother for a Christmas present and she still has it draped over her recliner so that she can cover up when she gets cold.  The points don't match exactly but for a first quilt I'm very proud.
    Just did stippling on it since I didn't have my midarm machine.

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    JeannieB reacted to Laura Farnham in Vintage Linen,......   
    Needed to take a break and do something for me,...  so loaded this little linen last night and played,...
    I tried a couple new things to see how it would turn out,..... 
    Layered the piece on silk to see how it would play together and I really liked the framing effect,...
    then,  instead of Batting,... I used the the foam liner,...  I believe it is called Bosal Foam or Soft and Stable Foam
    (The stuff used to line bags and purses} 
    Wanted to see how my Milli would handle it and I was pleased with the results...
    It gave the piece some defined texture,... but was not bulky in any way,....
    Did not have to adjust tension and it quilted super easy,...... 
    I think I am going to be working with this stuff a lot in the future!..... 
    I am attaching a couple pics of the piece,... and one of the back,..... 
    I used a black cloth for the back,... Just a piece I had in a pile of linens,...
    the black came off on my hands as I handled the piece,.... and it changed the color
    of my Thread,... I used Glide,... in White,...  but it stitched almost a pale grey blue,....
    I like how it played with the piece,... so just kept stitching,..... 
    Sometimes it is just fun to PLAY and try new things,..... 
    Always something new to learn!!! 
    Thanks for looking,......
    Happy Quilting,....

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    JeannieB reacted to Sheila S. in Diamond Double   
    This is my Diamond Double quilt that I just finished today. Well almost finished because I need to do the hand sewing of the binding.
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    JeannieB reacted to Pat C in Boxer dog quilt for rescue organization   
    Here's a Boxer dog quilt I made for our local rescue organization that is having a fundraiser.  The rescue group asked if I would make something "quilty" and since I had a lot of advance notice the project grew.  It took about 1 1/2 years off and on.
    It was so much fun to make.  I hope it raises some money for the rescue group!
    Thanks for looking!

    Sorry some of the pictures are sideways!
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    JeannieB reacted to Mary Beth in Stick a fork in me....I'm done!   
    I went to my old stomping grounds this weekend....Springfield, MO. I went to a discount fabric store.....need I say more?
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    JeannieB reacted to Bliss Quilter in Retired and open for Business   
    I was laid off last month and have decided to retire from the corporate world and I am loving it already. God has blessed with Miss Millie and I have officially opened for long arm quilting services & much more. Attached is my first paid quilt. Quick Panto for Jean who is in one of my Bee's.

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    JeannieB reacted to Quilting Heidi in Just saying "Hi"   
    Hi Everybody!  Just wanted to say hi to everybody!  I haven't gotten much quilting done lately, in fact I've gotten zero quilting done but I do check in.  The babies are growing and doing so good.  They are both very happy and such good babies.  They are now smiling and oh boy do they light up the room.  Landon is doing really well and gaining weight.  They are both over 10 lbs!  I can't believe how much they have grown and that 2 1/2 months have flown by.  Landon's heart is doing very well and the dr's are pleased with his progress and also amazed.  Every time we see the pediatrician she says, "I can't believe this baby has hypo plastic left side."  We are so thankful for the miracle of prayer.  I truly believe that all of the prayers said for our little guy has made a difference!  Keep it up!!!!!  Not sure when surgery will be yet but we keep praying that he keeps doing as well as he is.  Oh and any of you wondering if twins are really double the work... YES!  In fact some days I feel like it is 3 or 4 times the work.  LOL or I'm just getting older.  The hardest part is they are on different schedules.  We're still having to force feed Landon so we have to wake him every 3 hours whether he wants to or not.  Scarlett eats every 4 - 5 hours and can drain a 4 oz bottle in about 4 mins!  LOL she has a very healthy appetite.  Of course I just can't resist sharing some beautiful smiles.  That's my update.  I hope you are all doing well.  

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    JeannieB reacted to qltnbe in Matchstick quilting   
    Thank you.  As much as I was trying to avoid it, stitch in the ditch is definitely what this quilt needed.  It has allowed me to do the hairpin sashing without any problems.  Two rows down, four to go. 

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    JeannieB reacted to T Row Studio in t-shirt quilt   
    This is a Memory Quilt for a young mother. This will be given to her son. I chose to free hand quilt each individual section differently. The family was very pleased. Thanks for looking and have a great Friday.

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    JeannieB reacted to T Row Studio in simple eye spy quilt   
    I just finished  eye spy quilt for my Granddaughter she turns 1 on Wed. I used re purposed a minkey blanket and used a heart meander panto called Living Hearts. I was even able to re use the satin Binding from the edge. A perfect little quilt for her to enjoy. Thanks for looking. Have a great Friday

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    JeannieB reacted to delld in Thanks You Vickie!!!!   
    Look What I got in the mail today!!!  I look great next to Frannie Ann Jr. now!!!!!!
    20160922_172418 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    JeannieB reacted to Lemon Tree Tami in Quilt for Pulse ... hearts quilt   
    I've had the pleasure of quilting a charity quilt top that will be sent to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild to hand out to the survivors, victims' families and first responders from this summer's terrorist attack in Florida. The request was for rainbow colored hearts so I jumped for joy when I discovered this perfect digital e2e design by Keryn Emmerson called Rainbow Hearts. It also stitched out beautifully and will be used again. I pieced the backing from two Northcott cheater panels with a solid blue. 

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    JeannieB reacted to T Row Studio in Been busy this week   
    Here is a charity quilt with a panto called Paperchase

    This Quilt was Carol's Stain Glass quilt I used a panto called Fall spendor. It has apples pumpkins crows and maple leafs.

    Lynne made so many blocks she made two quilts the one with Zebra batik is for her son

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    JeannieB reacted to T Row Studio in Minnion Quilt   
    Here is Chris's Minnion quilt. Panels can be a quick quilt and look great with some interesting quilting to enhance the panel. The Back she chose the perfect Orange Minkie ,so soft and cuddly. Hope you enjoy
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    JeannieB reacted to buslady in My Jesus Quilt   
    Dave, this is the quilt that I always make for raffles and gifts.  I do it because Jesus was a carpenter, but I had never thought to call it my Jesus quilt even though it was.  I have made this quilt 8 times in the last two years.  I lost my husband two years ago, and that is why I make this quilt.  I know that John is with Jesus.  Thank you for sharing.     Shirley
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    JeannieB reacted to mlsa3 in My Jesus Quilt   
    I sent clipart of each block design I wanted to Ron with R&S Designs and he made me a pattern board for each.  Makes it so easy and they can be used over and over.
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    JeannieB reacted to mlsa3 in My Jesus Quilt   
    This is my latest quilt.  I still have to square it up and put the binding on it.
    It's the Carpenter's Star Pattern.  Since Jesus was the ultimate carpenter I'm calling it my "Jesus Quilt."  I'm giving it to a lady at church who is over our Sunday School Departments.  She's such a sweet lady and always smiling and willing to help.
    I did a lot of ruler work and some pattern boards for the designs.  The center design is a heart with feathers on the inside.  To me the heart reminds me of Jesus's love for us all.  One design is a dove which represents the Holy Spirit.  Another block has a heart with a cross in it.  That represents what Jesus did for us all.  Then there is the crosshatch....just because I love to do crosshatching.

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    JeannieB reacted to Quilting Heidi in Stitching in the Ditch - Necessary? - How do you do it?   
    I prefer to SID but only on custom work, not on pantos.  If I'm going to treat the border different then I SID the border.  I usually SID then do any background quilting.  If it is really dense background then I only do sections and roll and then go back and finish.  If you stitch it too dense and then roll your quilt forward you will likely have some problems.  If you decide to SID the whole quilt before roll forward make sure to pin the snot out if so you don't get any puckers.
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    JeannieB reacted to Quilta93 in I am retiring too   
    Enjoy your retirement and family.
    Driving any distance gets old.
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    JeannieB reacted to Mary Beth in I am retiring too   
    Thank you all. After cleaning 55 years of stuff from my mom's house, I have decided to do some stash busting. I have plenty of projects to keep me out of the bars (That is just one of my sayings....I don't really go to bars ).