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  1. My sisters live in Florida - on the west coast - and they won't leave. I have 2 cousins in the Ft. Lauderdale area and they also are staying. I am praying for everyone's safety and hope both of these storms decide to change course and go further east and don't do the massive damage that Irma did to Barbuda, St. Marteen, and other small islands.Vicki, My thoughts and prayers are going out to your brother and his wife. Why are people so stubborn when they know what the consequences could be?
  2. David, I'm glad to hear you are okay. Here in Phoenix we get maybe 7-8" of rain a year. I can't wrap my head around getting 50" in a few days. Stay safe!
  3. This is a beautiful quilt and your quilting looks fantastic on it. I'm glad your friend decided to finish it and give it to her mom.
  4. Beautiful quilt, gorgeous colors. This is perfect in your room.
  5. Have you seen this one by Designs by Vickie ...
  6. I have an older version of the Brother PQ1500SL. It is a mechanical, straight stitch only machine that is fantastic. My machine is probably about 15+ years old and is a workhorse. It never gives me any problems. It is a sturdy machine - not plastic. BabyLock also has a version just like this but is probably a little more expensive. (I got this info from the Brother website) PQ1500SL High Speed Straight Stitch Sewing Machine
  7. Heidi, the twins are absolutely adorable. I'm glad to hear that Landon is doing so good. It definitely looks like the quilts were a big hit!
  8. Beautiful quilt, gorgeous quilting. Thanks for showing us your doodles. I wish my mind could see things like this. I do enjoy seeing how gorgeous quilts can be with great quilting!
  9. Congratulations to the both of you. This quilt is beautiful.
  10. Both these quilts are really cute. I love the quilting and the twins will love them for a very long time. Great job!
  11. vegaslady, a computer system will give you the additional years to continue quilting because you are not stressing your body like you do with FMQ. I have a bad back, bad shoulders, and lots of other aches and pains and having an IQ lets me continue using my Millie. As to the added weight, it is very minimal and you can always easily take the tablet off the machine. See my message in the other post with same topic to see what I had to say re: QuiltPath vs. IQ.
  12. I have used/owned 3 different systems on my Millie- the CompuQuilter, which is no longer made; the QuiltPath; and the IQ. I would definitely recommend the IQ. For me it is a better fit than the QuiltPath as the IQ "thinks" more like I do. I had nothing but problems with the QuiltPath as it was very slow and could not do everything I wanted it to do. Some people are creating absolutely stunning quilts using their QuiltPath systems, but I was not one of them. I fought with it! Check out both systems, try them out, see how they work before you make your purchase. My purchase of the QuiltPath
  13. Beautiful. Your quilting, as always, is wonderful!
  14. Here is a great one ... (by the creators of Art and Stitch)
  15. The quilt is really nice and your quilting is perfect. Great job!
  16. Beautiful. Looks like the two of you are getting along just fine!
  17. Tammy, go to Home Deport or Loews and see if they have the LED lights that will fit your light fixtures. They are out there and available.
  18. This quilt is gorgeous. I love the blue and white. Your quilting is fantastic. I am not sure, but I think the only way you can avoid shadowing with such high contrast fabrics is to make sure you always press to the dark color and when piecing try to align your fabrics so the blue fabric is just a "smidge" below the top of the white.
  19. My husband says these will work. We changed out my fixtures and the bulbs, but he says there isn't a problem using these with your existing fixtures.
  20. I don't think you mixed up your "Sues". I used to teach at 35th Ave Sew & Vac. I taught the AccuQuilt classes. I sent you a PM. Maybe we can get together one of these days.