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  1. If you have a good strong could try running that over the quilt where the needle might find the needle bit if it is still in the quilt....
  2. pretty and flowers sure pop! I have a lap sized raw edged quilt I have been putting off doing wondering if I can do it on my is one of McKenna Ryan's. Anyone done one of hers on a long arm? Lin
  3. NO shame in deciding you are not interested in longarming …..I feel the same way fact...if there was a tech were I live willing to come to my house and do the maintenance on it....I would sure pay the price....but....that being said....I do try and problem solve any issues and have talked with some sales reps and the tech support.....once when my machine was idle for months.....It was making noise....but the wicks were still wet.....I decided to put 1-2 drops on each wick everyday until I was getting some oil coming down the needle....the noise quieted down....I also let it run 5-10 minutes on manual at a slower speed before using it...also seemed to help it run smoother and I have had her now for a several years, I am think maybe I need to repack the gear box with could also give APQS a call....Lin
  4. Have you tried changing your needle? Is it the right size? bobbin in the right way?
  5. Hi, Instead of a batting bar....I took an old queen sized top sheet folded in half lengthwise, attached some selvage edge trimmings to the four corners and tied to the legs of my frame....I cut my batting to size before loading....I simply fan-fold the batting and put it in the sheet sling and pull the batting up between the two front bars after the backing and top is for me....I store my batting up in the attic as my Lucey is in the basement. to cut my batting to size I used two dining room chairs with slat backs to suspend a shower curtain rod. (sort of like a very large roll of toilet paper)...used a piece of scrap wood trim as a straight edge and a chalk marker to make a straight line to cut on after measuring out the length of batting I need....yep..a bit of stair climbing but I just quilt for myself and it works....
  6. HI all, I actually wish they would have a category for "new quilters and utility quilts". When I would go to a show, I would feel so in awe of the quilts and quilting that was being done, that I thought I could never, ever, be considered a "real quilter". Now in my old age.....I have come to terms that what I am is a "utility quilt" quilter......I love making simple quilts, that have a minimum of quilting so they stay soft and cuddly, that folks can throw on the floor, pick up, throw in the washing machine and dryer and wrap up in.....I don't have the patience and talent to make a work of art.....but I still make quilts of "value". My brother and sister-in-law recently told me that the two flannel throw quilts I made for them had a major problem.....they were going to watch a movie and got comfortable and covered up with the quilts....yeppers….they ended up falling asleep about 30 minutes into the movie....tee hee…..
  7. Hi Gail, Sorry you are having just seems that basting just in one direction and that far apart would not be enough.....I think you need to baste more....and in more it seems that if you just go in one direction.....that the fabric could still slide as you increase the tension on it by doing your close quilting....sort of like it would if you put a basting line on a skirt you wanted to gather.....folks also use pins to stabilize as they go....I really haven't done a lot of work that requires a lot of basting....just learning stuff from reading this could try doing a search on this site for basting or stabilizing good luck...Lin
  8. Hi Would you sell quilt path separately? I already have Lucey....if so how much for them separately?
  9. HI, I don't know much.....but I also have problems on my Lucey when going in a straight line from right to left....I think it has something to do with the spin of the bobbin....can't be I just move back to the left and go left to right while doing the straight line quilting....some folks have said that turning the hole to 6:35 instead of the 6:30 position can sometimes help....I am not that good at getting my needle in straight as it is....also as it is shredding...maybe a bit larger needle might help...I dunno for sure...lin
  10. HI, Lots to think about...what about machines? will people at a resort have access to one? how about cutting tools, thread, mats, irons? are they thinking of more like a demo? maybe hand would be easier to provide or have on hand....are these people actually quilters and sewers good to have an idea of just who the resort is advertising too and the experience of the audience expected....I taught a bunch of beginners....and yeah....I would keep it very simple if the participants do not have much experience...even just a simply table topper made of squares...lots for beginners to to prepare to use a rotary cutter and cutting to get 1/4 inch seams, how to press, how to sandwich the topper and quilt it....binding...oh my...that is several hours for total beginners....Lin
  11. Agree.....I have been quiet as I have been undergoing chemo and surgery for pancreatic cancer. Keeping my fingers crossed as my last scan did not show any cancer and when they did the surgery the margins were clear and no lymph nodes involved...but pancreatic is a tough one...and my odds are somewhere around 1 in 5.....but I did manage to complete my 6 flimsies' I had ready when I got my diagnosis and I pieced 7 more lap sized flannel quilts out of my flannel scraps and got them quilted and given to family....I do have a Lucey concern....when moving across the quilt and coming towards me. My Lucey sometimes whines and is a louder higher pitched sound and then goes back to normal when I move away....I have only done about 48 quilts on her but she was a demo.....and she also vibrates a bit until she warms up.....any thoughts? Stitching is fine.....
  12. Pamela, I think you can use the same pantos that you always use. I don't have IQ so I don't know how the set-up might impact the space you have......but ever since I have gotten Lucey...I really have enjoyed have the same quilting area at the end of a large quilt (even kingsized) as I did at the beginning....I used to have a midarm machine on a inspira did not have the second bar on the take-up side like the APQS frame has....when I started to quilt, I had about 9 inches to work in......and at the end of a large quilt, it was down to about 3 inches....but on stays the same.....maybe I am not understand your question.....I have had a bit of trouble with the weight of the quilt on the take-up bar causing the brakes to slip and then I have had to tightened the brake screw.....but I never have had a large quilt take up so much room on the take bar that it took up actual quilting space..... Lin
  13. HI all…. Just found out a new dealer is getting her Bernina's in today! Yeah! I am so happy!. Visited the store yesterday and the two ladies were so friendly and helpful....looking forward to visiting their store I don't have to travel 150 miles one way to a Bernina dealer.....Lin
  14. Just realize, I loaded a dark homespun quilt (looser weave) on the frame yesterday and am planning on using a quilter's dream poly batt on it...hoping I don't have a bearding problem...will let you all know if I do....Lin
  15. thanks for the information.....I haven't had too much problem with bearding...….I did purchase a couple of black batting but I think it was cotton? I planned on using them when making dark quilts....I don't know if wool batting has that option...….Lin