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  1. I too had a 10 foot table...and it was limiting...I had problems with a couple of quilts.....I love my 12 foot table....if I had too chose between a fabric advance and a 12 foot table...I would pick the 12 foot table.....with Millie's 26 inch do not have to advance the quilt all that much.....I have my 26 inch lucey set up in a 16 foot by 10.5 foot...and there is not much extra space....I forgot to account for the space taken up by an oil I guess I have about 14 feet...I use one end to get behind lucey….and I can use both sides...not much space but doable...I actually keep very little in the room....spare needles, tools, bobbin winder...air compressor….rulers...I keep all but the thread I am working with upstairs where my sewing room is easy to select the thread up there and bring just what I need downstairs....I do have a six foot table set up in the basement outside this room...and I use that for cutting my backing to size and for trimming the quilt...I have an extra ruler and rotary cutter to keep down there so I don't have to climb stairs to get them....batting is actually kept up in the attic...yep....but I have rigged a batting cutting station by placing an unused shower curtain rod between two ladder backed chairs....I put the batting role on it like a roll of toilet paper...I use my 120 tape measure to measure out the length I need being careful to not stretch it and usually add a few more inches for good measure.....then I take a wooden strip I have and place it against one of the chairback supports and use my chalk marker to mark the cutting line....simply...and it works...If I have a couple of quilts I am gong to be doing with the same batting...I cut them at the same time...I do have a couple of kinds of batting on a roll and it is easy to change them out...I really like using batting on a roll as it is much easier to work without all the folds and stretched parts...oh...I found two very small tables at thrift shops for about $7 a piece to keep the bobbin winder, ect on....
  2. sewingpup

    Millenium was in storage

    I think I would call APQS and speak with one of the techs.....I think I remember a while back...some thing about taking off the side of the machine and looking at the wicks to make sure they were where they are supposed to be and possible oiling the wicks from the inside.....I think it was because they could have been really dryed out and oiling from the top outside might not get the oil to where it needs to be....but it is a vague memory from a while back and I don't want to give you bad advice....the APQS techs could do better and there are some dealers in could use the APQS website to locate your closest dealer and also to find out if they have a tech....Lin
  3. sewingpup

    APQS Lenni New 2018

    Battynurse, You have a lot of unknowns there.....trying to sell your current home...trying to find a new place....traveling for your job....ummmm….they tell me not to rush into decisions when facing could just keep it set up for now until your house sells? In between could still use it....wait and see where you are going to be may have room....or you could maybe get a shorter table set you say you like your machine....I would hate to see you have to give it up.....and if you are moving ….if you have other stuff could move it then....I dunno….I think I would wait on selling it until I know a bit more about your you have job in California? Do you have family and friends in California? maybe one of them has a huge room you could rent for Lenni?
  4. sewingpup

    Base extender drag

    Hi, There are some rulers and templates out their that have a bit of "sticky" treatment on them to help the template/ruler stay put with lighter might try something like that also.....some people use them upside down to make the template/ruler stick to their hands/fingers a bit...whatever works!!!!
  5. Hi, I am an amateur...and I don't do show quilts....just bed quilts that are I usually do is use my down/up button to make the tiny stitches at the many sort of depends on the thread I am using.....I usually use "so fine"...and I think I usually put in 6-8 stitches which may be excessive....with a slippery many need more stitches...I sometimes do a few back stitches to looking at the back of the quilt.....I have a mirror that I use....and a flashlight that has a big flat surface....that way...I can check the back without have to crawl under the table...which if I did....I don't think I would be able to out from underneath the table!!!! Lin
  6. sewingpup

    Long arm sewing machine

    Hi, Some of the dealers offer long arm classes and some also offer rental time on one of their machines....I would do a search of a few lessons and times....and plan a vacation around that if there are none in your immediate area...…If you ever had thoughts of visiting Duluth Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior (yes...the snow and ice have finally left....but there are also ski places during the winter) McTavish Studio offers both classes and rental time...and there are plenty of summertime activities to enjoy....ok...I have lived in Northern Minnesota most of my is not for the weak of heart or spirit during the long winter (unless you thrive on snow activities or indoor qulting)...but for the most part wonderful during the short spring, short summer, and short fall (my favorite)...
  7. Hi Lora, ummm….I would say go for a new Millie! Now.....I would really think about just a regular 26 inch Millie or the 30 inch.....What size is your current machine?....a 12 foot table is wonderful for old midarm was on a 10 foot...and yep...that was limiting....I have yet to do a quilt on my 12 foot one where I needed more is wonderful....I am 5' 4 "....and a 30 inch neck would be a waste for me....I have enough of a stretch reaching the full space of my 26 inch....again....if you can....try both the 30 inch and 26 inch before deciding......Lin
  8. Hi Lora, are you going to be quilting for just yourself...or are you planning on quilting for others for profit? My understanding that the Millie 30 is great for doing computerized edge to edge.....but unless you have really long arms....some of the that huge space would must likely not be used when you are doing custom or free motion.....on my 26 inch Lucey, I sometimes don't even advance all the way as I find that furthest 4-5 inches a stretch to reach if doing ruler work or finer quilting.....If you can....I would try out the 30 and see if you like it before jumping to that one......Lin
  9. Thanks everyone...….I will surely follow up on this devise......I have a new quilter who is learning on my machine....she is the daughter of one of my dearest friends....Lin
  10. Hi all....just wondering how all of you replace your needle, making sure the needle is in the right position....I have heard use a thin pin or a sliver of business card through the needle hole to make sure it is in the right any of you have other tricks to do this? Thanks....Lin
  11. sewingpup

    What is your style?

    Hi, I agree to go slow with the "extra's and gadgets......I would get the ruler base....I don't use it all that often...but I do occasional to do things like "stitch in the ditch".....I also got the extra feet packet...and I have found that a nice addition......I did buy red snappers a few years ago...but have yet to use them.....ummmm......pinning is faster than making the channels for the red snappers....and I actually don't mind the pinning....yep...investing in those corsage pins is a good idea as they are a bit longer and stronger than the regular long pins......I also got a magnetic pin just sits on my leader bars so getting the pins is not a hassle. I also got duplicate rulers, rotatory cutters, scissors ...etc as my Lucey and big cutting table is downstairs and the sewing area is upstairs....saves time....and I also made a batting cradle out of an old sheet and selvage edge strips....just pinned the selvage edges to the four corners of a folded in half sheet, tied them to the legs of the frame....then I can throw my batting in there to keep it off the floor. I got a mirror to check the bottom of the quilt for good stitches and a really cool flashlight that has a flat square light about 4inches by four inches that I can use to see better under the quilt....oh..I have one of those little plastic boxes that has little drawers that slide out to keep extras in like bobbin cases (you may want to get a few extras of those....I adjust them to the threads I use most often so I don't have to fiddle much with bobbin tension....just change the bobbin case to match the bobbin thread I am using....and I got one of those hex wrench sets with the size that I can use to tighten the brake screws with as it has a bigger handle than the one that came with my machine....Oh, and don't forget the box of Band-Aids....seems I like to stitch my fingers.......Lin
  12. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts.....I do appreciate them. The chemo port goes in on Monday, a PET scan on Friday, and chemo is scheduled to begin the following Tuesday. Still a bit confused about everything.....the appts and scans have been crazy....I guess they are still gathering info...supposed to be getting more info on all of this next week....Lin
  13. HI, I have been to one.....the quilter who passed away did a lot of business at a local quilt shop who happened to have a good sized "clubhouse" used for classes......they measured and folded just about everything except large bolts....I can not remember what fat quarters were priced at....but yardage was priced basically at $2, $3 and $4 per yard. Most quilt shop fabric of fairly good quality but a lot was more of older material. they did group it by size of fabric...fat quarters in boxes or baskets so you could easily sort through it. Most threads were bundled by type. The only measuring and cutting that was done was of the bolts of fabric.....if you get a good will be crowded and you would need a dedicated measuring and cutting person if she had bolts....Just try and organize everything by type I think....thread with thread, rulers and cutters, might want to look at etsy or craig's list and do a search for "fabric" to see what fabric is being sold for....also check with the guilds to see if they know the pricing of materials around you. Hope this helps. I may be needed to think about this for myself soon as I have just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.....Lin
  14. sewingpup

    Should I own a longarm quilting machine?

    HI, congratulations on your new Freddie......glad you are liking it.......I got a Lucey a few years back and I have an L the time I got mine, the APQS machines were just starting to offer the M bobbin.....I decided to stay with the L bobbin because some folks thought you had fewer tension problems with the L bobbin....I think folks now don't seem to worry as much about that.....I do have to say...that I like using thread that is thinner like "so fine" or "bottom line" as you can wind more on a really doesn't take that long to reload a bobbin and I usually wind several before I start......pre-wounds hold even more thread and lots of folks like to use them too......Lin
  15. sewingpup

    Quilting help for a newbie

    Hi, I would try loosening the quilt sandwich a bit.....I do believe you want it so all three layers are flat....but you can still see the base of the machine moving ...kinda of like a little mole crawling under there....I usually like it so the top of the quilt looks flat.....but not snug so there is little stretch on the actual fabric...there are some tips on this board and on the APQS website....I would look under "loading the quilt"...for ideas on how snug you want usually...more experts will probably chime in....Lin