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  1. Being from the Heart of Texas - Austin - I just HAVE to weigh in here. There is only one thing that a Cowboy likes better than his boots and hat . . . that's his pick-up truck! I dooooooo love this quilt. Where do we find the fabric. By the way (this is a cowboy joke) - do you guys want to why Texas men like their women to wear leather pants? Uh, uh . . . do ya, do ya, do ya? LOL
  2. As of yet, I have not purchased zippers and also have a question since I've not examined any up close. The other day I was at a local upholstery wholesaler and they had zippers by the yard (metal and plastic) rather inexpensive. I was just curious, what would be different or make buying a zipper like this a bad idea. Like i said, I know nothing about these zippers and you all you ladies do and seem to like them a lot! Thanks in advance for your input.
  3. I've always used distilled water in my irons, but just last week I had the exact same thing happen to me. However, it was on a block I was making. Immediately I took it to the sink with a tooth brush and a product made by Zep (you can only buy at Home Depot) - I think it's called Orange Citrus cleaner. This is THE BEST orange cleaner on the market. I used to only be sold to large corporate users like Continental Airlines and car washes. I use it all the time in diluted form to clean everything from laundry (even blood stains) to my dishes. I've even used this non-diluted to strip wood fl
  4. Well, Steph - have you considered a used Millie. I happen to have one for sale.
  5. I too just had this problem. I took the blocks off, cleaned the goo off the best I could, cut new strip of velcro and put them in the place of the old ones. It's working ok for now - but I'm going to try the painter tape next time. Sounds easier and less expensive!!
  6. I don't know if any of you have a Big Lots near you, but they have the Roomba on sale for $149.99 until March 26th!
  7. I was raised in South Louisiana - just north of New Orleans - and inherited from my sweet Father a house full of 18th/19th century antiques. He used to roll his eyes at me, but I believe dust is a protective covering for fine wood furniture. And, judging from the beating that my 30# Snow-Shoe Siamese gives his automatic liter box, that poor robot wouldn't last more than 24 hours in my house. Every time the liter box does it's job, from upstairs I can hear Sam's rapid fire paw spanking!
  8. Myrna, do the zipper sets come already sewn onto the take up canvas or does the canvas have to be removed and the zippers sewn on. I'm sorry to be so simple and I greatly appreciate the pictures. I just don't seem to be able to get this in my head. But, I've always had trouble loading. I've just always thought that was due to never having had a hands on lesson. Thank you in advance for you assistance. I see you everyday on here answering our questions. It's so kind of you to help all of us. Thanks again - Diane
  9. There is a product at Home Depot that is better than Fabreez. It's made by a company named Zep and is called Odor Control and can be used inside or out. It's an enzyme worker and actually kills the bacteria that causes the ordor. It's the only thing I know that will get rid of skunk odor. My deceased father-in-law worked directly for Zep and I've been using this product for over 30 years. Until recently, Zep only sold to large industrial users. Thankfully, I'm able to get this product again. I also highly recommend their orange citrus cleaner. I've used that for everything from washing
  10. I've spent a fortune on a lot of stuff I hardly ever use - the Hartley fence being one. I like having the same thread in my bobbin as I'm using on the top - so I'd get lots of empty metal bobbins - they are cheap. Even though fillling bobbins is a drag - I like the look. The bottom line for me is play, play - practice, practice - and don't stop. I don't do this professionally and I can tell a big difference in my work when I haven't quilted in a while. But, by far, the best thing I've done was go to classes at the Houston Quilt Festival. No tools made as much sense as watching Linda Tayl
  11. It's so nice to hear that someone else owns a cat hammock. I have three that fight over their favorite bed. For that reason, I have had to even put heavy towels on the top of the quilt and then hold them in place with the clamps. I don't quilt for profit for other people and I warn any friends that want a "favor" that their quilt will be exposed to cats. Gotta love 'em!
  12. I'm with Lynda B. from Canada - WHO are Karen and Kimmy? What have I missed?
  13. I've been working with them since IQF in Houston - have completed one quilt, have one in the works and one on its way to me. I can't explain what happens to me emotionally when I work on these quilts. Thanks so much for bringing the project to everyone's attention.
  14. Wow! That's really cool. I'll be showing this to my better half in hopes that hell be able to duplicate!
  15. I know that there are an absolute ton of you APQS guys that attend Festival each year in Houston. Might it be possible that you consider offering operation and maintenance classes there? This year was the first year that "hands-on" long-arm classes were offered there and it apeared that they were incredibly popular. I took 4 classes and, even though each of the 6 long-arm set ups had two heads (making places for 12 students at a time), the classes seemed over booked. It was obvious to me, that there is a high degree of interest from festival attendies. I don't believe that you would be di
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