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  1. My thread has started to break when I am going in a right to left direction. Using Omni or So Fine. I can see it twist on the needle then it breaks. Shredding has become a problem also. The worst with So Fine. Do you think the machine is out of timing? Doesn't break when using IQ, only manual. I have flipped the pigtails but that doesn't seem to solve the issue. Can't find burrs and use several different bobbins so I don't think theres a problem w/bobbin or cases. Can't seem to put my finger on the solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks-Marie
  2. Why does my thread break when I am traveling a path of right to left (straight line)? It does this for Omni and So Fine. I also have more shredding than I ever have and am wondering what's up with that.
  3. A spot of lint in the bobbin case has caused this more than once for me.
  4. I use invisifil to do needle turned appliqué.
  5. I just finished my 4th one of this pattern for customers. On the custom ones I did triangle feathers in the larger borders and a fern w/spine for the smallest border. I used IQ but I think you could still divide your borders and do triangles free hand if you wanted. In the center I did a point to point design w/Jessica Schick's designs. If you get on some websites for digital you can get some design ideas looking at their patterns (digitechdesigns.com, intelligentquilting.com, sweetdreamsquiltingdesigsns etc.) Good luck- it took me forever to finish them. Glad the last one ws a pant!!!
  6. Sweet quilting dreams-prayers-good luck and good rest!!
  7. Linda, have you tried Warm and Natural's poly? It's thin but has loft and is very stable. Borders on stiff. Wouldn't use it on a baby quilt because it doesn't drape well.
  8. Is anyone making a Crossed Canoe quilt for MQS in May? I want to make one using four colors. Can't seem to find out how much fabric it takes. I want two different background colors and two other colors for the canoes. Am wanting a queen size. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  9. OMG!!! Where do you get the time to do all of this? This is a real show stopper!!!
  10. Good for you for moving nearer to the kids. Mine just moved to FL this month. Am still having a hard time without them but I know it was a good move for them. I'll just have to get on "de plane" and go see them.
  11. Most often used is Hobbs 80/20. I like wool on my own quilts but usually use up scraps of whatever.
  12. I think Dawn posted something that said NOT to clean the M&M wheels with alcohol.
  13. Dawn, what is the deb level on our machines?
  14. I used to do these star quilts for a lady. They were consistently 4-8" smaller in the center than the outer edges. I folded over fabric & stitched w/invisible thread to get something to lay flat. She still hasn't paid me for the last two. Guess I won't have to worry about doing any more of her quilts. LOL
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