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  1. I apologize that on the post to thank everyone for participating in the sale I had failed to mention the Circle Lord that I have left to sell is for a Gammill table - my mistake. So if you know someone that has a Gammill and is interested in the Circle Lord you might mention it to them. I know quilters with all different models subscribe to this forum - I have learned so much for all of you!! Thanks again, Carrie Keeley <*}}}><
  2. Thank you Mary Beth for the reminder! I am asking $399 for the Circle Lord
  3. I want to thank you all for your gracious and compassionate e-mails and response to my quilting tools sale that I posted on 2/13/10. I have sold everything except the Circle Lord - in case anyone is interested. I am so thankful I am a part of the world of quilters - you are truly a world of wonderful people! Carrie Keeley
  4. Due to a family situation I need to sell the following items: I HAVE SOLD EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE CIRCLE LORD Michael has graciously posted on his forum the following for me - I am willing to sell these seperately: Circle Lord/Gammill with Work Center table 22" across - $399.00 Spirals $50.00 Gingko $70.00 Curved Crosshatch $89.00 Featherz $70.00 Featherz Border $40.00 Celtic Knot $79.00 Baptist Fan, Double 7 inch - $299.99 Additional items for sale: Easy Cable rulers by Willow Leaf Studio 2", 3", 4" - $28.00 Judalator Rulers by Judy Allen 3", 6", 9", 12" $65.00 Feathalator - $15.00 Fancy Feathers Frenzy 2 by Linda Taylor - DVD - $20.00 Formal Feathers 101 book by Sherry Rogers-Harrison - $17.00 Please contact me by e-mail if you are interested - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Thanks, Carrie Keeley <*}}}><
  5. Please explain in detail how to turn a quilt to finish the borders. I was reading Dawn's explanation yesterday about pin basting - so once you turn the quilt you attach the back to the back leader and let the batting float with the top already pinned?