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  1. If I feel I am going to run out during a row on a panto, I'll take a new bobbin. I use up the almost empty bobbins for sewing down my edges and on practice pieces.
  2. Yeah! Looks great. Most of the time I have to tug, pull, and really work to get mine to look this good. By the way, where in Sunny Phoenix are you?
  3. Karen, have you checked to be sure your clamps are in the locked position connecting your head to the cables. When I had my QP, I found this was my problem several times.
  4. How sad that the Quilted Rose closed. I had never been there but I heard many good things about it. I believe the name of the thread from Signature might have been Mother Goose, but I'm not sure. It was a long time ago that I read about the "baby poop" color thread.
  5. I don't remember the color or number, but I do remember it was a Signature thread.
  6. Lora, I think I have some of that thread (not the color you need). Inside the spool it says 3A thread and A Sew-It-All. It is a sun polyester made in Taiwan. I have had it for a long time and if I remember correctly, I bought it to use in my serger. I also use it on my DMS but I can't remember if I've used it on my long arm. I did a search and came up with this site ... I hope this helps. Also, I use Superior Thread's OMNI color 3062 - Creek Bed - a lot. It blends nicely and sort of looks like the color you are describing.
  7. Looks great. I love your background fill. And, yes, I have several tomato pincushions.
  8. I love what you did!
  9. This looks great. Your design choices are perfect. Did you use the "echo" feature to do the stitching around the ornaments? It looks fantastic.
  10. Wow! Gorgeous quilts and quilting. Congratulations on the ribbons.
  11. I am on my 3rd system and from day one I have never looked back. My first computer was a CompuQuilter which was an absolute dream (I was the first APQS retail customer to get this system installed on my Millie in 2005) - it was so easy to use and understand. Unfortunately, due to many illnesses, the company went out of business and there was no longer any support and the system ran on an XP computer which was beginning to give me problems in 2014 or 2014. I decided to sell it and get another system which turned out to be not the best fit for me. I did not like at all. It did not "think like I
  12. Absolutely gorgeous. This is a beautiful quilt with beautiful quilting. It is obvious that a lot of love went into this.
  13. Heidi, that quilt is gorgeous and your quilting is fantastic. This quilt is absolutely stunning. Great job.
  14. Great job! This is a very pretty quilt and your quilting is wonderful.
  15. Great quilt and the look on your SIL's face says it all. Great job!
  16. What are the names of the designs you used? This is beautiful.
  17. Terry, these are all wonderful. Love your choice of fabrics and your quilting.
  18. Congratulations! This quilt is great and I hope this is only the 1st of many ribbons for this quilt.
  19. Beautiful! Congratulations on the #1 place blue ribbon.