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  1. My problem was it was baby bottles, pacifiers, and diaper pins repeated over and over across a row and I got worse instead of better the more I did it. Guess my memory bank isn't what it used to be!
  2. Just finished my first quilt on the millenium. What a disaster, but I hope I can retain everything that went wrong and not repeat them. It was a baby quilt so thankfully wasn't too big. First mistake was using what I thought was an easy pantograph, but turned out to be very difficult and I had a lot of trouble following the lines. What a mess. Anyway, the machine performed beautifully, in spite of everything I did wrong, except was a little jerky when I tried to go slow. Oh well. I have three queen size quilts ready for me to put on the machine and have absolutely no idea what pattern to quilt. Hoping my husband will see that I need a computerized program to quilt for me!! :-)