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  1. I fought getting on to Facebook as well, even though 3 of my 5 kids are on it and most of my family from the midwest is on it etc...decieded to get on it earlier this summer after my oldest brother hounded my oldest daughter to talk me into it...I am glad I did, I am able to reconnect to cousins, aunts, neices and nephews(that I have never met because we moved away over a decade ago and haven't been able to make it back to see them), also who has the time to be on the phone with everyone when you come from a large family like I do. This way I can convesre, joke with, cry with, and still be part of my ever growing family when most of us are all over the country. Most families don't stay in the same town they grew up in, most people move around alot making it difficult to stay in touch with each other...facebook is just a way to let people stay connected when circumstances get in the way. BTW my DH who works in an IT job and is always being briefed about the dangers of all internet use, not just the social networking sites. Believe me if someone really wants your info, if you're on the internet you are at risk...period.
  2. Congragulations!! All of us here on the forum have known about your blue ribbon workmanship for years, but it is nice when the shows validate what we all have been saying for years. :cool::cool::cool:
  3. Michelle, I got a clotilde catalog yesterday and as I was looking through it I came across a cute ladybug quilt pattern heres the link The pattern is called Ladybug, Ladybug pattern #429569, hope this helps. Debbie Mumm also has a pattern called lots of Ladybugs quilt the pattern is in one of her books called "Debbie Mumm's Birdhouses for Every Season" in this pattern the ladybugs are pieced not applique can't post pic of it never made the quilt but basically to make a lady bug block all it says you do is start with a red 4 1/2" sq (this is the body of the lady bug)then take 2- 2 1/2" backround color sqs and draw a diagonal line on each corner to corner then place one each on opposite corners of the red 4 1/2" sq and sew on the diagonal lines. Trim to 1/4" seam and press open. Then take a black 1 1/2" sq draw a diagonal line on it and place on one of the reamaing red corners of the 4 1/2" sq. Sew, trim and press open (this is the head of the lady bug). Next take a 1 1/2" sq of the back ground color and do the same as you did for the head but attatch to the last remmaing corner of the red sq. If you double the finished sizes of these sqs you should get an 8" block which you can use instead of the applique blocks in the above clotilde link pattern since they info on the pattern says it is 8" blocks. As far as the spots go you could any of the could embroider the spots on the body, sew small bottons on the bodies or look for a red fabric with block poka dots.
  4. Congrats on your shop and new grandchild, sorry to hear that it came with an injury. Hope you heal soon,
  5. Vicki, your quilting is beautiful, what a great heirloom you enhanced for your customer.
  6. Most panto designers are offering their designs in both paper and digital. Because even though the computerized machines are popular and being sold more there is still ALOT of people that have the hand guided machines.
  7. Congragulations! They're a beautiful couple
  8. I do ALOT of pantos for customers, actually I only do pantos for customers, would that make me an expert on this subject, who knows but I do know what I like, and what my customers like. The first panto to me doesn't look like the popcorn panto (I even pulled out my popcorn panto to compare ). I also like the first panto better than your second panto. The second one looks like a heart with a mustache, none of my customers would go for that one. Here's a tip...most of my customers go for the swirl type designs, easy flow, not too tight, not too loose, interlocking. They go for the more generic type of pantos (pantos that go good on anything) vs the themed pantos such as holiday specific. Not to say that they don't occasionally pick a snowflake panto, or a heart themed panto but it is more like 6 to 1 in favor of the generic panto. Also the straight up/down pantos don't do well customers perfer a slant to the flow of the design, not only is it easier to stitch out for the longarmer but it is more appealing stitched out because it forgives more if there is a mistake made when stitching it. I also went to your website, great looking site, easy to navigate. One thing I would suggest is that you put the size of the single row/design on the main page instead of having to click on the image in order to see it. It might help also to break your pantos out into design size as you add more to your inventory. Longarmers have different size machines and different needs and this might help them find their size faster and make them less frustrated when they find a design they like but discover that the design is too large for their machine. I bookmarked your website for future use and I wish you good luck in your business...oh BTW the standard $ for pantos have been $16.50 (some have gone lower, some higher) but I think your price of $12.50 is excellent in todays ecconomy
  9. Very cool indeed! but I bet the cost for one of those printers will be out of my price range for quite some time. :P