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  1. I recently had a response from 'Barbara' about some pantos.  Now I am unable to revisit her address and comments.  Barbara, please resend your inquiry if you are still interested.  Thank you and sorry for this error on my part.

  2. Pantos are : Water World, Daisy Swirl by Jodi Beamish; Rose Vine by Golden Threads; Feathered Rose by Electric Quilter; dresden Flower by Marguerite Wiebusch; Feathered Circle by Roxanne McTeague; Rose Stipple by Laura Estes. Each would sell for $5. Templates include: Gadget Girls 10x3 rectangle $5, wiggle and Brick $10, 7" circle, Large/Med Ovals $20; Teardrop Set of 3 $20; Hartley Fence needle guide $2; Scallop guide, Starburst $5 each; Navigator needle guide $2; Lakeside Quilt Co Triple Play $5; Longarm University Even and Odd sizes circles, never used, $50 set I did not take pics of pantos. Hope this is helpful. Thank you for your inquiry. Grace
  3. I am downsizing patterns and templates I no longer use. Some are paper by various quilters, ie Karyn Emmerson and others, some books, ie Sherrie Rogers-Harrison, some templates from Longarm University. Priced to sell. All or partial. Grace at needles2nails@msn.com
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