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  1. Yes you are. I'm sorry I really don't know whether it would work with the Lucy but if it does let me know!
  2. Was purchased & used on a 2005 Millie. I bought the boards over several years. When I upgraded to the Bliss wheel system, we adapted it to work. On their old blog, they were still selling what appears to be the same system in 2010. Here's the link. http://circlelordfront.blogspot.com/. We are in Oregon. I have about $3000 invested but am willing to take a reasonable offer + shipping. I enjoyed using it while I still had my Millie & found it very useful for my non-computerized machine. If you send me a zip code, I will try to estimate shipping for you. Hope this helps.
  3. Downsized, traded Millennium for Handi Quilter and have complete Hartley Fence system and Complete Circle Lord setup and templates gathering dust in the corner of my studio. They need to go to someone who can put them to use. Please make me a reasonable offer, including shipping, amd they will be yours. I will package and ship promptly. Thank you for looking.
  4. Bought in august 2005. Had major maintenance 3 years ago, but haven't had any issues. Just me as owner. Yes you get the custom wooden bars my husband made! The lighting doesn't add any weight. A wonderful machine; just time for me to downsize...
  5. This machine is loaded!!! This is a 2005 APQS Millennium quilting machine (26-inch throat) on a 12-foot table. It has been lightly used in a smoke and pet free home on less than 150 quilts. This machine has all the bells and whistles you would want in a machine! Machine has been upgraded to APQS’s Bliss track and wheel system for effortless quilting movement. Included are: · powered quilt advance and reverse system with foot pedal control · bobbin thread cutter · Hartley base extender and Hartley fence system · stitch length regul
  6. The tops of the rear control handles on my Millennium have loosened up over time and twist during use. Is there a way to tighten them so that they will stay in one position. The handles themselves are secure, it is just the mushroom top with the control buttons that twist on he handle. I am unable to find any sort of a set screw and the foam rubber butts right up to the bottom of the top plastic knob. Thanks for you help.
  7. Hmm another ruler to buy....But your results make of obviously worthwhile. You always share so many good ideas Pam Rivers Edge Quilting Leaburg OR
  8. Ever since Dover started putting the graphics on CD I have been even more addicted. Did you know if you sign up on line, they send you an e-mail about once a week with free samples you can download. The samples change each week to different books and it is a great way to get some different designs without having to buy the whole book. I must have 100+ of these now. I have an old printer that takes up to 13X19 paper which really comes in handy to make resized patterns. Am awaiting my latest $50 (free shipping) package. Pam
  9. A quilt like this one makes you gasp a bit in awe--then I started thinking...how wonderful that quilt would be hanging in my living room for Christmas. Ok so I've been at the eggnog already... You two are very inspirational.
  10. I guess I'm on the side of anything but a Rowenta.... Yes, Linda, I did clean them but they still leaked etc . Even sent one in for replacement and the next one was as bad so I am using my very old Sunbeam travel iron (with a fold down handle) because it gets nice and hot and a cheap Sunbeam steam iron for steam. But I would like a nice steam iron so appreciate all the ideas.
  11. As usual, Linda, your quilt turned out just wonderful--freehanding and all. Guess I'll have to add the rope to my list---once I get threst of the cirlce lord paid for! Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, how do you post 3 pics at once....
  12. Timi, I'm sure our quilts are travelling in lots of good company. Hopefully the exhibit will make it some where near us eventually. I think the exhibit will strike a chord with many families. Pam
  13. OK I can't seem to put in more than one picture at a time