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  1. Hoping someone can help. I have been using my millie all morning with no problems at all. After reaching the end of a block, i finished off the thread, went to the next spot and put the needle down and suddenly there was a loud clattering sound. I stopped checked for loose threads in the bobbin, and oiled the bobbin and rethreaded everything to start again but it is still making a very abnormal clattering. The stitch is ok , top and bottom tension ok just this scary noise. Dont know what to do or look at any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!!!PLEASE I have a pile of quilts waiting for me to get to and of course everyone wants them for Christmas. GRRRRR. ThanksAlison
  2. Hi everyone Just had to respond because it made me giggle to think of myself as a lurker!! But if the cap fits.. To introduce myself I live in a small country town in south australia. Australia. I have had my millie for about two and a half years now and after the first fears have had a great time getting acquainted. You gals have helped me greatly over this time and quite often when something has happened with the machine I find myself checking in because as sure as eggs are eggs one of you have some wonderful tip or words of wisdom. About me, I am married and have been for 27 years and have four kids ranging from 1 married with one grandchild, 19 year old ,17 year old and then Hannah 10 years old. Quite a mix but they are ALL used to their crazy wife and mother who can quite often be found at any time of the night on one machine or another!!! Many years of eating tea around my sewing machine and numerous "must finish" projects have made my kids very tidy eaters!!! absolutely no accidents ever. I do have a wonderful quilt room where millie lives and I spend countless hours there, but I also love designing and making quilt tops. Often if they can see me they dont need me. Hence my residence at the dining table. You have encouraged me so much just wanted to add my thanks. When I can get my head around posting photos I will do so. I have been taking customers quilts in for about twelve months now and have enough demand to allow me to stay at home and do this all the time. Not huge profits but I love what I do, love helping others finish something they want to do. I am blessed. I also talk too much sorry. Till next time Cheers alison
  3. You girls have all been a wonderful blessing to me since I discovered this site. I was introduced about 2 years ago when I first got my Millie but in the beginning i was so caught up in learning how to tame that particular monster everything else went by the wayside. Then I realised just how encouraging you all were and that really worldwide we are all basically the same, just as passionate, as busy and in need of positives as each other. I have read so many posts that really although you are names to me there are so many of you I feel I know. Sorry if I sound a bit soppy but hey you girls have given me a lift each time I switch on this beast so thank you all and continue to keep up the great work. My bed is calling me now and with a full house of family tomorrow(hubby is having a birthday, 40 something) I had better sign off Thanks everyone Alison
  4. you guys are amazing you not only know how to quilt but also know your way around your computer. I am soooo lacking in this skill. I have to ask my kids to show me and I am a slow learner. the problem I have is that I am on the end of the queue to use this monster and most of the time they are tucked away in bed by the time I get here. Never mind I will persevere and enjoy reading and listening and drooling over your posts and as my skills improve so will my posts. alison
  5. dear Edie prayers are definitely with you and your family. Pray Psalm 91 over all of the family and take refuge"under His wings" Bless you alison
  6. I have been browsing these forums for at least the last 18 months and have on many occasions wanted to jump in and say something generally about how awesome you all are and talented to boot. I saw this post from chattykathy and could not resist any longer. Kathy your heart is absolutely gorgeous I love it Claudia you must be an awesome teacher if your students can achieve such beautiful results. Living in Australia puts us at a disadvantage when you share about your great quilt shows and opportunities to learn from people who are only names to us. Anyway to you all thanks for sharing so much of what you are doing it is inspiring as i keep growing and developing my own skills on my own Millie. Anyone interested in visiting Australia call in we are always interested in getting to know other kindred spirits. Thanks again lol alison
  7. dear Judy I have had my new Millenium since August last year and want to thank you so much for the encouragement. It seemed forever that I dreamed of owning my own longarm machine. Then the timing was right, I bought it and now well its the monster in my longe room. Sure I am using it, but it is a chore at the moment not a delight. My confidence took a nose dive when I realised I couldn't produce the wonderful creations I wanted straight away, I've been practicing on my domestic machine for a lot of years, but these machines are quite different! Then the doubts, could I really have thought I could make this a successful business, I have to pay it off somehow, not mentioning the promises made to hubby that I could do it. I use so many excuses as to why I cant get to it today but I am changing my attitude from this moment. I am blessed to be able to own my own machine, Knowing that therec are many out there for whom this is still a dream is humbling and I am going to stop the moaning and get on with it. Thanks again for some common sense advice and will respond again when I have tamed the monster Bless you all
  8. Dear Connie I have been experiencing similar problems to those listed above and it is comforting to know the machine is not going to blow up !! I live in Australia and have been in touch with Sue our distributor who sent some grease and told me what to do however it would be great to actually see a picture ! Could you possibly e-mail me the picture you mentioned. While I am talking to you can you suggest what the problem may be for the following. The mushroom head on the right hand, back side of the machine fails to respond to my commands. I press the left hand command button to start stitch regulator mode then when I press the right hand start button it cancels out the auto mode. What is happening ? I have already replaced the mushroom head but it has not improved. I am still running around the machine to start it at the front then dashing to the back to do my panto. It may be an effective way to keep the kilos down but sure gets frustrating . Any ideas for my next move ? sorry to take up so much space but once I start it is hard to stop. A bit like my quilting really !! Cheers and thanks in advance for any suggestions