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  1. Dave, Please let me know if you come to California. I'm on the Central Coast and would really like to schedule if you come this way. Somehow the last time you came this way I missed you.
  2. Thank you so much for all of the help. I actually did what both of you advised and it appears to have solved my problem. The combination that I'm working with right now always seems to give me a challenge. Thanks again.
  3. I'm having a problem with the bobbin thread showing only at the points. I have a batik top and bottom with QD bamboo batting and I'm using Rainbow on top and prewound bottom line in the bobbin. Perfect tension except for those darn points - help. Thank you.
  4. Laura: In the past what I have done is run a basting stitch down it to keep it from folding over. Worked like a charm for me.
  5. Maybe your quilt sandwich is to tight between your rollers. My thread will break if that's the case. You might also try to use only the center hole on the three hole guide above the tension disk. These two fixes have worked for me 99% of the time. Good luck.
  6. She is to precious for words - and her outfit - oh my gosh! I want those shoes!
  7. One other thing that's not been mentioned - you might try making your quilt sandwich looser. That has helped me before. Have you used the cone of thread you are using before without problems? It could be the cone.
  8. Waterworld by Jodi Bemish is always nice. (WillowLeaf Studios)
  9. Dave: I'm about 4 hours away from where you will be. I live on the Central Coast, an hour north of Santa Barbara, so I think I'm to far away. My machine is 7 years old and I've been thinking about sending it in for a "tune-up". My first experience with APQS was when I went to the road show in Oakland when you and Deloa were there. I'm sure you remember Oakland but not me. Enjoy the races!
  10. I used Rainbow #829 (golds) in my bobbin on a solid black back with an Asian front last week (same thread on the top)and it turned out great! I have to admit having trouble getting the tension correct for awhile but finally made it.
  11. For me, the frustrating part is not knowing how it happened to avoid it in the future.
  12. No lint in my bobbin case but there must be a burr or groove that I can't see even with a magnifying glass. I've been using the same bobbin case for almost 8 years and have used a lot of metallic thread so I'm not surprised. I'm glad I had purchased a back up bobbin case some time ago. Thanks for all the help.
  13. After hours of trouble shooting it appears that my bobbin case was creating my problem. All attempts to adjust the top and bottom tension didn't work. I had a second bobbin case and set the tension the same as I had with the original one and like "magic" my problem was solved. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being pooped with a splitting headache after a long day!
  14. Thanks Bekah. I'm thinking I had my tension to tight. I keep beating myself up about it and can't reproduce the same scenario to trouble shoot.
  15. I had lots of curves and directional changes as I was doing the panto "Poinsettia."
  16. I just finished a Bargello quilt using Superior Metallic on the top and bottom line on the bottom. The top thread looks perfect but the bottom has random spots of railroad tracks throughout the entire quilt. It's not is one particular direction but sporadic. I know it can't be my bobbin thread as it happened with every bobbin. The backing is both batik and cotton and it happened on both fabrics so I have ruled out the backing fabric as well. I used a 4.0 needle because I had some batik on the top as well. Would you say it's a top tension problem or possibly needle flex? Any help would be appre
  17. Thank you all for the great input. For some reason it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one and that I did my due diligence to correct the problem.
  18. Forgot to add that I did also loosen my quilt sandwich but it didn't help either. I was afraid to go smaller than a 4.0 needle since Superior recommends a 4.5 - 5.0 needle when using Lava. I didn't want to have thread breaking and causing me more problems with holes in the batik top. In thinking about it some more I think it was a combination of the backing fabric and the batting - not sure if pre-washing the batting contributed or not. I don't know of any one else that pre-washes their batting! Live and learn!
  19. I know this subject has been addressed before but felt inclined to re-visit it. In working on a quilt today, batik top, Moda "Crackle" in chocolate brown for backing and pre-washed batting I had a terrible time with pokies coming out of the chocolate brown back. I actually flipped the batting both ways and put the side up which I found to create fewer problems. I was using Superior "Lava" on top and Superior "So Fine" in my bobbin. I don't know what brand the batting was as it had been washed and didn't have any packaging with it. My tension was good both top and bottom (I use the gauges) and