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    quiltmonkey reacted to Allison S. in FORUMS OR FACEBOOK CURIOUS   
    Hi Everyone!
    I like this forum for searching for useful information. I find that I have to sort through too much on FB. For me, FB is for looking at pictures and giving people props for work they do. I haven't been active on these forums much. Mostly because I've had a life change that lasted many years. Now that I'm trying to get back to the living I hope to read more and share more. I have noticed that the forums aren't as busy as they used to be. I hope that changes as people tire of FB. I'm not on FB nearly as much as I used to be, however, I'm trying to start a business and it does seem that it's important to keep up with social media in doing so.  
    I do love seeing pictures, so am leaving one here for the next reader.   
    This is my mammoth (donkey) named Boone, modeling a colorful Disney character quilt that I made to go in a Disney themed room.

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    quiltmonkey reacted to nanbrug in FORUMS OR FACEBOOK CURIOUS   
    I prefer this forum and when I first became a millie owner this forum was really hopping and loved it.  I couldn't wait to open the forum and look at all the inspiration quilters had posted.  Sadly alot have gone the way of FB and I don't get to see their beautiful work. I still log on a few times a month but not like I used to.  I have been on this forum for about 8 years now and will have more time to look on here because I decided this week to retire from doing customer quilts and quilt my own yah!!!!  Hope everyone posts more pics love them 
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    quiltmonkey reacted to Janice H in Baste a quilt   
    Thank you, Linda, for your answer.  It is very helpful.  I like the drawing.  I will use it.  I talked with the friend this a.m..  She picked up a quilt.  She is a lovely person and a good friend.  I am happy I can help her.  Thanks    
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    quiltmonkey reacted to ffq-lar in Baste a quilt   
    I do this about twice a year--mostly for my hand-quilting friends. I charge a half-cent per square inch with a $50 minimum for this. But if you want, you can charge her by the hour. It may take you longer to load it than to stitch it, but you still need to be paid for your time. A moderate-sized quilt may take 2 hours total, so the $50 minimum is fair. No way is it a 10 minute job. Attached is a diagram of my quilting path for basting. It's a grid without long verticals and is very fast. Use a heavier, contrasting poly and a long stitch-length for ease of stitch-removal. Don't cross at the corners so the fabric can be manipulated by the quilter if necessary. Don't let your friend make the decisions ---she doesn't know what's involved. This technique and attaching binding on the longarm are services you can advertise. Not everyone offers them.

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    quiltmonkey reacted to Carolyn Hensley Johnson in Quilting Soft and Stable for customers   
    Thanks Sharon!  I have not tried it yet, but Longarm quilting is mentioned in the instructions. I’m planning to make four Power Up cases for gifts and I was hoping it would save a lot of time by using my Longarm. I will definitely post again after I try it. Your instructions are very helpful. 
    Thanks for your help! Carolyn
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    quiltmonkey reacted to Sharon Deming in Quilting Soft and Stable for customers   
    Carolyn, welcome to the forum!! My life has taken a shift and I have suspended quilting for others until next year --- but .. I had a chance to speak to the woman who quilts the Soft and Stable sandwiches for Annie (of by Annie). Now, I have not tried this yet - too many other things ahead of it. But, she uses the 52" wide S&S and trims it to about 48" wide. Then loads the "backing" along the cut width of fabric with the selvedges (left on) on the sides. Centers the S&S over the backing and the top fabric and the top fabric centered on top. anchors the edges and quilts with a low density design. She said she uses the clamps on the S&S. I have trouble actually picturing all that, so after I quilt the charity top that stares at me every time I go into the studio, I will see how working with S&S works out and let you know on this thread. Have you tried quilting with S&S yet?
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    quiltmonkey reacted to mswings in Stitch Regulator   
    Thanks Shana, I tried thoses things with no success. I called Angie and she is sending me some circut boards.
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    quiltmonkey reacted to jimerickson in How To Load a King Quilt on a Lenni with a 12' frame?   
    No.  What you're experiencing is normal.  As you roll up the quilt on the take-up roller it takes up space in the "harp".  Each pass you make will  shorten your  "stitching field".  Just plan accordingly.  If you're stitching a panto, make sure that it is no deeper than the smallest stitching field will be.  Probably 2 or 2 1/2 inches less.  Good luck.  Jim
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    quiltmonkey reacted to mswings in Stitch Regulator   
    Thanks Shana, I tried those things with no success. I worked today and will call tomorrow. My thread cutter is also on the fritz. Probably a circut board even though I changed them both out last year.
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    quiltmonkey reacted to ffq-lar in thread jam in hook assembly   
    You are doing the right thing. Douse it again with WD-40 and let it sit for a while. That will soften the thread even more. Continue to pull out the visible threads with tweezers and try to rock the assembly manually. If necessary, douse again and let it sit overnight, keep working, and you should be able to loosen things up. When the assembly turns, start it at a slow speed to twirl out any thread that's left.  Make sure you haven't blown a fuse with the jam. Wipe out and re-oil well with machine oil. Good luck, Jacque.
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    quiltmonkey reacted to Katydids in 10'table for Milli   
    Kathy, last time I checked on new rollers for a customer who wanted to do the Bliss upgrade, but also wanted to change the size of her table, the rollers alone were $1100.00 plus the 3000.00 cost of the Bliss upgrade.
    You could do the Bliss upgrade, which would include new axles and SR's, a new carriage and the table rails and table top. Then you could take your rollers to a welder and have then cut them down to size and re-weld the end on it. I would imagine it would be much more cost effective than buying new rollers.
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    quiltmonkey reacted to LinneaMarie in What to do about pokies!   
    I finally did finish it. And Shana is right; it was the backing because it was homespun loose woven stuff. But I changed to Quilters Dream BLACK poly so all went great after that. 
    On a side note, I used it on a set of placemats and the backing was RJR Thimbleberries from a long time ago. I had the same problem!
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    quiltmonkey reacted to mamu in Trapunto look without wool batting   
    Use poly extra loft for the trapunto and cotton for the foundation
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    quiltmonkey got a reaction from LinneaMarie in What to do about pokies!   
    LinneaMarie, it's not the batting, it's the backing fabric. Can you change the backing fabric?
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    quiltmonkey reacted to Gator in Minkie/Fireside back problems   
    I use glide thread top and bottom not problems.  Do you ask your customers where they bought the minkie?  There are some really terrible copycats out there.  I have problems with the cheap brands.  I prefer "cuddle" over minkie, it comes out perfect every time.
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    quiltmonkey reacted to Gator in Robyn   
    I don't know anything about compuquilter but Zoltan at Intelliquilter now services them.  There is one guy quilter on here who knows a lot about the compuquilter also, hopefully he will chime in.
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    quiltmonkey reacted to RunningThreads in Robyn   
    I think you are thinking of zeke.  Robyn click on the envelope icon at the top of the page and send a message to zeke I think he is the most knowledgeable Computer-Quilter person here.
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    quiltmonkey reacted to LinneaMarie in What to do about pokies!   
    I've got POKIES!! I hate pokies. I thought it was me, but this is the second quilt with them. The first was for me; just placemat. This one is a customer and it's homespun front and BACK! I'm using Hobbs 80/20. It used to be wonderful; not so much anymore!! So i'm thinking of taking out two rows and using Quilters Dream Blend. Shoulda known!!
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    quiltmonkey reacted to dlnewell in Hello Everyone!   
    Hey Fellow Longarmers!
    I've been MIA for some time now, but Still Quilting!  I've had a couple of grandbabies, family members' illnesses and deaths, and you know...life in general.
    I have also been cleaning and decluttering my quilt quilting studio.  I have a Quilt Topper Tool circle maker with a star board and two feather wreath boards that I would love to part with.  The base fits a Milli machine.  It's yours for the cost of shipping.  I bought it used when I first started quilting, but do mostly heirloom custom quilting and don't and won't use it. 
    Please take this off my hands, or should I say, out of my studio.
    Have a great day!
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    quiltmonkey reacted to micajah in What to do about pokies!   
    Perhaps you should call her to come see what is happening to her quilt before you try to fix anything. None of the problems are related to anything you have done -it is all due to the materials she has given you.  
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    quiltmonkey reacted to Quilta93 in Baby Quilt   
    So cute!! Love the quilting!
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    quiltmonkey reacted to RunningThreads in Man Quilter   
    Man quilter is Matt Sparrow.  He had a blog for a few years and some videos under that name.  It looks like the manquilter.com site has gone dormant but the Sparrow Quilt Company is still going strong.  Here is a video that may be what you are looking for.   Leader grips and red snappers are the same principle.  
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    quiltmonkey reacted to ffq-lar in COVID 19 and Quilt Intake   
    I have my customers put the parts in a seal-able bag (like a big Zip-loc) and drop it in front of my garage. I put out a wire bin on a small table that is under cover. We may talk at a distance. They put any instructions in the bag. I wear protective gloves, wipe the bag thoroughly with a disinfectant, then it goes into an un-used, un-heated shop for three days (or longer).  I phone to discuss choices of thread and quilting. After quilting, she picks up in the same way and she uses whatever method she's comfortable with to assure it's safe. I'm in Washington State where people are advised to disinfect anything that comes into your living spaces. And I have a hubby with some lung problems so I'm not taking any chances. So far no one has balked and everyone is dropping off. I do four quilts a month so it isn't a parade of customers. One thing that stuck with me was a statement that "if you overreact, you'll never know if it was the right decision. If you under-react, you will know immediately". Stay well and safe. And if you decide it's necessary to stop all contact, provisions are in place to provide benefits to self-employed workers.
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    quiltmonkey reacted to ffq-lar in SCRIM on bTTING   
    With all batting, the scrim goes next to the backer---so it faces down. With that said, most scrimmed cotton batting has the scrim buried within the layers. The fibers are needle-punched into  the scrim (a sheet of very strong and very thin polyester) and the key to placement is the direction of that needle punching. Your machine needle should go through in the same direction as the needle punching. So look at the batting---one side is smoother and has tiny visible holes (dimples). The other side will be rougher-looking and a bit raggedy (pimples). So the rule is "show your dimples---up---and hide your pimples---down". Another way to tell is most batting is folded with the "good" side out, just like fabric. That good side goes up and the uglier side down---look for the center crease/fold line. Make it a mountain instead of a valley when it's loaded. Poly batting may have a chemical scrim---an application of a chemical that bonds the poly fibers on only one side. That side feels much rougher and it will be placed next to the backer. Hope this is helpful.