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  1. THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS!!! they were fantastic right after installation. now they feel like Im pushing a truck.. I will clean them first and see if it helps.. If that doesn't work I'll try adjusting. have a great holiday weekend everybody!!
  2. Hi Quilters! Just wondering if the M and M wheels wear out/down and if so can you readjust or do they need to be replaced? Ive got a lot of drag lately (or do I just* need* a new machine with the Bliss system??? lolololol... I know I *want* one !! My Millie is an 04!
  3. lol!! thanks guys!!! my tension looks pretty crappy... but so far crunch!! think I'll replace the crankshaft on my tractor next week!! haHAHAHAHAHAHA.............:PNOT!!! THANKS for the" applause".....!!! ( is this day over yet????
  4. DONE!!!!! ........ I think...(?).... I did get it off by myself and did notice a fine line between getting the shaft deburred so the assembly "moves freely" but not too freely.Also getting the new one ON was a challenge untill I sort of twisted/screwed it on. That wasnt mentioned in the instructions but needs to be considered. a MAGNIFYING VISOR /HEADPIECE REALLY HELPS TOO along with a decent light source,a small metal file and 3 different long handled screwdrivers. Remove pets,spouses and small children that may interfere with ease of movement and patience levels(!!!!!) :PAll that is left now is to get the screws "man tight" and oil new assembly. I have tested stitching in manual VERY SLOWLY on a piece of batting but still afraid of that "metal on metal" CRUNCH!!! Rewarded myself with 2 BLT sandwiches and a summer shandy.I'm TOAST!!
  5. THANKS Jim! the shaft feels pretty smooth but I still cant get the replacement to slide on easily. I am going to check the replacement and it's screws before I file the shaft!! ( this is why I posted) thanks again!!
  6. WISH ME LUCK!! I'm goin in....... gonna replace the hook assembly that I broke on my Millie!!!!! CONSIDERING this is the only MAJOR thing I have had to deal with since I got it in 04......I should be grateful!!? Maybe I should have cup O coffee #2 first??? Happy Sunday!!
  7. GREAT to see the whole thing!( finally!! all that FB stuff was such a tease lol!!) Way to go Linzi!!!
  8. I just got the e-mail .....its Debbie Cadwallendar from Michigan!!!!!.. Hey Debbie... we will stop in and insist on a clear place of fabric to demo the machines on!!!!!! hahaha have fun working.... we will be partying with the Amish!!:cool: Ladies.. Yoders department store is NOT TO BE MISSED if you are in Shipshewana Indiana!!! awesome fabric selection!!
  9. Hey Kids!!! the weekend after next is my 45th birthday, summer quilting retreat (!!!!!) AND the very first annual SHIPSHEWANA, INDIANA QUILTFEST.. . (Eat ,Shop, Quilt, Repeat...for 4 days!!!!..) I was just on the website checking out all the festivities and Yoder's ( fabric and Dept store) is having an APQS Millie demo on Sat in the store...Anybody know who is doing this?? Just curious...I will have to stop in and give my 2 cents worth! LOL!
  10. It looooks Mah-vel-ous!!!!I thought the old one was fine but WOW what a difference with the new one! Way to go APQS team!!
  11. I think it\'s more of the INCORRECT ENGLISH used than just the repeated phrases for me. Ain\'t got none,double negatives and especially people who are your "boss"using this language. Repeatedly mispronounced (basic ) words make me nutty(er). OH OH OH the UPTALKING?????!!!!!!!!!!! (I almost forgot? Are you asking a question or making a statement????????????):mad: yadda yadda..........
  12. Hey Kids!! I am going to be "helping" with set up at the APQS booths on Thursday and getting some sales training on Friday afternoon. If you are coming to the Chicago show stop in and say hi. I would love to meet faces that belong to names here on this Chat!!I don\'t know who else is going to be there but I\'m hoping to hang with some of the big dogs!!!! Hope to see ya there!!:cool:
  13. Meghan.. I sent you U2U with some info and a # to call for help...good luck!!
  14. Karen!! I think there is a future for you in the INFO-MERCIAL world!!!! ( you know.. as a side thing to being a famous quilter and all!!!) That\'s great to hear they are crankin out some more for the fans that missed out the first time.. I know I enjoy my SIGNED FIRST EDITION!( ahem.........)