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  1. Vickie, Thanks for your rapid response. The retail price of these four templates is $161.00. I will sell them all for a total of $120, plus shipping. If you would like to pay through PayPal, that would be fine, or send a check to Grace Kyser, Good Gracious Quilting, 32794 E Mc Kenzie St., Coburg, Or 97408. I will package them up and find out the cost to ship USPS. It may take me until Monday to get this done, however. Again, thank you. I look forward to doing business with you. Instruction booklets will accompany these templates. Grace
  2. I, too, have asked this question. Glad to hear what the problem is, and will be more proactive on my own. Thanks. Grace
  3. Going through my collection of templates and realize I don't use many of them. What was thought to be a good purchase, has instead been just an added expense. If anyone is interested, here is a list of what I have to sell: Gadget Girls: Wiggle; Large Brick; Large Teardrop Set of 3; Ovals set of 3 LongArm University Templates: 2" Sashiko Stars; 3" and 4" Curve and Point; 3" Circles and Waves Many of these have never been used, others used just enough to know I don't need them. 25% off list price, buyer pays shipping from Oregon. Thanks. Grace
  4. I, too, use the sweater bags. Many customers have baby/crib size quilts and the small sweater fits nicely. Even the large sweater is good for some throw sizes. I give one with each quilt that leaves my shop. Just a little something extra at no charge the customers really like. Grace
  5. It has been a very long time since receiving any emails from this List. Although I have tried contacting APQS about this problem, I have not received a remedy. Can anyone help me? Thanks. Grace
  6. Thanks, Sue. Good to know they are 'user friendly'. Grace
  7. Hi, Linda, Actually although it was on the Checkers newsletter, it is actually sold by They have a nice site. I have already received a response from Terry, stating the 'throw' sizes are 60" x 60". This is my first contact with this company, but so far the response could not be any quicker. Grace
  8. I have just learned about 'batting bolts' from the Checker newsletter. It advertises QD so I looked it up. Comes in convenient sizes, can be ordered without minimum quantity, and since it comes on a bolt, rather than a roll, the shipping is much less. It even advertises a 'throw' size, but doesn't give the dimensions of that so I have sent for info on that one. Each bolt is 15 yds in length, and either 46" or 61" wide. Just wonder if anyone else might find this interesting info. Sounds like a good plan for me. Storage for rolls is at a premium for me, but the bolt sizes could be accommodated.
  9. Linda, I 'had' to give up a friend a few years ago because she was constantly sucking my dry emotionally. One day I went to her and explained I was unable to be the kind of friend she apparently needed and that I was very sorry. My own psyche isn't all that fragile, however, it does not need to be worn down all the time. I said 'good-bye' and left it at that. I still feel badly that I couldn't handle it anymore, but have since learned others feel the same way - they just haven't broken ties with her. We cross paths from time to time, are cordial, but neither expect anything except being polite and courteous. Not everything works, but things do work out well in the long run. You did the right thing.
  10. I'm impressed! Great ideas that I may need to borrow, if that will be OK? Thanks for sharing.
  11. I agree with Hollyc. Inexpensive is not always the same as cheap. You get what you pay for, but you also get what you can afford. I have been on the other side of this, and at that time, even 'cheap' was pretty expensive.
  12. Not sure what happened, but I was getting the forum regularly, then I went to Kenya for a few weeks. Since I have been back, I haven't received any posts. Did I miss something while away over Thanksgiving? Thanks.
  13. I would do it like an Irish Chain with spirals in the cross-bar blocks, and maybe piano keys for the borders.
  14. Attention all you BLISS-FUL owners. If any one has upgraded from the older style table to a Bliss system, what did you do with the support bar on the older table. My model is 2001 and did not come with a support bar. I have recently purchased a hydraulic lift, but can't use it until I get one of those supports. Currently, I have the table supported with a wooden post. Obviously, that won't work with the lift going up and down. Any help out there would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. My guess is she is shopping for ideas and lowest price. I think I would be conveniently very busy each time she calls. If you have caller ID, this is helpful to screen out people you just don't want to speak with at the moment. If you 'forget' to return her call, so be it. Eventually she will get the message.