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  1. I'm interested in the Intellequilter - it is now available for APQS machines. Does anyone have one and what are your thoughts? I have watched both the Compuquilter and Statler and never had the desire to own one. The idea of an on-board computer and the ease of switching between manual and computer is a plus.(Their motor control allows for easy switching between computerized and free-hand (manual) mode in just 3 seconds. I especially like the idea of using all the designs that I have in my head. The designing capacity and the ease by which you can take a design that I freehand tweak it, r
  2. Hello John, I spoke with APQS and ordered 2 of them, but thanks for your quick response!! I guess I will just have to enjoy my "forced" vacation:P, I guess I could take this time to clean my studio..... Nah.....I'll organize my stash:D
  3. Hello, I have worn a "groove" in the tenison spring - does anyone know where I can order another or do I have to order the whole unit? I will try and attach a picture but I'm not sure if it will work.... Thanks,
  4. With regards to the grooves - try fishing guide eyes. The same ones that you find on fishing poles work great on your machine. Since I added those to my machine 2 years ago I never have grooves and they are still on the machine. Prior to that I was changing the guides every couple of months and I never used:o monofilament. I never use King Tut thread for the very reason that you posted - there are too many beautiful threads IMHO to spend time and stress over. I tried 3 different color combinations and had the same problem so I pitched the thread and moved on.
  5. Mary I agree with your thoughts...... When you factor in the additional cost of adding a computer, the learning curve, and what your geographical area will support with regards to pricing, are you ahead financially? How many quilts will your business have to generate before you begin to see a profit? Many, if not most customers want a beautiful design that works in their budget. I love to take a finished quilt off the frame and think "WOW, I did that, not a computer but just me and my hands ". I'm not sure I would get that same "rush" if a computer did it... just my thoughts. J
  6. Great topic.... Has anyone "timed" and edge to edge design using computor quided quilting? Since I don't have one I am interested in knowing "computer vs hand time frames". From what I have seen (Statler at work) - I can freehand an E2E quilt, using my own designs much quicker and if you are in business, time is money..... You still have to load, advance the quilting but the actual quilting may be quicker. Just a thought:o
  7. I missed reading too - I use to read an average of 10 or more books a week and I was suffering from "book withdrawal". I download books free my my Library. I link to their computer, pick what I want, download to my "puter, then download to my MP3. With the SanDisk I pick 3 or 4 books, download them all at once then load them. Whole process takes a couple of hours - depending on your connection. You can join a down-loadable book club for a dollar amount, but my library has so many - and all of them unabridged that I can't see paying to join a club. I won't listen to abridged books - I
  8. Why limit yourself to just music? I listen to books. Santa delivered me a 2 GB SanDisk. I still use my Rio 256 but the SanDisk holds 5-6 books. My library offers downloaded books and I am always maxed out with books. I find myself quilting longer - just to hear whats happening.
  9. My hand used to be very dry - catching on batting, cracking but after using Shea Butter, my hands are smooth with no cracks. I also use it on my heels with great results. Pure Shea butter works the best, but if you can't find pure - look for a product with the most shea butter in its formula. I use it year around and have noticed how much younger my hands look - maybe I should try it on my whole body:P I also use soap with Shea Butter and last winter I did not suffer from dry itchy skin as I had in the past. My DH swears by Zims Crack Cream - the spray liquid works the best - just bef
  10. Look at Edgerider.com there you will find the information that you need. I think Kings Men Quilts also sells them too I think. They cost $160.00 plus shipping and worth every penny!!
  11. Interesting topic.... When I had the original wheels I tried to wax every couple of days.... I could really tell the difference when I "forgot" to wax. The machine became very hard to move effortlessly - many times my ovals, circles and feathers would be "squared off. I became so frustrated that I purchased last July the Edgerider Wheels and what a difference!!!! I used alcohol to remove all remaining wax off the rails and now I never wax at all. No more black "gunk" - the only time I wipe down my rails is after I use my Hartley Fence which has the original brown composite wheels on
  12. Funny that this topic should come up now.... I have a wallhanging on the frame - the whole thing is fused:(!! - and all the fabric that was used is Batik's:( Broke at least 10 needles - 4.0. Finally called Connie and asked about using 4.5's - orderd 20 and will give these a try. I don't have problems with gumming up - it is like quilting through cardboard which is why I thought the needles kept on breaking. When I quilt on the "pieced" border the stitches and tension is perfect. I finally basted the quilt off and unzipped it off the frame. Because of the many broken needles I had to
  13. Just a thought.... I painted the "inside" of my foot with whiteout - it helps tremendously when doing detail work.
  14. I just tried to post a picture but still no luck. I do use the reply button, I browse, add the link but still no luck in posting - any ideas?
  15. OK.... I must be having a "senior moment:( but I still can't attach an image - I know I have done it in the past but I can't do it now..... Can anyone post the steps on "how to"
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