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  1. One other thing that I don't think anyone mentioned was to check to make sure that your quilt sandwich is not to tight between your take-up leaders. That has happened to me before. I understand your frustration. Good luck.
  2. By now I hope we have lots more happy campers after Dave Jones gave your machine a make-over. I know I'm a happy camper. My machine runs better than it ever has - new M & M wheels made a huge difference along with Dave's overhead lights. Hooray!!
  3. Dave is still working on my machine. A very long day for him!
  4. Poor Dave has been fighting LA traffic all afternoon to get north to my house. I feel bad. He probably won't been here until about 7 tonight - a very long day for him. I don't think Apple Pie will even help with his frustration!
  5. I think I'm first on Dave's list. His tools arrived at my house today so we should all be happy campers in a few days. I'm excited!
  6. I'm thrilled. Dave will be stopping at my house as well. I have been dreading the thought of packing up my machine and shipping it back to the factory. Being without it for three weeks was very disconcerting. New lights and M&M wheels is very exciting. Thanks for posting Oma.
  7. My machine is also in need of a "Spa Treatment." I also want to get the M&M wheels. I live on the Central Coast half way between LA and San Francisco just south of San Luis Obispo. I've been meaning to schedule a time with Amy to ship it back to Iowa. Any possibility Dave would be able to do it at my home?
  8. Thank you. Are you planning on doing custom or a panto on the quilt?
  9. Could it be from the book Quilts Without Corners by Cheryl Phillips?
  10. I would guess that it is made using the 10 degree wedge ruler by Phillips Fiber Arts. I would love to purchase the pattern as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I have a Janome 350E (embroidery only) and it works great for me. It's very user friendly which is good because I use it sporadically. I didn't want to have something so complex that each time I needed to use it I would have to start re-learn all over again.
  12. This has been a problem for me for way to long. It feels so good to have a solution. I'm still doing the happy dance!!
  13. Marci: I don't know about a piece of nylon working. I got my thread net from Superior Threads when I ordered thread. Be sure to use a 4.5 needle, slow down and only go thru 1 hole on the thread guide above the tension disc. If you have any trouble APQS will help you. I only know about Superior metallic thread, others may be different.
  14. I struggled for two days running metallic thread in my machine. After realizing that I had exhausted everything I knew of to resolve my problem I decided to call APQS for support. Within 5 minutes Dawn was able to trouble shoot and resolve my problem. By putting a thread net over the cone of thread it stopped twisting as it moved down the thread path. No more broken thread. I'm kicking myself for not calling sooner. The best part is that Dawn and the rest of the staff always do it with a smile and never make me feel incompetent. Thank you, Thank you!! You are the best!! I hope the resolution to my problem will help others.
  15. After making the adjustment that Amy suggested my machine has never run so good! It was such an incredibly easy fix that I have been struggling with for way to long. Thank you, thank you Amy - you are the best!
  16. I spoke to Amy earlier today and I think I'm close to resolving my problem. The left front wheel was able to spin on my rail unless I tightened the cam all the way to the 12 o'clock position. When I did that my machine was hard to move. Amy had me loosen the bolts on the aluminum trusses under the carriage and move my machine around. It seems I had them to tight and it tweaked my machine so the left front wheel wasn't seeded on the rail. By doing that, the wheel is now how it should be, but my table isn't quite level so I'm going to have my husband help me with that tonight. I think I'm back in business thanks to the wonderful support of Amy. I would have never thought of doing what she had me do on my own. Thank you so much Amy!!! P.S. I quilted a complete quilt after doing the adjustment and I only had the problem once and I think that's because of the table not being quite level now.
  17. Ferret: I don't undertand what you mean - "bounce."
  18. Thanks everyone. I have gone thru the troubleshooting check list and still no luck. I will put a call in for help in the morning.
  19. I've had problems off and on with my stitch regulator and I'm having problems again. I believe I've done everything I know of to trouble shoot and have had no success in solving my problem. The weird thing is that I can stitch the first row of a panto fine and when I do the second row, closest to the front of my machine, the regulator starts cutting out and I get sporadic long stitches. I'm frustrated beyond belief. I already have grey hair so I guess the next step is to start pulling it out! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I have had no luck with my upper tension gauge. I exchanged it once but the second one doesn't work for me either. It must be me!
  21. Have you tried loosening your quilt sandwich? That has helped me in the past.
  22. Rather than telling her you don't think it's a fair trade by putting a dollar value on both items, tell her that after careful consideration your quilt has to much sentimental value for you to part with it. By putting it in those terms she won't have hurt feelings thinking that you think your work is so much more valuable than hers. Hope this makes sense.