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  1. i dont see anything on their site. But someone offered an idea to use thread spools as knob. Thats easy to do so Ill probably do that. thanks again
  2. Anyone know where I can buy online some cabinet knobs/pulls that would be made to represent some aspect of quilting or sewing? Maybe look like a small quilt or sewing machine...something like that. thank you
  3. I purchased a used Millie from an authorized APQS dealer. The dealer misrepresented that is had motor fabric advance. THe dealer of course would not admit such a mistake and when I then approached APQS with the problem they quickly provided a new motor advance to me, free of charge, to remedy the mistake caused by the dealer. Now thats an outfit that stands behind their products and reputation. Thanks APQS.
  4. http://www.mescoltd.com/acessories2.html Here is a thread tension measuring device I found. I Googled, thread tension guage. I think Tajima is the maker. Its the only one I can find. Its less then $20. Its simply a calibrated spring to draw tension on the tread with graduated readouts for the ounces of tension. I suppose something like this could be easily made with a small spring as in a pen. Its not necesary that it be calibrated, just repeatable from measurement to measurement and ability to mark on the body of the device the ultimate desired tension so you can repeat the setting later.
  5. It is difficult to repeat the tension setting on the Milli from thread to thread (ie. poly to cotton) as there are no indicators on the ring, especially for muliturn adjusts. Can you tell me where I can find a small thread tension measuring device? that way I can record the tension for a particular thread type and redial and test with the tension measurement without a lot of trial and error. Any thoughts? thank you
  6. Your welcome. Its very sturdy. We designed it purposefully to be extremely strong and sturdy without the angle supports you normally see to provide a more functional open area around the work space. My Husband is an engineer and put a lot of though in the design. It looks nice as its furniture quality oak wood, with coved top and routed sides, stained and finished (my husband is an award winning work working hobbiest) and more functional then the ones you can buy as the wire travel is a full 10' verse 6'. There is virtually zero added machine travel friction due to the quality ball bearing rollers that the power cords travel on. Best of all the material cost was $40. I understand a new one is about $795? I hope the picture are helpful for your own build.
  7. here is a close up of the U channel assembly. I chose this U channel with ball bearing runners as the commercial drapery company uses the exact same setup to run the power cables over the large tables they use for ironing.
  8. here is a picture of the overheadwiring we made. We made a frame out of oak and attached a U channel used for draperies that uses ball bearing runners. There are 3 runners and I have attached the cord to 2 of them. The U channel runs 10 feet. I think the $795 version from APQS runs about 6 feet. The top is very straight and stiff with support provided by the U channel itself and a edge mounted piece of oak with a slight spring load upward resulting is a very straight and sturdy cross beam. We stained and finished the oak and bolted to the sides of the Millenium frame. Our cost was about $40 in material to make this. Ill post another picture too as this web side only allow 1 picture to be uploaded per post.
  9. I found the perfect device for the overhead. I went to a window hardware supplier and asked them. They took me into the back room area and showed me their large ironing tables they use to make custom draperies. Suspended over the tables was a rail with sliders holding the power cordage for the iron to keep the cord up and out of the way when they iron the draperies. It used ball bearing runners and was perfect for the Millennium over head wiring setup. All in all I spent about $40 to get the overhead power cord setup and running so quite a savings over buying new.
  10. thats sounds perfect. Ill check out linens and things and see what they got. thank you for the great tip!
  11. Hi Linda! We had a rough start with the shipping company. They accidently sent it to Santa Barbara after it reached out area vs delivery to our house so it was just delivered today a bit late. We have gotten it together and the video was really helpful and Im testing it out now. One thing, we cant find the foot pedal for the fabric advance. We have looked everywhere for it. Shouldn't it have been included? Look forward to talking to you..thankyou again. CIndy
  12. Can you recommend a brand/model for bobbin winder to use with a Millineum? Something stand alone for convenient use that I would keep handy near the long arm. thank you
  13. thats good advise. i think once we get the machine located, we will have a pro come in and properly wire up power and also some lights we will install.
  14. OK..thank you. It might worth the cost of an electrician to come out and doa proper job of it then. thanks again