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  1. I ordered a Lucey as well. How long did it take from the time of payment till delivery? Can you tell that I am anxious?
  2. Making continuous bias binding seems to be more time consuming, this is why I wasn't sure what to charge. I too charge .25 for straight of grain binding, made and sewn to quilt. Donna
  3. For the first time, I was asked to make and sew bias binding to a round quilt. I am at a lose as to how much to charge. I know that some quilters around my area charge $20.00 an hour, but this lady would be very upset with what would be charged! She did not ask what I would charge, she just wanted me to do it. Thanks, Donna
  4. I do the same as you, Caroline, but have been having pokie issues the last several quilts. Donna
  5. Stitches


    How many IQ owners do more custom quilting vs. E2E?
  6. It amazes me that each quilt (good quality fabric), 80/20 batting used and I always So Fine thread with pre wound bobbins, that the tension seems to need adjusting. The last quilt, I had beautiful stitches and the next quilt that I am quilting now, I have sections of "flat" stitches then great stitches for about an inch. What is with this?? Any suggestions on how to fix "flat" stitching on the bottom side?
  7. Yes, sorry, as in double knit. I had sewn with double knits years ago and a ball point needle was suggested. I didn't know if there were needle issue with quilting as well. Donna
  8. I have a possibility of a polyester quilt coming. I have never quilted with this fabric. Does this fabric need to be treated differently than cotton quilts? Donna
  9. I changed So Fine thread top and bottom and a new needle. The quilts are quilt shop fabric with 80/20 batting in both. This is what confused me that the stitching had changed. I will add that this is not the first time that I had this happen. I will check the bobbin case. I hope that it is this simple to solve. With IQ, do you set tend to set the top tension loose? Thanks for your help, Debbie! Donna
  10. I have IQ on my Ultimate I and have issues with the bottom tension from quilt to quilt. I just took off a quilt that looked great and loaded another quilt to find the thread on the bottom was just laying there. I have been told that once the tension is set, it doesn't need to be tweaked. Any suggestions? Donna
  11. Any ideas of where I can find a simple tractore design for a clients T Shirt quilt?
  12. I have not used mettalic thread on the longarm to date, but I have a request to do so. Is there a brand that you prefer? She wants a heavier thread used so that it shows up well. Also, are there any hints in using this thread? Donna
  13. I have a customer that wants metallic thread used in her quilt. She wants it to show, not just glisten. I have not used this thread before. Any suggestions as to what thread to choose and hints in using it would be appreciated. Donna
  14. My Red E Edges just arrived. My "silly" question, the fabric goes into the section with the cord, correct? If this is so, I may need the jaws of life to get the job done! lol Donna
  15. Is there a way to square up leaders? Donna