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  1. Love Karen Kay Buckleys. They kind of sear the edges so they don't unravel.
  2. I have a blackside featherweight which is also rare and I have the first run AD serial number fw from 1934. I also have the large black attachment box with original attachments. I want a tan 221J and a crinkle. I also want the cabinet 68 original cabinet.
  3. When the thread frays or I can hear it pop through the fabric. Waste of money to change out for every quilt.
  4. Did you try the handles on the other side of the machine to see if it's a button problem. You can change the handles from front to back or vice versa and continue to work if it just a mushroon handle problem.
  5. Make sure you don\'t have scratches on your base plate near near the needle hole. If you break a needle it could scratch your base plate and your thread could catch on it and pull. If you see or feel them you need to pull off the plate and make it smooth with an emery cloth.
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