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  1. I never had problems with the Frixxion pens coming back after the first wash... but yes, they return when just a hair dryer was used to remove them (tried this on a pair of jeans and was surprised when the red came back). As far as I can tell, the pencil markings stay pretty much invisible after yoou have ironed them away. They might appear in a light grey, but barely visible. About wether to iron the quilt or not... I think this depends on the batting that you used... I would never iron polyester batting, but I don't see a problem with cotton batting - but still: I would suggest to wash the quilt. (by the way: keep on using the Frixxion pens... they are great... but make sure that the quilts are going to be washed soonish...)
  2. Wow - such a great way to quilt these "ruffles" out... from the first picture I thought it was just ruffles... how could a piecer not see this? I have no idea... But you gave me a great idea what to do when I get my first quilt with such borders... just a wonderful idea to hide all the little "pleats" unter a small stippling. Love it! And: I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you will get loads of new customers after having quiltied this big thing for free!
  3. I was faced with exactly the same problem when I thought about buying a machine. Since the Millennium is a lot heavier than the Freedom is, and straight lines are not that much of a problem with Bliss, I bought a Freedom. There are multiple other ways how you can check wether your seams are straight or not, so why would you really need the channel locks that can be controlles from the handles? You probably won't need them that often, but you would have to move around all this weight all the time (which definitely makes a difference - even with Bliss - but that's just my humble opinion...) ...and if you save some weight now, you can add some weight when installing Quilt Path later on
  4. New here, new APQS Freedom owner - would love to get in touch with other longarmers all over the world!