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  1. Sending prayers your way. Never forget that the Love of God Enfolds you Always.
  2. I have been trying to post a photo in the Personal photo spot in the profile section. I have reduced the photo step by step from 100% to 50%, 40% etc all the way down to 5% and the page still says that it is too large!! Can't figure out what you want. Can you make it easier?
  3. I use the "Super Bobs" pre-wound bobbins from Superior Threads 90% of the time. I do wind a few of my own on the metal bobbins but I have had excellent results with the pre-wounds and they hold more thread than I can get on the ones I wind myself.
  4. I have used a lot of Superior Thread's "So Fine' with great results. I recommend them. I also use the Superior "Super Bobs' pre-wound bobbins about 90% of the time. In addition to Superior Thread I also use a lot of thread from Metro (http://www.metroemb.com/store/). I bought a case of mixed colors which is shiny and is nice when you want the quilting to show. It works well in my machine.
  5. I had an odd experience at the MQX on Friday. I wanted to ask the person at the APQS booth about some things related to the millie. She was far less than friendly. As she was demonstrating the machine to a lady she emphasized that she Never used the stitch regulator and I noticed that each time I was in that area it appeared that she never demonstrated the stitch regulator when showing the millie. When I was looking to purchase my machine having the stitch regulator was a BIG factor. With another person she was rude and did not seem to know how to correct a problem with the Millie. If I had a
  6. It was an enriching experience to meet Sue from California and the Ladies from Dayton. Thanks to all of you for making it a Fun and Educational evening for Bev and me. I am looking forward to finding someplace where I can see the Floriani software in use. Hope each of you had safe and enjoyable trips home. I too, hope that they work out a way for us to post photos without having to go to other websites first. We benefit a great deal from seeing what others have accomplished and that really enhances the value of this site - however - having to go to another site to post the photos there fir
  7. Funtastic ! I think your husband is right about the gym membership. Don't forget to take care of your own needs.
  8. Machine embroidered Sun Bonnet Sue and Sam plus Shamrock items in white.
  9. Whoa, That is STUNNING ! How blessed you are.
  10. Bekah, You do Really Wonderful work. It shows that it comes from the heart.
  11. Adding Bekah and her family to my prayer list. It helps me when I have a name of the person I pray for and really helps when I have a picture of them in a healthy state. Keep focused on what she was like before the problem and how healthy you want her to be.
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