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  1. Well ladies....I JUST finished my bargello quilt! Wow what a job! I started it on my brother machine by free motion then in the middle I was a able to purchase a mid arm quilting machine and rack which made the job much easier! Someday I will own an APQS machine! I had a few wrinkles in the backer but nothing ridiculous. I did a few projects in between including getting my hand stitched grandmother's flower quilt ready for hand quilting. I had to break up the feather boredom on this one....
  2. Thank you WW. I got a few quotes to do it from APQS owners but they are out of my budget. I am saving my money to buy my own long arm so.....
  3. http://i49.tinypic.com/2vtnx4m.jpg[/img] http://i46.tinypic.com/oa8ap5.jpg[/img] http://i46.tinypic.com/2d0w7s.jpg[/img] Sorry I always have trouble posting my pics - keep in mind I am doing this queen sized bedspread on a tiny little brother machine. Someday I will own a long arm from APQS- someday!
  4. I had to build up some confidence before I could begin quilting this quilt. Nervous!!!! First feather is in! Still scared that I will mess up all my hard work but I am going to plow ahead and keep rolling. The blue is of course the chalk I used to lay out the feather on the front. Critique from all of you pros out there is more than welcome! see post below for pictures
  5. Well after a couple of weeks off doing some hand quilting, I am now getting ready to start making this quilt. I will PDF all the instructions and templates for the quilt as I go. When they are done I will email everyone the pattern instructions and the background information on the quilt. My friend has approached our local DVIS and Family Safety Center and they will welcome the quilt as an auction item....I am so happy for this little joyous bit of news as she is continuing to go through the media circus surrounding this tragedy. The young girl who killed her son is now awaiting sentencing. Jeanne and I have thought that maybe the funds could be used to set up "Josh's Ride" - a program that would provide free taxi rides to local Family Safety Centers for victims.
  6. I think I would do a freehand swirl around the border.......
  7. Thank you Cblevins! We appreciate the support.
  8. Thank you ladies for your input. As I finalize the design, I will post pictures.
  9. That particular circle is from the logo from NoMore.org..... they are the national organization to stop domestic violence and sexual assault
  10. The organization NoMore.org has a symbol which is the center of the design...to have 0 domestic violence. The real problem is that male domestic violence is hardly ever talked about....I could find not a single shelter in Oklahoma geared towards male domestic violence....so with that being said: We see the quilt as being a stepping stone to bring awareness to the issue - not just here but everywhere...we want it to be useful to the purchaser so not artsy but functional. The raw edge circles signify a couple of things to me...first being a goal of No More domestic violence....secondly to show that it's often a circle of violence always coming back to the beginning and then starting over. The borders between the individual circle blocks show that there are boundaries that need to met in all relationships including respect...and last but not least (I think the most important part) is the fact that all teh circle blocks have no outside boundary because domestic violence has no boundaries in our society - it affects everyone : rich, poor, male female, with children and without. The male prints would help us associate it with bringing awarenes to the male victims of domestic violence and Josh's story.
  11. Ladies and Gents, One of my friends lost her son two years ago to Domestic Violence. His wife murdered him and was just recently convicted of the crime. My friend has made the commitment to bring awareness to the "genderless" domestic violence issue to honor her son Joshua Hilberling. I want to help by designing a quilt and producing it (with her help - she's my quilting student) so it can be auctioned off by our local intervention agency to help raise awareness to Male victims of this social crime. If I put together a pattern sheet....how many of you quilters out there would be interested in making one in your own communities and donating it to your local intervention agency for the same purpose? It would be made of masculine fabrics....something very simple to make too! Here is my first thought on the design....I really need to get a quilt design software package!
  12. absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful from design to colors to quilting....I am envious!
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