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  1. Pamela, I think you can use the same pantos that you always use. I don't have IQ so I don't know how the set-up might impact the space you have......but ever since I have gotten Lucey...I really have enjoyed have the same quilting area at the end of a large quilt (even kingsized) as I did at the beginning....I used to have a midarm machine on a inspira did not have the second bar on the take-up side like the APQS frame has....when I started to quilt, I had about 9 inches to work in......and at the end of a large quilt, it was down to about 3 inches....but on stays the same.....maybe I am not understand your question.....I have had a bit of trouble with the weight of the quilt on the take-up bar causing the brakes to slip and then I have had to tightened the brake screw.....but I never have had a large quilt take up so much room on the take bar that it took up actual quilting space..... Lin
  2. sewingpup

    Bernina 790 plus opinions

    HI all…. Just found out a new dealer is getting her Bernina's in today! Yeah! I am so happy!. Visited the store yesterday and the two ladies were so friendly and helpful....looking forward to visiting their store I don't have to travel 150 miles one way to a Bernina dealer.....Lin
  3. Just realize, I loaded a dark homespun quilt (looser weave) on the frame yesterday and am planning on using a quilter's dream poly batt on it...hoping I don't have a bearding problem...will let you all know if I do....Lin
  4. thanks for the information.....I haven't had too much problem with bearding...….I did purchase a couple of black batting but I think it was cotton? I planned on using them when making dark quilts....I don't know if wool batting has that option...….Lin
  5. sewingpup

    Bernina 790 plus opinions

    Bonnie, Glad you are enjoying it! I really am sad that we don't have a local dealer would be about a 2-3 hour drive for me one way to the nearest convenient...I will keep on stitching on my 630 until she goes down...good thing I have a Lucey also for the quilting!!!!!!
  6. sewingpup

    Bernina 790 plus opinions

    HI Bonnie, I don't have a 790....but have a Bernina 630....never got the embroidery arm for it. but did get and use the stitch regulator.....I have had this Bernina for quite a while and have used it mainly for piecing and I love using it for that....I was thinking about getting a newer one...but our Berina Dealer left the area and another one has not come....I would definitely consider Bernina as a potential new purchase. I would however, check out this potential machine...these machines have a lot of computer cards and finding a good service person for them would be important. Is this a pre-owned machine? has it been recently serviced? I would check things out..they are pricey...Bernina's can cost as much or more than a long-arm.....but I think are harder to service than our longarms….Lin
  7. sewingpup

    Horizontal Wrapping

    ?...are you talking about a computer program? If so what one do you have....???? I don't understand what you are asking about....if you give a bit more info...perhaps someone could help...Lin
  8. Hi...there used to be a u-tube video on this...maybe google "red snappers" and see if it comes up....Lin
  9. sewingpup

    Thread/Bobbin question

    Thanks Jim!!! I never thought to keep the bobbins in the same place as the bobbin case.....I have tried different methods...but usually end up with the bobbins mixed up and have to try and figure out what is one each bobbin......
  10. sewingpup

    Thread/Bobbin question

    I am up North by the Big Lake (superior)...and yeppers it has been hot up here for us northerners.....I have one of those plastic multi-drawer clear boxes.....I just put one bobbin case in a drawer and slip a piece of paper into the drawer as to what it is adjusted probably could be a lot fancier.....but I didn't want to figure out how at actually mark the bobbin case itself...and this works fine for me as I just return the current bobbin case to it's little cubby hole and put the other one in...I have been thinking about actually marking the drawers with a bit of tape...but haven't gotten "round" to it.....oh...and I am an advocate for finding a top thread/bobbin thread combo you like....and sticking to it for a while so you can practice and do all the other wonderful things with our machines and not have to continuously mess with bobbin and tension adjustments....using different threads can come later....have fun! Lin
  11. sewingpup

    Thread/Bobbin question

    HI, yep I use Omni is a good thread for a newbie......when I first got my Lucey, I wound my own bobbins and as I was using Omni on top....I used OMNI in the bobbin too....don't do that get more thread on the bobbin if you use so fine or bottomline….I usually use so fine and I now often also use the SoFine in the top thread as well.....I did buy a few extra bobbin cases and have adjusted them to each of the bobbin threads I I don't have to mess much with tension adjustments in the bobbin case....I also have tried some of the prewounds...both from superior and filtec...have fun!
  12. sewingpup

    Can't get tension adjusted

    ummm...still thinking.....have you taken out your manual....and followed the threading instructions? interestingly that is what I have done a few times when I was having tension problems although I was positive that I had threaded it time....the first thread guide over the cone of thread was out of whack, another time...for some reason, the thread was looped in a strange manner in the three holed thread idea of how that happened, oh and sometimes, near the front of the machine....the thread has come out of one of the hook I always check to see if the spring in the tension assembly actually moves when I pull on the needle thread....that has been the problem a few it seems that somehow...the top tension is too tight maybe check each place the thread goes through to see where there might be too much tension....I can't think of why the bobbin thread would be too loose if the bobbin case and bobbin are new......
  13. sewingpup

    Can't get tension adjusted

    Hj, Not an expert...what kind of bobbins are you using? Do you wind them yourself? are you using the magnetic ones? maybe if you are using the magnetic ones...they got their magnetism messed up? I was having problems with my tension....turns little spring in the bobbin case had sprung...but you said you put in a new bobbin case probably not the problem...hope you figure it out and if you do...please let us know....Sorry to hear about your son.....Lin
  14. sewingpup

    Brand new Lucey owner!

    ummm….did you try calling APQS? They are very helpful!!!!
  15. I too had a 10 foot table...and it was limiting...I had problems with a couple of quilts.....I love my 12 foot table....if I had too chose between a fabric advance and a 12 foot table...I would pick the 12 foot table.....with Millie's 26 inch do not have to advance the quilt all that much.....I have my 26 inch lucey set up in a 16 foot by 10.5 foot...and there is not much extra space....I forgot to account for the space taken up by an oil I guess I have about 14 feet...I use one end to get behind lucey….and I can use both sides...not much space but doable...I actually keep very little in the room....spare needles, tools, bobbin winder...air compressor….rulers...I keep all but the thread I am working with upstairs where my sewing room is easy to select the thread up there and bring just what I need downstairs....I do have a six foot table set up in the basement outside this room...and I use that for cutting my backing to size and for trimming the quilt...I have an extra ruler and rotary cutter to keep down there so I don't have to climb stairs to get them....batting is actually kept up in the attic...yep....but I have rigged a batting cutting station by placing an unused shower curtain rod between two ladder backed chairs....I put the batting role on it like a roll of toilet paper...I use my 120 tape measure to measure out the length I need being careful to not stretch it and usually add a few more inches for good measure.....then I take a wooden strip I have and place it against one of the chairback supports and use my chalk marker to mark the cutting line....simply...and it works...If I have a couple of quilts I am gong to be doing with the same batting...I cut them at the same time...I do have a couple of kinds of batting on a roll and it is easy to change them out...I really like using batting on a roll as it is much easier to work without all the folds and stretched parts...oh...I found two very small tables at thrift shops for about $7 a piece to keep the bobbin winder, ect on....