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  1. What a beautiful quilt and lovely room. It looks so very inviting and comforting. It makes me want to go and start making a quilt just like it!
  2. My name is Tammy and I would like to be included in the Innovations dinner please. My DH Mike would be joining in as well. I've been a lurker on this site for some time now......I used to post when I first got my machine about 2 years ago, but now I just mostly read it when I have the time. I may have met some of you last summer at LInda's Oregon Quilt Company at a class with Karen McTavish. I'm really starting to look forward to attending the quilt show. I've never attended Innovations before but have gone to Kansas MQS in the past.(where I bought Millie) AND I'm looking forward to meeting some of my fellow APQS quilters! tammy in Phoenix;)
  3. I've had my machine for almost a year now and feel pretty comfortable with it, but a first I had all of the same fears that are described above! Such a heavy weight on your shoulders when you are afraid of a machine! Judy's advice is very wise. Spend time with the machine! Yesterday "Lizzie" and I were "not friends". I don't know why but she just would not behave! I tried several times and she was not having it! So today I got up with that Old Feeling of fear.............but after reading this thread I'm ready to give it a try! tammy in AZ
  4. HI Debbie! I loved looking at your quilt! You have added so many wonderful details. I can't wait to REALLY see it at MQS! It will be fun to explore! I am going to be participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in November to support my dear quilter friend Kerry who just had her 5th chemo session. My husband suggested that our quilt group all shave our heads in support ....I decided to walk 60 miles instead! http://www.the3day.org/Arizona06/tamelabaldi tammy in AZ crz4quilts@cox.net
  5. What is the purpose of "that little scrap of batting" on the first guide? Is there a reason for using it other than using Sewers aid? Judi wrote: "Anyhow - with this stuff, I run 3 or 4 stripes up and down the side of my cone thread, and sometimes even on that little scrap of batting I have on the first guide right above the cone. I re-apply every row or so - depending on how dense the quilting is."
  6. Ya learn something new everyday! When I read this thread yesterday I thought "Velcro? I don't have velcro on my brakes....must be on an older model". But yesterday while I was quilting I checked and sure enough there is velcro! I have been advancing my machine with the brakes on.............won't be doing that anymore! tammy in AZ
  7. Awhile back I asked for advice on shimmering, glitzy thread to use on a black background stars quilt. Attached is a picture of the finished quilt. I ended up using a black thread on the black and different varigated Highlights on the stars. She added a ton of crystals after I quilted it and it looked fabulous! She won a Judges CHoice ribbon! I was tickled pink! I'll post some quilting detail pictures as soon as I know that I've added this picture okay. tammy in AZ
  8. I have found this thread to be very useful as well! I especially like the tip the Grammie gave about the hole in the bobbin. I find those bobbins so hard to wind as well. My DH is very handy and I know he'lll be able to fix me up. My tip is about trash cans..........I use those industrial sized tin cans scattered all over my studio. I've covered them with decorative tissue paper or fabric and modge podge. I usually have one at each end of my table and find them to be very handy. tammy in Az
  9. Congratulations on your new machine! I absolutely am in love with my machine NOW, but the first few months were SO hard. Remember that there IS a learning curve! :oI was so frustrated with myself because I believed that I could just start sewing. After all.........I am pretty darn capable on my DSM........... You are already ahead of the game...........You've been reading this site! Good luck! I know you'll do well! tammy
  10. Tamela


    Myrna.........you are teaching Hartly Fence at MQS? How did I miss that? When and Where? tammy in AZ ps. I just love looking at your webshots..........so many cool things to do. Great place to stir up the creative juices!
  11. I have successfully done 2 quilts with minkee as the backing. The first one was a baby quilt (I was so glad to START with a small one) and the second was a large throw. Several other longarmers in the area had warned me about doing a quilt backed with minkee and they too would not accept one. Being new to this business, I said "SURE, I'll give it a try!" They quilted up beautifully. I did minimal quilting on the baby quilt, but on the large throw I did alot of feathering. I only had about 2 inches of bakcing fabric on my sides, so that was a little tricky. My advice is to just watch over stretching it. I do have a question tho..............If a quilt top is made with fabrics that have NOT be pre-washed what will the quilt look like AFTER it has been washed? The top will shrink and I assume that the minkee will not......... tammy in AZ ps. I would post a picture if I knew how!
  12. When I was a little girl I had the job of threading 8 - 10 quilting needles for my great grandmother before I went home for the night. She had her quilting frames upstairs in the attic and could no longer see to thread the needles. I spent many happy hours up there with her around those frames. So my machine is named "Lizzie" in honour of the most loved great grandma in the world who created in me this great passion for quilting! Just this morning I added "longarm" to the title after reading about Lottie Longarm! It just fits............Lizzie Longarm........I can just feel her "long arms" reaching out. tammy in AZ
  13. Gayle, :DGreat minds think alike! She has already ordered TONS of crystals for the quilt! tammy
  14. Thanks for the advice ladies! Cheryl.......I agree with you about downplaying the color of the thread. I really think that the pieced stars should be the "star" of the quilt. However my customer really likes sparkle! I was thinking that if I used a thinner thread that it would be better. How does Superior RAINBOW hold up in a quilt? Can it be used as the main thread?
  15. Am I correct in assuming that threads such as a rayon or Highlights should not be used as the main thread in a quilt? I have a customer who is bringing me a 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars quilt that she did as a swap on the internet. It is truly fabulous! She really wants me to use a thread that sparkles and is glitzy. (the main background of the quilt is black) I would love some advice as to what kind of thread would be appropriate to use. I believe that this quilt will be used as a wall hanging therefor receiving minimal washing. I anyone has done one of these quilts your quilting ideas/advice would also be appreciated!!!! I am SOooooooooo looking forward to this challenge, but am a little nervous as well! Thanks! tammy in AZ