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  1. Are you serious? Do you realize how much that slows down the quilting process when doing a lot of ruler work? There really has to be a better answer than that. If that's the case then Bliss didn't really help me out a lot. The stitch length isn't consistent with Bliss and now I have to stop and start the SR every time I move the ruler which is about every 5 inches. Is that really what everyone does? I tried adjusting the #8 screw and that didn't help but it did fix another problem.
  2. I upgraded my 2005 Millennium to the Bliss rails. I do a lot of ruler work and now when I stop to move the ruler and the machine is in SR mode the needled jumps/jerks up and down in place. I end up with a lot of broken thread at these points. It's not because I am touching the machine. It seems to be sensitive to anyone breathing around it. Today I test drove another machine and it made me realize how out of whack my machine is. Before the Bliss upgrade I could stop the machine, leave the SR on, move my ruler and continue quilting. Now I have to stop the SR, move the ruler and then re-start. Is there an adjustment that can be made to fix this?
  3. I don't post on the board often but I read every day! I will be arriving Tuesday and leaving Sunday. I'm at the Fairfield Inn and will have a car so if anyone needs a ride to the show let me know!
  4. Thanks to Hester and Amanda, the lift is finally installed! I love everything about my APQS system and I like the lift installed, but those instructions are horrible and need to be re-written. If anyone else has any problems, I have taken some photos of my installation with notes and loaded them to Webshots. Vicki's Lift Installation If the link doesn't work, just search for user Vickisews on Webshots.
  5. Thank you both for your help. To clarify question #2, take a look at this photo that is on Webshots: Millie Setup This is not my machine but it is configured the same as mine. Can you see the black support bar under the rails? That is what is in the way of attaching the flat brackets. Regarding the offset of the motor. I would need to set mine almost completely left or completely right. That black support has a crossbar exactly in the middle of the frame. The one in the photo of the instructions doesn't have the additional support. But you helped me get started and I really appreciate it! if anyone has that same black support bar under the rails and can offer any input I would be very grateful. Thanks, Vicki
  6. I've had my hydraulic lift for a few weeks and finally had some time to install it today. Things are NOT going well. I have several questions if someone can help: 1 - placement of the flat mounting brackets - The instructions seem to say to place them so that the lift motor is centered on the frame. That just isn't possible with the black support bar and cross bar under the rails. Is it OK to position it to one side? 2 - The flat brackets are supposed to be attached to the bottom rail with the 4 inch U brackets with screws and 2 washers. With the long black support bracket under the rails, just how am I supposed to screw something in? And where exactly are the washers placed in the attachment order? 3 - The instructions say that the UP/DOWN switch is already attached to the bracket - it is not. Just exactly how is it attached. Can someone send me a photo of the set up - especially with the two flat brackets and their parts installed just so I can see a big picture? The photos and instructions just are not thorough. I think with these 3 questions answered that I can get it figured out. When I am done I will send APQS some recommendations for the instructions. I am generally very good at figuring out how things go together so when I have trouble it's a bad thing. I am kind of a stickler for good instructions. Thanks for any help! Vicki
  7. I have used Fray Check and other seam sealants in garment sewing a lot. I wouldn't recommend it for quilting - it often shows as a dark spot.
  8. I do not recognize it but you might try looking for it on www.quilterscache.com - it looks a lot like the kind of blocks that she designs.
  9. I'm also not a big fan of miracle chalk. It took forever to get the pad "primed" and it seems to either come our in large doses or I can't get chalk out at all. I do use the tailors chalk version of it to mark lines but I really do not like the powder.
  10. That is one beautiful quilt and thanks for sharing the wonderful story!
  11. Mark, Thanks but the email address did not work. I changed the email address on my profile so earthlink.net is the right service. I just need someone to identify where else it needs to be changed so that the daily email is sent to earthlink and not aol. Tad's address rejected.
  12. I am switching over to a new email service. I logged into the APQS control panel and changed my email address last week. However, I am still getting the APQS Quilting News email to my old address. Anyone know what I did wrong? Thanks, Vicki
  13. I know that some people poo-poo the Maxi-lock as cheap thread, but I used it on a quilt that I did on my Handiquilter (Pre-Willie) over 4 years ago. That quilt is on my bed so it is used daily and washed frequently. The thread has held up very well. Not one broken stitch!
  14. It's a bit of a long story - when I was in elem school my Granddad got a job as the janitor so that he could see me and my brother every day. I thought it was cool. About the time I got my machine, one of my co-workers made the comment that our jobs - fixing projects that have gone bad - were the equivalent of corporate janitors! That's when I got the idea to name mine after the other janitor in my family. So my Mille is WILLIE.