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  1. Remember that this video was giving the range for an embroidery machine which is going to be different than our machines. I found that my Millie likes to be about 17-18. Each machine is different and you need to find out what works best for your particular machine. I found this by trial and error!:mad:
  2. Who's pattern are you using. I have used Deb Geissler's Baptist fan and it nested perfectly. I did check each row before stitching to be sure I had moved everything correctly. You can see a picture of the quilt I did in my webshots album ... ... the quilt is the red and white rail fence.
  3. Barb, I am not a techie type person, but if you are getting long running stitches in your designs, my guess would be that your wheels are not sitting correctly with your stitch regulator. Have you checked to see that your frame is level, there is no thread caught in your wheels, etc.? I can't see how this problem has anything to do with the digitized designs. Are these designs that you digitized or did you purchase them? Sorry I'm not much help here.
  4. Penny, I sent you a U2U.
  5. Yes, if you have the actual dxf file you can go in and change whatever you want in the design. If you bought the dxf from onesongneedlearts, they are the Statler files. You need to delete the first and last notations. If there are any numbers - Donna doesn't use these anymore, but some of her old files still have the numbering systems - they need to be deleted also. Once you have taken all the macro information - her name, address, etc. - and all the other information out of the file. Make sure the design is centered on the page and the scale is 1" = 1". Save this new file as a skf and then
  6. Sue E.

    CQ Lone Star

    Linda, very nice. I'm curious - who digitized those feathers. I am making a lone star quilt and I love the way those feathers look. What did you do in the star itself?
  7. I don't drive a bike, but I ride on the back of our Gold Wing trike. My husband wants me to get my motorcylce license, but I'm just not sure. We have a Honda 1300 trike, a Gold Wing trike, and my husband has a Boss Hoss - which is just way too big considering it has a Corvette engine and car-sized tires. I've always been afraid of bikes, but I guess my husband is corrupting me. Oh yeah, I'm not a grammie!
  8. Grace, I believe that if you look on the Circle Lord site you will find a picture of this quilt done with spirals in the center and a square spiral in the border. I quilted this quilt using my CQ using a variation of spirls in the body - this pattern came with the CQ - and I used Keryn Emmerson's Square spirals in the border. In the corners of the borders I did a single CQ Spiral. You can see my quilt on my webshots site - I believe it is in my "Quilted By Sue" album or 2007.
  9. JoAnn, I'm not sure what you mean by this. When using the Pre-Design software, you are able to save the drawing in several different formats. For digitizing you would save it as a dxf and then bring it into the conversion program. All the computerized systems, as far as I know, take the dxf file and then convert it to whatever they need- Statler is qli, CompuQuilter is cmd, and Intelliquilter is something else- I don't know what it is. If you want to print out the design, it doesn't really matter what system you have because you will be printing on paper. Also, if you use this program for
  10. Claudia, I love your design. Now you need to create a matching rose to put in the center! I want you to create my patterns for me. You are much more creative and talented than I am:) Great design!
  11. Loes, welcome! I can attest to how easy this program is to use - for both digitizing designs and creating your own paper panto patterns. I love the ease of this program.
  12. Berny, have you checked the connections of all your cables to make sure none are loose? This may or may not be causing this problem. Let us know.
  13. Cathey, I love the two pictures with Kyra concentrating on sewing her pieces together. I love how she has her tongue sticking out. These are great pictures and a wonderful memory for the two of you.
  14. Cathey, Kyra is a real cutie and I love her quilt. She did an awesome job on it:D
  15. Melody, I'm not 100% sure but I think when you turn the CQ program on, a serial number will appear. I believe that is the number that Kim needs for the encryption.
  16. Nancy, I've used both Square Spirals and Fractures by Kerynemmerson ( ). She e-mails these to you in dxf format so you do need to know how to convert them to the CQ format. Also, I like several designs that Vickie Malaski has - baseball related and others ( ). I believe there are also some designs that can be used on a man's quilt at Good luck!
  17. Where is the computer reading? Usually this happens if you had a design you were using on a thumb (jump drive) and removed that drive. I try to install the design on the "C" drive in my CompuQuilter folder. Then tell it to open a new design and browse to where you stored it. You should be able to use the new design. I think what you are seeing is the computer looking for the previous design. Check one of the other 6 patterns on the CompuQuilter screen and see what happens.
  18. A list was posted on another board. I'll see if I can find it and copy it hear.
  19. Wonderful! Congratulations Claudia. Your quilt is just gorgeous.
  20. I just received an email notice from One Song Needle Arts that they are now offering some of their pattern sets in .cmd format for the CompuQuilter. Donna Kleinke has lots of very detailed and intricate patterns. If you haven't seen her designs, you really need to take a look. I have purchased many of her designs in the .dxf format and they have been a challenge to convert. The sets are being offered at 50% off through Wednesday, June 13th. The website is I'm just a very happy user. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ This is what was in the newsletter that pertains to the ne
  21. Did you set a stitch length using your mushroom buttons. I usually set this to 11 or 12.
  22. Cheryl, if you want to see a certain area enlarged, hold your cursor over that area and use the scroll button on your mouse. The screen will magnetize that particular area. When trim joining, make sure the entire design is on the screen so you can see what is happening. I don't know of any way to see trim joining working when the design is magnitized and parts of it is off the screen.
  23. Yes, the CompuQuilter is very easy to use. The program is very easy to understand and with a little practice, you'll have no problem. Digitizing. on the other hand, is more difficult but there are more and more people digitizing and selling wonderful designs everyday. You don't need to learn to digitize in order to use the CQ. You'll love the CompuQuilter:)