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  1. 2012 Millie- quilt glide bliss rails automatic fabric advance hydraulic lift 12 foot table 50+pantographs with organizer binder for quick viewing rulers - 22 and counting ruler base turbo bobbin winder tons of thread - 100+ spoils of assorted colours and brands stencils quilting books for free motion ideas acrylic sheet for auditioning patterns on quilt 3 rolls of batting- Hobbs 80/20; Hobbs wool; quilters dream cotton Ott lite - hand held leader grips 16,000 Canadian. Pickup in Calgary, Alberta
  2. Meant to add - when I time myself, a tip I recently learned to keep in mind : when working at a workplace, office, etc you get up walk around, grab a coffee, go to the bathroom, sometimes someone stops by your desk to ask you how your weekend was etc. and you still get paid that hourly wage/salary - so don't be super regimented with timing your actual quilting time either :-) there is no way I could do 7 quilts in a day!! LOL That is insane!
  3. Linda - Thanks for that comment. That helps a lot. I've decided to leave the tails for the client and she will bury them. It is a custom quilt, so there will be lots of stops and starts. I'm usually pretty good with stops and starts being inconspicuous, but have never really done a quilt for a client that wants to 'show' it. thin and blending bobbin thread - what kind is your preference? Lynn - this is my wonder - do judges actually comment and look for knot and bury vs inconspicuous starts and stops. thanks for the input so far. I know what the obvious thing to do is (knot and bury) if I am paid for it. But just looking for the reality of show quilting if it is indeed necessary or is it kind of trending in a new direction.
  4. Linda said it perfectly - find 3 or so edge to edge patterns that you have mastered and can do without thinking and planning too much. The more quilts you do, the more you will perfect and create a system of loading, straightening, basting, etc. Tools - have a thread and bobbin system that gives you consistent thread tension and you don't have to waste time playing around with it all the time. pre-wound bobbins also save time. Many people prefer leader grips or red snappers for loading quilts as they find it quicker to load up a quilt. distractions - laundry, coffee making, phone, internet, changing channels on the tv/radio all create distractions. ( speaking from experience) Take one quilt and use it as a tool to really pay attention to where you are spending your time - is it the physical quilting time that is taking so long, or is it all f the other things like clipping threads, loading, straightening, pressing, thinking, contemplating, auditioning colours, planning, winding thread, tidying areas... I've done this a few times and realized that after each pass on an e2e I tend to 'wander' my focus. Now that I am aware of it, I allow myself some time to 'wander' but also the awareness gives me more focus to redirect back to the task. Hope that makes sense. The one thing I haven't done yet is actually time myself and record in a little book - how long each quilt, design, size, etc takes me to quilt so that over time I can get a better idea of my average. And again....like Linda said, if you work too quickly you will make mistakes, your tension will futz and then your frustration will kick in. :-)
  5. <<<<Quilting for a show>>>>> Do you knot and bury, or leave the tails for client to knot and bury? Or... do you take tiny stitches in inconspicuous places and clip? I've been trying to find info on this topic and cannot!! I seem to remember that there is a bit of debate about the two.
  6. my favourite batting - I prefer the roll to the bags, somehow the quality of batt in the bags is inconsistent. But the rolls are excellent!
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm pretty chuffed with this one. The colours are incredible and working with the quilter was awesome too. Wool batting - one layer :-) I LOVE wool now! Its my new to me 'discovery'. I don't like to brag much, but there are certain quilts that I just take off the frame and they are just so incredible piecing, etc and I love making the piecing show off. I've been a lot less frequenting this site just for time management... less on time zapping browsing around the internet. It's a tough one for me! I love to research and learning things on the internet....
  8. Thanks Cagey - just click on my blog link www.urbanquiltworks.com at the bottom of my post and it will take you to a zillion photos. LOL I did not take a photo of the back however - couldn't get the right lighting with the backing fabric :-)
  9. Hi everyone...I'm trying not be as addicted to this forum as I once was but I really love this quilt that I recently quilted and wanted to share. I have really stepped up and challenged myself to go more into custom work. I have a blog post that is pic heavy with more details of my quilting, but here is a snapshot. This is The Butterfly Quilt by Tula Pink. The piecer did unbelievable fussy cutting and piecing and so it made it even more fun to quilt.
  10. I too recommend just starting with a couple of basics - A small straight ruler - Jamie Wallen's was a favourite I really like his handle on the rulers.- and a very small straight ruler - Linda Hrcka of the Quilted Pineapple makes one and it is my go to now for little quilting and ditch work. She also makes a little curve one which is super as well. I bought both her sets now that I am doing a lot of ruler work. But yes... don't go over board. Just get a straight one or two and an arc for some of your curves....
  11. Great feedback Jim. I have started using wool batting in the past 6 months and am in LOVE! I use the Hobbs Heirloom by the roll and it is beautiful. Very good to know about bearding, because I have not had black backing yet. Have had red - and no problems.
  12. Glide Military Gold is my all time favourite...
  13. David I am so sorry for your loss....wishing you peace and comfort (((hugs)))
  14. I would quilt it. Yes, it's my business but know in my heart this is what I need to do. It is rare for this kind of circumstance. Do it for my own satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing that there is no unfinished business for the family to take care of with this quilt. Because there is a ton of unfinished business that they will need to plough through already.
  15. blanket- an offensive piece of wool or polar fleece or yarn that attracts my yellow lab's fur like a supermega magnet and rarely gets removed by washing and drying. quilt - throw in the wash, dog hair is gone.
  16. Thank you so much Barb! I will pass on the info!
  17. Can you turn off the LED light on Lucey? I was just at a friend's house and she has lucey...we were discussing custom quilting with white on white - I suggested turning the light off to see the stitching better. We looked and looked, but couldn't find a switch. Anyone know if there is an on/off switch for Lucey's light?
  18. Judy, holy moly, I am so sorry to hear about your accident - rest and be well. Sending you speedy recovery vibes!!
  19. Debbie - I marked approximate locations with a C for the main big scrolls so that they were centered and then the rest was done improv.
  20. I took a break for a couple of months to work on other things. It was so helpful. If you can afford to just take a break from it, I recommend it. Can you diversify a bit? Maybe do a few custom baby quilts (start to finish) or make yourself a gorgeous quilt in colours you've always wanted to try but have never done so? Sometimes it becomes 'a job'. And that's the fine line and dangerous territory isn't it? Take care of yourself....and if you can do so, maybe be choosey for a few months of only particular quilters or styles of quilting YOU prefer to do.
  21. Thanks everyone...you don't know how nice it is to have my own quilt!!
  22. so sorry about the water troubles! yikes! no fun at all.... I would raise the levelling bar if it is catching on your machine somehow. I know sometimes the leader gets caught/trapped stuck in between that bar and my machine sometimes if I don't completely advance the leader grips (when I am shorter on backing)
  23. I call myself the 'cobbler with no shoes' because I quilt for everyone else except me! So my goal was to make a quilt for our new house, our new bed.... I wanted calm neutral colours reminding me of sand or pebbles.....I made this quilt using the pattern "Sweet Garden" from Carolina Patchworks. I was intending to make the entire king size with this pattern - and I did. Then I hated it, so I chopped 2/3s of the pattern off and added white for some neutral breathing space. Simple quilting in between the blocks. And then I got carried away in the white. [
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