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  1. My good friend's husband is asking advice on purchasing a computerized system for her APQS. I have the Intelliquilter on my machine I do like it but did not have the best experience with my dealer and have reservations about recommending her to my friend. I think that Quilt Path looks comparable and can be installed yourself. My question is about the learning curve for Quilt Path. I do not know the system and would not be as helpful to her. Did you feel like the system was easy to install yourself and was it easy to learn on your own? Thanks for your input Cheryl Nelson
  2. oxyclean powder mised in HOT water. dab it on and it will take it out.
  3. I am interested in a turbo winder! Sent you a message! Maybe the zipper too? Are they for a 12 foot table? Thanks C Nelson
  4. The lower count sheets are not soft and do not hold their color. After the investment into the quilt top and the time that it takes to make it, it is worth the investment to put a good quality backing on it.
  5. That is beautiful! Can't wait to see you post pics of it all quilted!
  6. I would think daylight bulbs would be nice to see the true colors!???Cheryl
  7. hmmmmm, you have me thinking. I have the red snappers and have never installed them. I guess I better get it done! My concern is..are they difficult to open and close? My right hand has some difficulty opening a soda bottle and small things like that. Cheryl
  8. I try to buy at my local quilt shop as much as possible. I go on a several quilting bus trips a year and also go to shows. I shop anywhere I travel as well. I also buy online. I guess I buy it everywhere! Cheryl
  9. I really appreciate your feedback. I had decided on the manual cutter but just have one question...Are there some dies that work on the Go Big that cannot be used on the Go? I am just concerned about restricting my abilities and I only want to purchase this once! Thanks
  10. I am thinking about buying an accuquilt. I have grandchildren that are just starting to learn to sew and quilt. I thought that it would be a very safe way for them to cut blocks. I'm not sure about what size to buy. They sell them at a local shop and I plan to check them out. Do you have an electric or manual? I am thinking that I would probably like the Go Big. Please share your opinion about size. Does anyone wish that had purchased a different one than what they have? Thanks for the input. Cheryl
  11. Sometimes the "If it fits, it ships" boxes are sometimes cost effective. Our postoffice is very good about giving me all of the shipping cost and choices.
  12. Is anyone interested in purchasing my classes? I have planned to go but my husband isn't able to go with me now. I am not sure that I want to travel by myself. Here are the classes I have purchased and what I paid for them, two are IQ classes. New Generation of Bluhming Background Designs $114 Border Patrol 2 $38 Around the Edge with IQ $40 Edit, Modify and Create with IQ $40 I am willing to sell them for a discount! I have a room at the Double tree booked as well. If you are interested contact me at Cheryl
  13. There are some great IQ classes offered at the MQS in Cedar Rapids, IA next week. I don't know how far that is for you but so much information! Cheryl
  14. I had problems with thread breaking. It seems there was a worn spot on the pigtail. I turned it just a smidge and no more broken threads. I did purchase a replacement but have not had to use it yet as I have had no more problems with the thread breaking.