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  1. I love machines. One might say they are a bit of an addiction! Almost all of my machines are pre-loved and from either yard sales or 2nd hand shops. (I bring them home, clean, oil and stitch them in... and dh says, "That will keep you occupied for the weekend!") (People have actually left machines on my patio....) They are all wonderful! They all have their little quirks and personalities! I want to save them all!... unfortunately, I'm running out of floor space! I have a Bernina 1530 for my stay at home, best machine. It doesn't go anywhere, b/c I'm afraid of jostling the machine and messing up the computer bits. (It's probably made of stronger stuff, but I am just unwilling to take a chance with it, after a qgf had her machine in her car, slammed on the brakes and it went tumbling! yeek!) Seat belts! The runner up is the Bernina 1001..it's a mechanical machine, and a real work horse...that machine sews through anything I've thrown at it without hesitation. LOVE! Just have a JA's roller bag for it. It's a mid-weight model, has a built-in handle to make it easier to lift in and out of the tote. It goes to retreats and sewing night on a regular basis. It's only drawback, the silly thing does not have a button-hole stitch which I could really use for machine applique. 'ninas can be pricey. (just looked: The new model of this one is the 1008, their website lists it at ...whew...1699!) I got the 1001 at an estate sale. (I just weighed it...21 lbs) While dh (dear hubby) got me the 1530 which is set up in the sewing room and I use it all the time; the 1001 is really my go-to travelling machine. I don't ever worry that there's something I will need to do but won't be able to sew, because there's always some cute thing, like a new bag or wallet pattern or something someone will bring to retreat...! Also have an old green Bernina Record...that thing EATS denim and canvas like it's butter. I've replaced Carhardtt jacket zippers, but, it's chunky, not exactly easy to move about. Found a portable, folding sewing machine table at a parking lot sale, and... It FITS! Green beastie is going to be set up in this table soon to re-do camper seat covers, and I have no doubt it will chug through them with no hesitation. My DM (dear mom) just blessed me with her best friend's Featherweight. I have given it a spa treatment (thanks to the Singer Featherweight Shop tune-up kit..what a kit! Comes with all kinds of great stuff to give your FW some tlc! (Not affiliated, but really impressed with kit and service! Be sure to read their article on FW grease comparisons.) I'm in the process of fixing the case; it was badly damaged. As in, the bottom fell off! There are a ton of patterns now, for totes that wrap the cases! fun! There are a lot of places that have FW's that are more reasonable now, the prices used to be wild. Singer has a ton of little electric machines...they're really indestructible. Oh, and not to forget, there's the little Singer Genie...so MOD! I also love a little Kenmore Rose...it's a green, light weight portable and has a case that has roses embossed on the outside. If you can find one, they are light weight, more wallet-friendly than a Featherweight, and has a zig-zag. 15 lbs, self-contained accessory tray, etc. Older Kenmore straight-stitch/ziz-zag machines...those are not light, but worth their weight in gold. I have a blue one that isn't easy to lug around, but it sure sews great. Pfaff...they have a couple of lighter weight portables... the Grasshopper, of course, but not to overlook the Supermatic, which does a lot of different stitches with cams. Elna 1010 that is a great little portable machine. I have sewn quilting fabric on it, but haven't done anything like jeans mending or a big bag on it yet. It has lots of stitches. I was going to re-home it, but discovered that it has all these little snap-on feet, and friend gave me a 1/4 circle piecing foot and it fits this baby, so ....now I have to keep her! lol! Oh, that foot is great, btw, if anyone is doing a drunkard's path or anything that has a circle shape...NO pinning! (Curve Master) Too many machines, so little sewing time! (omg...no, I haven't actually counted lately...?!) Maybe we should start a pool? lol! sammi
  2. Those are great bags! Wow. I think you should make a tutorial and a pattern and market them. I *LOVE* anything 'technique-y' and if you've come up with something new or a new spin on an old idea, there are lots of sites where you can sell patterns and make yourself a little 'egg money'. s
  3. Does anyone have any good links for old embroidery? ie, techniques, patterns or manufacturers? I'm mining for instructions/color charts for some vintage tablecloths and items that my mom and I are finishing. We're cross-referencing the original color charts with new embroidery flosses, etc. A couple of them are from 1941, Tobin, Sporn, & Glaser, Inc. So I'm googling away.... I hit a yard sale where they had a whole bunch of these projects, brand new, some still with the labels on them, lots of tablecloths, some with matching napkins, pillow cases, dresser scarves and things like that, and a lot of them are linen. I'm also mining for vintage crochet edgings for same. She's finished several. Most of the time, we just pick floss colors that we like. (See, who says that degree in Fine Art doesn't do you any good!?!) lol! Lots of floral designs and roses... one would be really pretty in fall colors. It would be interesting to see what the original intention was for the design. Two tablecloths have grapes/vines...I'm trying to finish one that my MIL gave me...I'm not sure if she started it, or if her mom started it. I'm working on one that has morning glories all around it. Any input will be greatly appreciated! If I find any eye candy, I'll be sure to share! Oh, also 'rescued' some abandoned, hand-embroidered, cross stitch quilt blocks...the white ones with an intersecting, pre-stamped design on them... oye...realized when trying to stitch the blocks together that the design isn't centered on each square, so each individual seam will have to be aligned and marked somehow before I can sew the seams. Anyone done one of these quilt kits? Sammi in MT
  4. Roflol!!! omg! A bigger bucket...!! that is TOO FUNNY! Love this quilt. Just one question tho.... does one get permission from the owner to post photos?
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