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  1. Has anyone started with compuquilter, and switched to quilt path. What is better about each.
  2. I have the same problem. Didn't know how to fit it, and couldn't get an answer from Butch. So I am using the 4.036 version. When I feel real brave, and know I can be without my machine, just incase something bad happens. I am going to uninstall the 5.03 version, and try reloading it. Wish me luck, it may take me until next year, to get this accomplished. :(Ann
  3. I have 12 to 15, and her other ones Plum Lucky and Plum Spooky. Are you interested? Ann
  4. I just received a T-shirt quilt, not usually a problem, except, they used heavy interfacing. What size needle would work the best, and can I still use Superiors Highlights? Ann
  5. I have down loaded the newest version. Was just wondering, if anyone has started using it yet? And if you noticed any difference? I haven't put it on the computer just yet Ann
  6. I have CQ, right now, and I have thought about QS. But I'm not sure the wireless laptop will hold up, like the key board, does now. I have had the key board fall from the leader poles, many times, or caught the key board on the way to the floor by the cord. Other than that, it loosk like they are progressing with it. Ann
  7. The quilt store that was in with the yarn store, is now closed. BUT, there is another one on Hwy 30 east. If they do the classes like they did in March, they are held in a hotel on the north side of town. If you get to go to the APQS's bulding, it is just about a half mile west on the highway. It's called Threads. 712-792-4073 The store in the small town west of Carroll (Arcadia). Should be open, if you call her, she will usually open up, her store if she knows when you might be visiting. 712-689-2446, Or her house number 712-689-2609. It's called Tip Top Quilts. And if you are adventurous, there is a store in Lake City, IA, called Towne Square Quilt Shopp. A 30 minute drive north east of Carroll. 712-464-7477. And another on store in Jefferson, IA, which is east of Carroll. Called In Stitches. 712-386-2014. Around here, usually if you call the store and ask them to be open for you, they usually do it. Let know if you need any more info. Ann
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