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  1. thankyou everyone for advice. i am driving from Sarnia to Beemsville sunday to get millie and small parts of frame. Next week barrie for large pieces. ill post to let you all know how i made out. thankyou for offer of boxes but it is 5 hour drive to return.
  2. thankyou i have to make 2 trips as half the frame is in barrie the other in beemsville she couldnt fight it all in van so i was worried is there anything that woundn't fight in carvan i do have a 6 foot box truck as well
  3. i am purchacing a used 2004 millie it has power advance and 14 foot rails. i have not seen the machine yet does anyone know the best way to move the 14 foot rollers thanks
  4. wish i was closer would like to have, if still for sale in summer will travel that far
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