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  1. sorry for delay i sent you an e-mail. thanks Jackie
  2. How did you ship it did you do it through a freight company....I am not sure about setting this up...thanks for the information I will contact APQS for shipping weight..
  3. Does anyone know how much the Milli and a 12 ft table weigh? I have had multiple people contact me with shipping and I am not too sure about shipping cost. I was wondering if anyone who has shipped a machine with 12 ft table could give me any information on possible cost or how to set up this type of shipping??? /thanks Jackie
  4. Can't figure out how to post pictures here. I do have pictures posted on the MQ resource site. Thanks
  5. Hello I have for sale my 2 year old very lightly used Milli which I purchased brand new from dealer in june 2009. I have quilted approximately 20 quilts on her since then so she is very gently used. This Milli has most of the latest and greatest features which include stitch regulator, thread cutter, laser light, quilt glide, power advance with foot pedal, 12 foot table with 3 leaders top, bottom, and quilt. Also included the Hartley large base extender. The milli has the largest throat space which i believe is 26. Also included is all my pantographs, thread, stencils, bobbins, pins, and needl
  6. I am so frustrated at what they charge for these upgrades. I feel like look at what I spent already.... Is it easy to install the M&M wheels? That will probably be the route I go also, there is no way I am paying 3,000 for the bliss....just not worth it for me.
  7. I purchased my Milli in 2009 and after what I paid I can't understand why this bliss cost so much. I bought the Milli because of the smooth easy quilting that was said to be much better than my gammill. Seeing my machine is a 2009 model is the cost less or not????
  8. My "friend" Andi pulled my top thread off my Milli and it has been so long I forgot the correct way to thread her...Please help before asap!!!!
  9. Hello Milli 2009 currently no longer for sale.. thanks for all the interest in the machine.
  10. Hello and yes I am again trying to sell my machine. This is a very hard thing to do because I love this machine but I know it is more than I need. I work full time +++ and just don't have the time to use it as I thought. I am asking $13,500 firm with pantos, thread, bobbin winder...ect. Buyer can pick up machine or set up shipping from 60467 zip code. Cost of shipping responsiblity of buyer. Thanks Jackie
  11. Anyone who has sold thier Milli machine and a 12 foot table...any idea what the weight of this package is?? I am trying to get quotes to ship my machine from zip code 60467 to 55812??? Thanks
  12. Hello my e-mail is jak40rn@comcast.net (RN) after the 40 it looks like an m to people......thanks phone number is 1-708 717-3169
  13. Hello I am offering a like new 2009 Milli with all new features. LED lighting, quilt glide feature, (all standards thread cutter, stitch regulator) along with 12 foot table with automatic fabric advance. I have quilted approx 20 quilts if that on this machine, I just don't have the time with work and school to persue this any longer. I am including all my pantographs (approx 20 or so), rullers, and thread (approx 30 spools +) some unused. included also is seperate bobbin winder, DVD insturction and full written manual. I am attaching some pictures. Price is $14,000
  14. Thanks to everybody for your interest in my machine but after much more thought I can't even afford to sell at the price I listed which is much less than what I paid...I believe I will hold off till I can get a little better price for her....Thanks Jackie
  15. Hello bringing this back to the top...I am sellling my Milli minimal use. Went back to school have not had the time to quilt anymore. I am lowering my price to $13,500 This machine has all the newer features of quilt glide, LED lights, auto fabric advance....Looking for fast sale.
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