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  1. With all those straight lines, I think some simple waves or perhaps circles would add nice dimension.
  2. Here's a photo taken just before he got on the bus to leave.
  3. My youngest DD's fiance is a Marine and he deploys to day for Afghanistan. I'm so proud of him but also very scared. Of course we knew this was coming but I had hoped he would be someplace safer, translating radio transmissions or something. Instead, he will be with a team out in the middle of the fray. He bought a Kindle over the weekend so yesterday I gifted him 14 or 15 books. He had gotten 15 or so on his own. I hope that 30 books will be enough for the 6 months he's gone. I don't know how much down time he will have. This is all quite new for me. The set a date for the wedding,
  4. Just hope she doesn't tell all her friends what a great deal she got!
  5. It sounds okay to me. What phrases concern you?
  6. I really like Poly Quilter. It has the look of cotton with the strength of poly. I've never had significant breakage problems with it and I use either a 4.0 or a 3.5 needle since those are the only sizes I have.
  7. My DD and her fiance are at Disneyworld. The pictures they've been sending me this morning look nice and sunny.
  8. I used to do a lot of this. I always let my printed fabrics set for 24 hours. It's likely however, that your issue has more to do with the new printer cartridges as previously stated.
  9. 1) Make sure the file name does not contain any special characters, safest to use only letters a-z. 2) Do not preview your post. 3) The size of the photo needs to be smaller than about 650 x 650 pixels. I'm not sure of the exact size limit but this is the size that works for me.
  10. Congrats on getting that first one out of the way! I had a number of little issues with a customer quilt the other day. At this point they no longer make me nervous, just frustrated and ticked off. LOL
  11. I have one. It was cute at first but it doesn't replace regular sweeping and/or vacuuming.
  12. It's more true than you know. Doug is a mountain climber. He has a goal to climb the highest peak in all 50 states. He's got the biggest ones out of the way, Denali in Alaska, Mt. Whitney in California, and others in the Pacific Northwest and the Rockies. I can't find the photo of him on top of Denali but I did find this one on Mt. Baker in Washington.
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