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  1. I cant figure speed to iq can someone give me a starting point for machine speed and intelliquilter speed. My stitches look to small or machine running to slow going out of fabric l have a 2004 millie
  2. Would you give lessons,on intellquilter? I live in Sarnia
  3. My bobbin thread is pull to top, its the same thread I always use. Changed needle tighted the top thread still bad
  4. My bobbin thread is pull to top, its the same thread I always use. Changed needle tighted the top thread still bad
  5. Thanks Nigel will check in morning its not the plastic but may wheels
  6. I have installed iq,and works great quilting by itself. Now i want to use the machine myself and cant quilt without a forcing machine its smooth in center of quilt but not on either side
  7. Im a fabricaholic was thinking need a personal shopper. Needed 1/2 yard of burgandy fabric, quilt store didnt have have but still spebt 120.00 dollars. Sigh
  8. Does anyone know of Canadian dollar digtial pantograph site?
  9. thank you Nigel and Zoltan Millie and I are back in business
  10. still haven't been able to get mille to stop and end of pantograph. it worked for first 5 quilts then quilt stopping have emailed iq still haven't got fixed not the 8 screw has ground cable and wheels are clean
  11. its like iq forgot to tell machine to stop I have to hit button or it wont stop, tried to see if just delayed
  12. tried cleaning wheels, slowed number 8 scew it has grounding wire as far as I see. The first 5 quilts were fine I did have and obstruction at one point batting went under a wheel but was ok when I restarted. the only thing different is basement is warmer.
  13. I have a new to me iq was working fine it is no longer stopping Millie's needle at end of row just stitches in same spot
  14. Can anyone send pictures of brackets for reg millennium frame so I know how it goes together please
  15. I decided to buy and will have to buy brackets as my Millie table isn't bliss,
  16. Was thinking about you today. How are you feeling hope you have some improvement. Although we have never met I feel the friends on this forum are Gods angels.
  17. Nigel this is 2012 model haven't seen it yet
  18. What would a used intellquilter be worth with super motor reg 12500 thanks
  19. Love your quilt what kind of batting did you use really pops nicely
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