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  1. Hello everyone.... hope all had a great turkey day.
  2. you may never have had one.... my 2004 has one and the 2006 millie doesn't. glad to know you will be fixed soon.
  3. I prefer the rolls to bags as well as they seem to need a bit of airing or stream to get the wrinkles out, but once that's done they are great as well.
  4. Like Patty they are my exclusive bobbin.
  5. are you sure you got the fuse in correctly.... I had one person call and they actually had put the fuse back into the draw area of the cord instead of the correct place...therefor not getting any power. also check to see if the fuse is actually a good fuse,. They do break easily and still look okay. Have gotten several from Radio Shack with the wire broken inside.
  6. Beth, you explained it as well as I could, but I would only add that; if they do buy an discounted machine even if it does say Brother for example, the Brother dealers very well will not work on it. The surgers from WalMart or some other discount stores are not quality machines and if it wasn't sold by a dealer, not all dealers will bother to work on them. Nor more importantly can they get parts for them.... Agree with statement above I would buy any of the Babylocks....
  7. Thanks Sylvia...Not sure why the thing is full, best go and dig it out. Trying to get unpacked and reset up.
  8. I'm here..... call me at 405-533-1025. Still in Boxes and not sure where everything is, but would like to get some information and put on the list...I have two others that are also waiting.
  9. Not sure if I will or not.....have the paint chips, and sort of planning on it, but it will all depend on whether I find the studio or not....will however copy and print the instructions so if I don't get to it as you all will I will at least have it an then start after the next year. With moving to Oklahoma recently I have to say I have a huge mess and can't find anything right now. I do need to find "MJ" as I have a customer quilt that I promised finished by December 15th...argh best get with it.....off to unpack more boxes.
  10. (406) 624-0451 Has anyone just called her....emails get lost and forgotten.... if she is still setting up there may be issues not intended to miss, but life getting in the way. I love my base...I never take it off, and its worth the time to call and get someones attention.
  11. oops!!!! at least it wasn't a major skinning job.
  12. Only wind bobbins of threads not Glide, as I use up the Superior, and others I will be replacing with Glide. Right now I'm using magna-glides with all threads I can get close to in color. Having great results with magna bobbins and Lava or other thicker threads in top. And as I am buying threads to replace my So Fine stash I'm replacing with matching Glide top nd bottom. I also like the threads to show, yet it vanishes in the ditch. The 60 weight threads are way to thin for my likes.
  13. Have you used their varigated thread? doe you have any issues with varigated or the cotton thread from Glide? I can not get king tut varigated to run successfully in my millie and it is really frustrating. Not yet for the variegated but as I need a certain color I will be purchasing. I've never liked cotton threads, but that's me. I do use cotton wrapped thread for piecing but not for quilting. In my quilts from the 50-70s which my grandmother quilted by hand They really should be redone as the threads have started to break down. It's really what you like its not what some else says. There aren't any thread police. I like how the quilting looks with Glide, Lava and Perma-cord but have used Signature, serger threads, tiny spools of dress making threads. Depending on what I had in the cupboard and if the color was the one I wanted.
  14. Let me put it this way.... For me I like both thread companies, but as I run out of Superior threads I will be replacing all of my Sew Fine and Bottom Line with Glide. It's a personal thIng....I'm liking the Glide better it's runs smoother in my machine I rarely get tension problems and love the magna bobbins. It's as simple as that for me. Should I need to use a really thick thread which I also like I'll go towards the Lava and Perma-core of Superior Threads.
  15. On the Bernina site you can look at the manual for a 1260. Not familiar with your machine so i don't know what to look for.
  16. My sister has one, and know she will never part with it. Good luck in finding one....it really is one of Bernina's best machine.
  17. I know you didn't want to sell your, but there is a listing for some that do. I was trying to up you in contact with Nicole. If you click on today's post in the header, you will see her post.
  18. There is one in NJ. Read down the forum Nicole has one for sale and several others whom have expressed selling theirs.
  19. Thanks Nancy I hadn't a clue what that was as mine are all alike except the end plate. Most are the straight lines but I do have one with the deorated scroll plate. Don't think I can make t thus time but will try soon. I have a date with the for a knee replacement. So will need to save money for that and time to heal. Sorry would have loved to get back out there.
  20. Or if we have one that we are willing to have colored. What would you charge? Have four... three never to change but one hasn't any special meaning. Also what is a crinkle one.
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