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  1. It looks a lot like Cactus Wreath by Cozy Quilt Designs.
  2. Tracey: Sorry for asking the same question - I didn't go to page 2 or I would have known the answer.
  3. Tracey: Is the quilt top your original design? I love your quilting as well!
  4. Absolutely gorgeous!! Is it an original design or is there a pattern for the top?
  5. You can also use one of those hanging banana stands. You will need to put a large screw or nail in the base to set the cone on and bring your thread thru the hook that's for hanging the bananas. It works quite well.
  6. It's my favorite batting. I use it all the time and haven't had any trouble. I think the problem you are having may be caused by the Kona.
  7. Waterworld by Jodi Beamish (Willow Leaf Studio Designs) is great. I've used it a lot and everyone seems to like it. bj
  8. You are a Saint!! I would have to tell her that I wasn't a good choice to do her quilting. Her quilts are beyond my scope of work. Good Luck.
  9. Thanks Myrna. I have a cover but it was loose one day so I took it off and hadn't bothered to put it back on. Stupid me. It's on there now. bj
  10. Dawn: Thanks for the velcro idea. I put mine back on with double stick tape but as soon as it starts to let loose I will go with velcro. I feel like I picked a whole cone full of thread out today - about 3 1/2 hours worth. UGH!! bj
  11. I hate to admit it but I do have a cover. I took it off a while ago because it was loose. Guess what - It's back on now.
  12. Whatever you do, don't let your thread get sucked up into the fly wheel. Ask me how I know? Can you tell I've had a miserable morning!
  13. Instead of finding block patterns that relate to their professions maybe she could try finding fabric that is relevant.
  14. No more Rowenta's for me. I'm was on my third Steam Generator and it went out after 7 months. It was still under warranty (I made sure I saved my receipt this time) so I sent it to their designated repair center. After waiting almost 30 days they sent an iron back to me that I knew wasn't mine. It was filthy. The tank had grime on it and the cord had grease on it. Rowenta had me return it to their headquarters and promised me a "brand new" replacement. It took forever to get it and the only reason I finally got it was that I reported them to the Better Business Bureau. It was extremely irritating. This all happened between Thanksgiving and New Years when I was really busy.
  15. I've been wondering how you're doing. I'm going through some changes as well. Good luck to you! bj
  16. I use a 4.5 needle regardless of the type of fabric whenever I use Lava thread. It seems to work like a charm. On the bottom of the spool it says to use a 4.5. I better keep my fingers crossed since I've had such great luck so far. bj
  17. I hope you get your package soon. I wonder if it may be lost in the mail and they are having trouble tracking it. A reply would be nice though. bj
  18. Sandra: I received mine in two days. The contact information that I have is or 408-380-1444. Good luck. bj P.S. They are beautiful and worth the wait.
  19. It may be that you have the quilt to tight between the rollers. Try to loosen it. bj
  20. Thanks to all for your help. bj
  21. Thanks Bobbi. I'm up and running again but it still doesn't seem right. bj
  22. Has anyone experienced a problem with the needle up/down going down very slow and stopping part way down and never coming up? I have to turn the machine off and manually bring the needle back up. I got some thread wrapped around inside the fly wheel area but have cleaned that out. Any suggestions to solve my problem would be appreaciated so I can get back to quilting. bj