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  1. One of our local quilt shop, YardWork is selling their Lenni with IQ on it. It’s a 2009 APQS Lenni, 20” throat on that machine with a 10 foot table, can go out to 108” on the shortest side of the quilt without the computer on it & appx 98” on the shortest side with the IQ on it. They've only had it about a year and have decided to go in a different direction. Before that it was my machine and not one that I used very often, so I would estimate that I put about 200 hours or less on it and the quilt shop probably hasn't put very many hours on it either, but you can ask Mary at YardWork about that. This machine has a custom lightbar on it that allows it to be placed anywhere and have good lighting, at least a $750 value. The IQ is a ClassiQ IQ which means it has all the bells and whistles. In addition to the patterns that come preloaded on it this IQ has appx $7500 worth of patterns that I designed on it. approximately 600 motif/block patterns & appx 240 pantograph (allover, edge to edge, & borders) patterns. I've attached a photo of the machine when it was in my studio. I'm just listing it to help the gals at the quilt shop out, so they should be contacted directly for more information. This is a machine that I'd actually buy back if I had room and I'm willing to answer questions on getting started with IQ for the new owner as I'm both an APQS & IQ dealer. Here's the contact information: Yard Work Quilt Shop - Mary Pomerening phone: 715-877-3885 Located in Fall Creek, WI (less than 10 miles east of Eau Claire) Email: yardworkfabrics@gmail.com
  2. We are gradually collecting Featherweight machines for all of our kids and of course both John & I like to collect them. We've got 5 now, but will be on the look out for at least 2 more.
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